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How to Get a Vimeo Converter to Convert Videos?
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Vimeo Video Converter – How to Convert Vimeo Video to MP4, MP3 and Other Formats

Author by Hales

Apr. 26, 2019

Vimeo is an ad-free open video and music sharing platform with a wide range of content and content. Many times, people are willing to watch Vimeo videos online, but have you ever thought about playing Vimeo videos on your other devices with MP3 or MP4 file formats? Learn the following tutorial. Please focus on this article and download the best Vimeo video converter.

Today, Vimeo is one of the most popular mainstream video sites in the world as well as a high-definition video site, which allows you to upload 1280 X 720 HD videos, and Vimeo will transcode them into HD videos automatically after uploading. Meanwhile, Vimeo also allows users to upload videos from their mobile devices to Vimeo for sharing with others. More importantly, Vimeo supports a wide range of video formats, including AVI, DivX, M4V, MOV, MP4, WMV, etc. Until now, Vimeo has become one of the world's most popular video uploading and sharing platforms after YouTube.

With the development of advanced science and technology, people have been pursued a higher quality of life. Therefore, more and more people are willing to watch and share videos on Vimeo, and even download Vimeo videos, or Vimeo videos to MP4 format video. Of course, there are still a lot of music videos sharing on Vimeo, a large number of users who want to download Vimeo video to their mobile devices, such as Vimeo to MP3.

How to Get a Video from Vimeo Video Convert?

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is a multifunctional video converter and download software that you can download 4K video from Vimeo and convert downloaded Vimeo videos to other formats. A lot of tutorials about Vimeo online video converter and downloader of video or audio are on the web. And this versatile format converter can meet your needs for videos and audio Let's learn the tutorial of how to use Vimeo video converter.

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Part – 1: Converting Videos by Vimeo Converter

Copy the URL of the Vimeo

Before start, please free downloadfree download and install HD Video Converter Factory Pro on PC.

Step 1. Import the URL of the Vimeo Video

First you need to launch HD Video Converter Factory Pro on your computer in advance. Then you should copy the URL of your favorite video from Vimeo and go to HD Video Converter Factory Pro, click the “Download Video” button in the middle of the main page, find “Add URL” in the pop-up dialog box, paste it in the box. Copy the URL of the Vimeo video and click on the "Analyze" button to search. If you have a local Vimeo video, you should click on “Add Files” to load it directly. After that, you will see your video from Vimeo is in the interface.

Vimeo Video to MP4

Step 2. Download the Video from Vimeo

In the interface, your video has already appeared in the "Download" section, then select "Save to" to set the storage location of the video. It should be noted that after finishing the analyze, select “Recommended download” in the “Download” drop-down box to ensure the quality of the original video. Next you can select the "Output Format" on the right to proceed to the next step.

Vimeo to MP4 Online Converter

Step 3. Convert Video to Other Formats & Devices

In this step, you only need to select the video, audio format or other devices in the drop-down box of "Output Format". Then you can also define the output folder by yourself (the bottom left corner of the main page). When completed all the above steps, click the “Run” button at the bottom right to convert process and you will get the perfect video you need.

WonderFox never advocates any illegal downloads, please make sure your actions are legal in your country. All downloaded videos cannot be used for any commercial activities.

Part – 2: Vimeo Online Converter to Convert Videos by Video Grabber

Video Grabber about Vimeo to MP3 Online ConverterVideo Grabber about Vimeo to MP3 Online Converter

First you should visit the website:

Step 1. Paste the URL of Vimeo video: you can copy the URL from Vimeo and paste it to the download box of main page in the video grabber.

Step 2. Once you have completed the previous steps, just click on "Download" on the right to enter the new page, which gives you different formats options and you will get video by Vimeo to mp4 online converter. Most of these files are in MP4 format. If you still want to convert to other formats, you need to select "Convert Video" in the menu bar below to download a new video converter to convert video. But the process is complicated, so it is highly recommended that you can use HD Video Converter Factory Pro to help you easily solve video format conversion problems.

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At last

I believe that the above 2 methods are the easiest for most users, and almost everyone can simply get the video or audio files they want because of the simple and easy steps to learn. If you consider it is beneficial for you to learn from this tutorial, it will be of great value for me. I hope that you can continue to pay attention to our other articles and share them with more friends.

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