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How to Play MIDI File with Recommended MIDI Player
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How to Play MIDI File with Recommended MIDI Player

Author by Rocabella

Updated on Mar 22, 2024

Looking for an MIDI Player that produces the best MIDI playback? You just need an audio player that supports sound fonts, and a good sound font to go with it. Follow this article to know how to play MIDI files in different platforms. Besides, below is a recommended converter for converting exported music files to MP3, OGG, FLAC, etc., in clicks. Free download it!

MIDI is not a Familiar Audio File We Know!

There is such a misunderstanding that like popular MP3, WAV and other audio files, MIDI files can be played and converted at random. In fact, MIDI files do not contain any actual audio data, but rather files that tell your computer the instructions and event messages, such as "What time the music is played, what instruments are used, what notes to start with, what tones to end, and what accompaniment should be, etc." Therefore, MIDI files are much smaller in size.

Since MIDI is not a regular audio file, then how does MIDI file play out? This is accomplished by a variety of synthetic methods. When playing MIDI, the computer sends the MIDI commands to the sound card, and the sound card resynthesizes the MIDI information according to the instructions. So, the MIDI playback effect depends on the quality and tone of various MIDI equipments.

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How to Play MIDI File in Different Platforms?

Even the famous VLC media player and Audacity do not support MIDI playback, but here, we will recommend several MIDI players for different platforms.

Part 1: MIDI Player Online

Online MIDI Player SoftwareOnline MIDI Player Software

1. is an online music sequencer that allows you to play midi files online.

Step 1: Click “Import MIDI” button on the top menu to load your MIDI file into the online MIDI player.

Step 2: After choosing MIDI file and then click “continue” to enter a new interface. Next, choose different instruments for tracks.

Step 3: Click “Previewing/Import” and then you will see the detailed MIDI data.

Step 4: Click the yellow button to start to play MIDI file.

That's the whole process of onlinesequencer as the MIDI file player to play MIDI files, do you get it?

MIDI Player FreewareMIDI Player Freeware

2. (Not working) is a complete online MIDI editor and player. Similar with, it is also a MIDI file player that allows you to view MIDI file online. Then, let’s go to how to play MIDI file.

Step 1: Like, firstly, you need to load your MIDI files into the MIDI file player.

Step 2: Set different instruments for tracks.

Step 3: Click “Play” button to play MIDI file.

Tips: requires the Google Chrome browser.

Part 2: MIDI Player for Windows

Free MIDI PlayerFree MIDI Player

1. Windows Media Player

MIDI files can be opened with Windows Media Player. When Windows Media Player does not play MIDI, you need to check the following conditions:

The sound card is not installed properly.

A MIDI driver is not installed.

The MIDI Mapper is set incorrectly.

Here is a page for solving Windows Media Player playback issue.

MIDI Files Player SoftwareMIDI Files Player Software

2. Winamp

Winamp is a free multimedia player made by Nullsoft. It supports a wide range of audio and video formats even including rare audio like XM audio file. So, it is also a popular MIDI file player in the whole world.

MIDI Files PlayerMIDI Files Player

3. foobar2000 (plugin required)

With MIDI plugin installed, Foobar2000 adds decoding support for General MIDI files (.MID, .KAR) and RIFF MIDI files (.RMI) as well as several proprietary MIDI formats (.MIDS, .MDS, .HMI, .HMP, .MUS, .XMI, .LDS).

Part 3: MIDI Player for Mac

MID PlayerMID Player

1. Apple's Logic Pro

Logic Pro is a digital audio workstation (DAW) and MIDI sequencer software application for the Mac OS platform.

MID File PlayerMID File Player

2. QuickTime Player

QuickTime Player can import MIDI (Karaoke MIDI, Standard MIDI, and General MIDI) formats. To open a MIDI file, click Open File under File table and then select the file you want to play. QuickTime uses its built-in synthesizer for playing MIDI files. You can also set QuickTime to use an external synthesizer instead of the built-in one.

Part 4: MIDI Player for Android & iOS


1. MidiSheetMusic

Midi Sheet Music is a portable program for playing MIDI files, it can also display real-time sheet music in the MIDI playback. It even allows you to convert MIDI files to sheet music, which you can print or save to your computer as a PDF or PNG image files.

Play MIDI on iOS DevicePlay MIDI on iOS Device

2. Sweet MIDI Player

Sweet MIDI Player is a good helper for playing MIDI files on iOS devices, it not only auditions all types of MIDI files, but also modifies the MIDI files themselves.

Play MIDI on Android DevicePlay MIDI on Android Device

3. MIDI Voyager Karaoke Player

MIDI Voyager Karaoke Player is a free software only available for Android, it is also a good helper in playing MIDI files.

These programs above all can be used as an MIDI file player to play MIDI file. Next, let’s go to the extension of MIDI files.

What are MIDI Files?

A file with the .mid or .midi file extension is a Musical Instrument Digital Interface file (MIDI), a standard protocol for the interchange of musical information between musical instruments, synthesizers, and computers. Click here for more information.

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