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How to Rip YouTube Video with the Best YouTube Ripper

Want to rip your favorite videos off YouTube? This time I will bring you the best and simplest YouTube ripping program and illustrate how to rip YouTube video with this software that comes along with no malware or any other bundled software, and just simply within 3 steps, even a newbie can handle it with ease. Here you can download this useful video downloading program:



HD Video Converter
How to Rip Video from YouTube
Do you need a safe and fast tool to rip video off YouTube? Here, you can free download the best downloader without bundled malware to rip YouTube to MP3 or MP4 within only a few clicks.
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Q: I really hate to do it but I have to rip video off YouTube and put it in a video project. Where can I go or what programs are there that rip YouTube videos in really good quality?

Q: I have been using RIPZOR to rip videos from YouTube, but it stopped working. Can anyone tell me why? I've tried to find another YouTube ripper but none of them are working for me. Any help?

Q: When you rip YouTube videos, can you edit the video so you only have a certain clip. The video I want is 8 minutes long, but what I need is just a 2-minute-long segment. So, what now?

Rip YouTube videos

Rip YouTube videos

As you can see, YouTube rippers nowadays are badly needed on market. There are various kinds of ones like VideoGrabby YouTube downloader and Flvto YouTube converter that claim to fast get YouTube video or rip YouTube audio, and also, many online services offer to rip video contents directly onto their hard drives or handheld devices. However, most of them are not so good. For example, some deadly malware may infiltrates those online downloading programs and sometimes annoying advertisements that cannot be shut downkeep popping up whenever you open the program.

I think you have been already fed up with these issues. So, in the following

paragraphs, I will bring you a much better downloader to help you rip YouTube video to MP4 or other common formats for playback on any devices. Don't worry. They are super-fast and safe with no bundled malware or virus inside.

The Best Method to Rip A YouTube Video

HD Video Converter Factory Pro is not only a pretty cool YouTube video ripper but also a very simple YouTube audio downloader which is able to download YouTube videos and convert them into more than 300 codecs and formats, offering perfect compatibility with most of those popular devices like iPad, iPhone, and Android gadgets. Meanwhile, you can choose to trim videos and extract the segments you need by clipping.

By the way, before ripping process, try figuring out whether it is legal or not to download YouTube video in your country

Free download the best YouTube ripper to rip YouTube video to MP4 in a convenient way.

How to Rip YouTube Video and Audio within 3 Steps

Step 1

Launch HD Video Converter Factory Pro. Click on "Download Video". Paste the video's URL next to "Add URL". Then, preset an output folder for the downloaded YouTube file. Lastly, click on "Analyze" to continue.

Paste a URL

Paste a URL

Step 2

After the analysis is finished, open the drop-down list beside "Download". Then you can choose the output video or audio format (There are only a few of those formats we offer in the drop-down list, if you want more, I will have a further explanation at the end of this article). When finished, click on "Download".

Choose an output format

Choose an output format

Step 3

Within several minutes, you can find the file you rip from YouTube in the folder you preset before.

Begin to Rip YouTube movie or video

Begin to Rip YouTube movie or video

How to Clip YouTube Video and More Alternative Media Formats

HD Video Converter Factory Pro is a very simple YouTubeRip video software and YouTube clip ripper. You can clip the video segment you want by clicking on "Clip" after you get back to the main interface when downloading is finished. Select the video or audio segment you want by moving the 2 slide bars, then hit "Ok" to extract the selected segment.

Meanwhile, on the right side of the interface, click below "Output Format", then you can convert your downloaded YouTube file to more formats that didn't appear before in the download drop-down list. You can choose MP3 to rip music from YouTube with high quality or choose MKV or AVI for a smoother video playback.

Now, I believe you have learnt the most efficient way to rip YouTube videos, safe and sound!

Now, please download the HD Video Converter Factory Pro to complete your jobs.

More Special Features on HD Video Converter Factory Pro

  • A ringtone maker for your IOS or Android phones.
  • Remove or add subtiles from and to your videos.
  • Trim your video by clipping and cropping.
  • Add post effects to your videos.
  • Dramatically compress your video sizes.
  • Deinterlace your videos with horizontal lines.
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How to Rip YouTube Video with the Best YouTube Ripper

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