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[MP4 to M4R] Make a Custom iPhone Ringtone from an MP4 Video

Author by Kevincy Berel

Dec 4, 2019

Fed up with your default set of iPhone ringtones? Imagine that when the machine-made and monotonous melody is ringing, everyone whips out their cell phones and lowers their heads. Just kidding. Why not make a custom ringtone to enrich your novel experiences? In this article, I will elaborate how to convert MP4 to M4R in 2 simple methods. Here we go!

Many people like to extract music from videos to make their own iPhone ringtones. I remember there was a time when my ringtone was He-Man's well-known catchphrase - "By the Power of Greyskull - I HAVE THE POWER!", and even some classic lines and ghost screams in movies and TV shows. You know what, every time it sounds, I immediately become the focus of attention. Sounds great, huh? If you want to experience it as well, I’ll show you 2 ways to change MP4 to M4R iPhone ringtone.

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How to Extract M4R from MP4 with a Desktop MP4 to M4R Converter

Unlike Android that allows you to customize and create a ringtone easily, iPhone only uses M4R files as ringtones, and the length is limited to 40 seconds. Therefore, it means you have to extract the audio less than 40 seconds from an MP4 video and then convert it to iPhone ringtone format - M4R. Sounds complicated? No worries, with the helpful of HD Video Converter Factory Pro – a handy and all-around A/V conversion utility, what you have to do is just a few mouse-clicks. Now, let’s see how it simplify the process to convert MP4 to ringtone.

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Solution 1 – Convert MP4 to iPhone Ringtone in Converter Module

Load MP4 to Converter

Before start, please free downloadfree download the software.

Step 1 – Load MP4 into Converter

Launch HD Video Converter Factory Pro and open Converter module. An intuitive interface will pop up for a straightforward start. You are able to import the MP4 file by hitting the “Add Files” button or a simple drag-and-drop. After that, it will be listed in the workplace.

Select Ringtone Format

Step 2 – Select M4R as Output Format

Click on the profile on the right side, it will expand the full list of various formats and devices. Select the “Apple Ringtone” profile under Audio category and go back to the main interface.

Trim Ringtone within 40s

Step 3 – Trim the Ringtone Part

Click on the “Scissor” icon on the toolbar to get into the cutting window. Move the two blue sliders to determine the part you want to create as iPhone ringtone. You can also input the accurate start and end time. Make sure it doesn’t exceed 40 seconds according to the value of Duration. Then press the green “Trim” button to generate the clip. BTW, you are able to create multiple clips from the same MP4 file. After done, click OK button to return.

Convert MP4 Clip to M4R

Step 4 – Start to Extract M4R Ringtone from MP4

On the bottom of the program, click on the “inverted triangle” icon to specify an output folder. Lastly, press “Run” button to make your own iPhone ringtone.

That’s the whole process to make a M4R ringtone from MP4 video. In simple terms, it needs 2 steps:
1. Trim MP4 file into a video clip within 40 seconds.
2. Convert the video clip to M4R audio format.

Solution 2 – Convert MP4 to M4R in Ringtone Studio

Open Ringtone Studio

In addition, HD Video Converter Factory Pro still offers an ingenious gadget – Ringtone Studio to help you craft unique ringtone much easier.

Step 1 – Run Ringtone Studio

On the main interface of HD Video Converter Factory Pro, enter the “Toolbox” module to open Ringtone Studio

Make Ringtone from MP4

Step 2 – Take a Ringtone Selection and Save It

Select iOS device on the left, add your MP4 video and choose ringtone section. Finally, click on “Save” button, change the file name and save the M4R file directly.

Tips: With the same process, it’s also pretty simple to make a ringtone for Android. You got it.

Create an iPhone Ringtone via MP4 to M4R Converter Online

Online MP4 Video to iPhone Ringtone MakerOnline MP4 Video to iPhone Ringtone Maker

I know many of you would like to finish the job by means of some online applications. However, to be honest, you’ll find less service supports M4R conversion and trimming at the same time. After several attempts, I eventually find one that barely meets the criteria. Let's go ahead and look at that.

Step 1, Visit

Step 2, Import your MP4 file from local drive, Dropbox, Google Drive and even a URL. Please note that the imported file is limited to 100MB.

Step 3, Click the gear settings icon and enter the start and end time to trim your ringtone file. You are also able to change the audio bitrate, increase volume, etc.

Step 4, Press the “Convert” button to start the job.

Note, you have to wait for video uploading and final M4R ringtone file downloading. It depends on your own network speed and the website server.

At last...

So you have learnt the 2 methods to make an iPhone ringtone using an MP4 video file. It's not as difficult as you think, right? So it’s your turn to start your first custom-made ringtone. If you’ve benefitted from this tutorial, I’m sure you’d like to share it via social media.

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Product Recommended – Capture Ringtone from DVD Disk

DVD Ripper Pro

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

Get impressed by some BGM or OST in a DVD movie and want to make a custom ringtone? It’s not a big deal! WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro can help extract a part of video or music file from a solid DVD disk. With the unique DVD decryption system, it overcomes any DVD copy protection, such as CSS, regional code, RCE, Disney X-Project DRM, etc.

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