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How to Solve PS4 Pro DVD Not Playing Issues - Here Is the Troubleshooting

Michael by Michael

October 26 , 2017

Bored of playing console games and seeking for other fun with PS4 Pro? Using it to watch DVD might the best choice. However, sometimes DVD errors may occur during a PS4 Pro film playback? In this case, a powerful DVD ripping program may help a lot. This time I will offer you guys a pretty practical DVD ripper to solve the problems

PS4 Pro DVD Playback Issues and the Possible Causes

PS4 Pro DVD Player for an HD output

1. "The PS4 Pro reads game disks fine. It can even read the title of DVD's, but when you select start from the menu bar, it generates the error 'Cannot start the application. (CE-30022-7)', can PS4 Pro play DVD on earth? If yes, how to resolve I mentioned?"

2. "I got my PS4 Pro from the USA and knew beforehand that the DVD region code is locked. Is there any way to solve this problem?"

PS4 Pro is a reinforced version of Sony's PS4 to create a higher standard of visual experience in a gameplay. Higher gaming definition and frame rate make this video game console stand out. Moreover, as good as its entertaining function, it is also an amazing HD DVD player. As we all know, the old version's PS4 can play DVD really well, similarly, many people would like to watch a DVD movie on PS4 Pro after a fierce match. However, people frequently complain about PS4 Pro DVD playback issues as you can see from the 2 examples above. Some of the problems are caused by a mismatched region code between DVD and the console, some are caused by incompatibility, others may be caused by DVD protection techniques and DVD disc scratch should also be considered... But don't worry, since there is an effective method to settle all of these DVD playback failures in PS4 Pro - to rip DVD to digital formats.

Tips. Your PS4 Pro system must enable the disc playback feature over the Internet the first time you use it as a DVD player.

Can PS4 Pro Play DVD - The Best Tool to Solve the PlayStation 4 Pro DVD Playback Issues

When you type "PS4 Pro play DVD failure" in Google you will find tens of results about DVD ripping programs. You have no ideas which one to choose since some of them can be bundled with a destructive malware and incapable of ensuring a lossless DVD conversion. But you will no longer have such kinds of concerns after downloading WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro. It is a 100% safe software free from malware and virus. Supporting more than 300 formats and codecs for DVD conversion, WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro can help you convert your DVD to more compatible formats like MP4 and AVI losslessly so that you can play DVD on Xbox One, PS4 Pro, and other players. Moreover, with this powerful ripping program, you are able to remove DVD region codecs, and play protected DVDs on PS4 Pro DVD player by removing CSS along with other protection techniques.

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How to Solve PS4 Pro DVD Problems within 3 Steps

Select the DVD letter

Before start, please free downloadfree download this best DVD ripping program to enjoy a lossless PS4 Pro movie playback.

Step 1. Insert the problematical DVD to DVD-ROM and launch WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro. Click on "DVD Disc" and select the drive letter of the DVD in the drop-down list. Then press "Ok" to begin loading.

Choose PS4 as the output

Step 2. After the loading process, the main movie that you are going to rip will be marked with blue. Click below the "Output Format" on the upper right. In the opened list, hit the tag of Sony and select the PS4 icon. Next, preset an output folder at the bottom of the interface.

Start the DVD ripping process

Step 3. Click on Run to start the conversion process. Within a short time, the DVD will be copied to the very video that can be recognized by PS4 Pro. As you can see from the picture beside, the DVD can be compressed quite a lot which saves much storage space. Lastly, stream the converted DVD video to a USB and insert it to your PS4 Pro and begin the playback.

Can ps4 pro play DVD? These are all about the solution to the DVD playback issues on PS4 Pro. Moreover, you can use WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro to make ISO from DVD or change DVD videos' parameters like resolution, frame rate, and bit rate.

Other Special Distinctive Feature of WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

1. Adding or removing DVD subtitles.

2. Trimming DVD videos by clipping and cropping.

3. Adding post effects.

4. Changing audio channels

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