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What Is a CPI File and How to Open It?

Author by Vita

Updated on Mar 15, 2024

When you record a video with some models of Sony and Panasonic cameras, you would find some CPI files in the file directory. You might have tried to open these files individually yet failed. So what is a CPI file? Is there any good program that can open it and convert CPI to MP4? Read and find all the answers in the following.

To play recorded videos more easily, you can convert them to a common format with the good video converter:

What Are CPI Files?

Q1: I have some video files with a ".cpi" extension which I am not able to open nor view. How can I open these files/videos? Is it possible to convert CPI to MP4 with a CPI file converter or something like it?

Q2: Hi, I have recorded some videos with my Sony Alpha 7 camera and there are CPI files along with MTS files. But I can’t access these CPI files somehow. Any help?

A: A CPI file is a descriptive file used to describe an AVCHD or MTS video stream and it contains the related metadata including refresh rate, frames per second, and aspect ratio. CPI files are primarily created by Sony and Panasonic associated with the AVCHD video format and it can be found in directory PRIVATE > AVCHD > BDMV > CLIPINF. As CPI files are video clip information files without any video or audio data contained, you can’t directly play it with a media player, let alone convert CPI to MP4 or other common formats. But if you want to view the clip information, there are some tools for you to open CPI files.

How to Open CPI Files

View the Video MetadataView the Video Metadata

There is an array of programs for opening CPI information files. CyberLink and Premiere are the most popular options.

For Cyberlink PowerDirector, visit this link:

For Adobe Premiere Pro, visit this link:

Besides, if you only want to view the metadata information of an MTS or AVCHD file, you can right-click on the video, and navigate to Details, where the description, video, and audio properties are displayed.

How to Convert Recorded Videos to MP4

As mentioned above, a CPI file is just an information file associated with AVCHD or MTS files, and it can’t be converted to a playable MP4 video. However, if you want to play or edit the MTS or AVCHD video you recorded with a camera, you can grab the video out of the directory and convert it to MP4. For this purpose, a video conversion tool is a necessity. WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is a professional video converter, which will help you convert MTS and AVCHD to MP4 without any quality damage. Moreover, it supports 500+ video & audio formats conversion and enables you to clip, crop, rotate, merge videos, etc.

Free downloadFree download this functional application, and the following how-to guide shows you the steps of converting your recorded videos using the video converter.

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Three Steps to Convert MTS, AVCHD, and Other Videos to MP4

Import MTS and AVCHD Files

Before start, please free downloadfree download and install the software on PC.

Step 1. Import Video Files into the Converter

Launch HD Video Converter Factory Pro, navigate to the Converter section. Click on Add Files to select and import videos from your computer, or directly drag and drop multiple files into the window.

It offers batch conversion mode to convert multiple files at the same time.

Choose MP4 under the Video Tab

Step 2. Choose MP4 as the Output Format

Select the output format icon on the right, and choose MP4 under the Video tab.

Although it’s impossible to convert CPI to MP4, you can edit the metadata manually, and view and change file information like bite rate, aspect ratio, resolution, frame ratio, etc. Just go to the Parameter Settings window to adjust parameters based on your needs.

Hit Run to Start the Conversion Process

Step 3. Initialize the Video Conversion Process

Click on the inverted triangle icon on the bottom to set the output folder for saving converted videos. Then hit Run to start the conversion process.

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FAQs about CPI File Format

How can I open a CPI file?

Use Cyberlink PowerDirector, Adobe Premiere Pro, or an online CPI file viewer.

Can I delete CPI files?

CPI files are the data files of your videos. If you delete them, you will lose data like the time and date your video was taken. Instead, you should keep them archived together with MTS files.

What is CPI Windows?

A .cpi file in context of Microsoft Windows and DOS operating systems is typically a code page information file. These files contain information about code pages used for text encoding and character set mappings. Code pages are essential for displaying and processing text in various languages and character sets.

In Summary

What is a CPI file? Shortly, it is not an actual video file but descriptive file to AVCHD and MTS video streams. So you can’t convert CPI format to MP4. But it’s a good option to convert AVCHD and MTS files to MP4 for easy playback and editing with WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro. Download it and start your job now! If you have any questions during the process, please feel free to contact us.

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