Record Vimeo Videos Easily with 3 Efficient Methods

Have you been subscribed to Vimeo? If you ever wanted to record Vimeo videos for later watching, then you can follow this article to achieve that goal. Three effective solutions to record from Vimeo are provided below. You can download the most recommended Vimeo screen recorder for high-quality video recording here:

Vita Vita | Updated on Sep 8, 2023

Why to Record and Save Vimeo Videos?

How to Record Vimeo Videos Effortlessly?

Method 1 – Use a Desktop Vimeo Video Recorder

Method 2 – With Vimeo Record Chrome Extension

Method 3 – Record a Vimeo Video Online

Why to Record and Save Vimeo Videos?

With around 260 million users, Vimeo is a very popular video sharing and hosting platform. We can watch tons of videos, share awesome moments with friends, and upload our videos to this site. Yet according to Vimeo rules, videos can be no longer played if deleted by the publisher. And there’s no option for direct recording or download from Vimeo. In case the video downloads fail when using other downloaders, the best solution is to record and save Vimeo videos to your local folder. Compared with downloading the whole video, recording can save more device space. Next, I’ll introduce 3 methods to record Vimeo easily. Please keep reading.

Vimeo Video Recorder

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro can help you record streaming videos on Vimeo without lag or watermark and save them as high-quality MP4, MOV, MKV, and AVI files on your computer. Give it a try.

1 – Record Vimeo Videos with a Powerful Recorder

As mentioned above, lacking a built-in record feature, Vimeo videos cannot be recorded on the site. So I’d recommend a powerful screen recorder for Vimeo – WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro. It’s a versatile application designed to deal with various kinds of video/audio processing issues. It can help you record the Vimeo screen without limit. It also lets you edit the recordings, such as trimming, compressing, merging, etc. Furthermore, you can change the recording format to MP4, WMV, AVI, MPEG, MOV, and more.
Now, free downloadfree download the practical Vimeo recorder and follow the easy recording steps below.

Free Download

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Free Download

Step 1. Open the Vimeo Video Recorder

Run HD Video Converter Factory Pro and open the Recorder.

Open the Recorder

Step 2. Customize Recording Settings

Play the Vimeo video you want to record. Return to the recorder and select a recording mode. Click the first option to choose a certain recording region. You can drag the four border lines to change the region. Or click the second the option to capture the whole screen of your PC.

Set a recording format, quality, and frame rate, or just leave it as default.

Tick the checkbox of Desktop to record the audio in Vimeo videos.

Then, click the bottom triangle button to specify an output destination.

Change Recording Settings

Step 3. Strat to Record the Video

Finally, hit the red REC button to begin recording after a five-second countdown. When you’re done, press Ctrl + F1 or click the recording icon to stop recording. Then you can go to the output folder you just set to view the recorded Vimeo videos.

Start Recording

Disclaimer: The guide in this article is limited to personal fair use only. WonderFox does not approve of recording any copyrighted works from Vimeo for commercial purposes in any way.

2 – How to Record a Vimeo Video with Chrome Extension?

The Chrome extension Vimeo Record – Screen & Webcam Recorder is another convenient tool to record videos from Vimeo, but you’re allowed to record within 2 hours. To learn how to record Vimeo videos with it, refer to the following steps:

Visit > Get started for free > Install the extension and launch it.

Click the “Vimeo Record” icon at the upper right of the browser, and choose the screen to record.

Press “Start Recording”, and the recording will begin after 3 seconds.

Click “Stop Recording” at the bottom to finish recording. Then you can share or download it directly.

Chrome Extension – Vimeo Record

3 – How to Record a Vimeo Video with an Online Tool?

You can find many online tools that can help you record PC screens or cameras, but you’d better compare them and select the better one. In this article, I’ll share the rough recording steps on Clipchamp. For further video editing, you can explore on your own.

Step 1. Open Clipchamp on your browser with Choose Screen under Start with a recording.

Step 2. At the bottom left of the new window, hit the big red recording button, and choose the Vimeo interface under Window. Check “Share system audio” to record the video with sound.

Step 3. Press the Share icon to start recording. When the video on Vimeo is over, hit the red button again to stop recording.

Step 4. Save and edit the recorded Vimeo video. It will be saved to your computer automatically.

Vimeo Video Recorder Online

Wrap – up

That’s all I want to share with you how to record Vimeo videos efficiently on Windows. You can choose one of the ways to record the content on Vimeo according to your preference. Hope it will help you solve the Vimeo recording issues with ease. Thanks for reading!

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