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How to Convert VOX Format to MP3 and WAV with VOX Converter
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How to Convert VOX Format to MP3 and WAV with Reliable VOX Converter

Author by Rocabella

Updated on Sep 15, 2023

VOX files use the Dialogic ADPCM codec, which is typically used by computer telephony systems: voice mail, answer/customer service systems, and more. You must have found that VOX is very difficult to be compatible with your device, so you have to seek help from VOX Converter. Follow this article to learn how to convert VOX format to MP3 and WAV.

How to Convert VOX Format to MP3, WAV and Other Formats?

Q: Just want to find a VOX file format player or codec, preferably free. Checked a bunch of codec sites and it is like a codec doesn't even exist for this format. Or is there any VOX converter recommended? Hope someone can help me out.

A: VOX files are relatively rare. It is a Dialogic ADPCM audio file encoded at a low sampling rate, which is commonly found in telephony-related program and software. However, it's outdated and not in wide use and most major media players, portable devices do not support the playback of this format, and even many format converters cannot identify it. If that's what you're struggling with, here are 2 ways to play VOX file and convert it to other formats.

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Method 1: Convert VOX to MP3 with NCH Switch Audio File Converter

Switch is one of the most stable, easy-to-use, and comprehensive multi-format audio file converters available. It is a universal audio converter that supports all popular formats as well as rare formats like VOX. How does the VOX converter work?

How to Use VOX to MP3 ConverterHow to Use VOX to MP3 Converter

Step 1. Download VOX Converter from

Run Switch Audio Converter, import the VOX file, and click the green Play button above to play VOX file directly.

Step 2. In the following, you can customize the output path, select MP3 as the output format, click Options to make more detailed settings.

Step 3. Finally, click Convert in the lower right corner to start the conversion of VOX to MP3.

Tips: you can also use the same method to convert VOX to WAV or other audio formats.

Method 2: Convert VOX to MP3 or WAV with Online VOX Converter

How to Use Online VOX to WAV ConverterHow to Use Online VOX to WAV Converter

You may find many so-called VOX converters on the internet but they fail to import or convert VOX files. Fortunately, after trial, we found the following online converter reliable.

Step 1: Visit and load your .vox audio file from computer.

Step 2: Select an output format like WAV.

Step 3: Click on Converter and then click on Download to get your converted WAV file.

Tips: The maximum file size of the online VOX Converter is 100 MB.

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At last...

The above are the best two VOX converters that can help you convert VOX to better compatible audio formats: MP3 and WAV. After the conversion is complete, you can play your files on almost all the popular devices. Is it very simple? If this article does help you, please share it with more people.

BTW, here is a free, multi-purpose converter that allows you to convert audio and video as well as download files with ease on Windows. Get it here:

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