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How to Use WebEx ARF Player and Its best Alternative

Since ARF is the proprietary file format of recordings from WebEx Online Meeting and cannot be viewed on other media players or devices except for WebEx ARF Player, it is badly urgent to find an alternative. This article will bring you a reliable program that fits the bill which helps you view WRF file anywhere on portable devices.


Updated on Mar 9, 2023

HD Video Converter
Best WebEx ARF Player Alternative
This article will teach you the best way for a smooth playback on Windows Media Player or your portable devices.
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What Is WebEx Online Meeting and How to Open ARF File

Having an online meeting with others

Having an online meeting with others

With continuous development of technology in recent years, traditional face-to-face meeting is being taken place of by online meeting. WebEx of Cisco is the best example, with simply one link, you can call every partner to join the same room and share opinions with each other and the most significant function of the online meeting is that the whole meeting process can be recorded in. ARF for playback on your PC. However ARF (Advanced Recording File) is an exclusive format only compatible with WebEx ARF File Player for Windows. So, if you want to make ARF play on other media players or your portable devices, you must convert it to other formats first.

How to Open ARF File in the Right WebEx ARF File Player

Play ARF with WebEx ARF Player

Play ARF with WebEx ARF Player

Download Network Recording Player (WebEx ARF Player)and launch the program. On top left side choose "File" and click on "Open" in the drop-down list. Double-click on the ARF to make it run.

Free Download HD Video Converter Factory Pro to Convert ARF Files

How to Play ARF File on Portable devices with HD Video Converter Factory Pro

Before trying to convert ARF to common formats like MP4 and AVI, there is a pre-requisite you must know –You need to first convert ARF file into WMV with Network Recording Player.

Step 1.Import the Video Files

Launch HD Video Converter Factory Pro now. Select "Converter" on the home screen. On the top left side of the new interface, click on "Add Files". Then select the WMV files you want to convert by double-clicking. At the bottom, click on "triangle" button to preset the output file's location.

Add an ARF file to the interface

Add an ARF file to the interface

Step 2.Choose the Output Format

On the right side click on "Output Formats". In the new page, select the video section and then choose the desired output format.

Choose a common format

Choose a common format

Step 3. Start the Conversion

Click on "Run" to initiate the conversion process and after several seconds you will find the output file in the location you preset before.

Start Conversion

Start Conversion

By the way, HD Video Converter Factory Pro has the highest compression ratio up to 50% and the fastest conversion speed among its counterparts which save you both storage space and time.

Enhance the Output Quality for Your ARF Files by Presetting Parameters

HD Video Converter Factory Pro is not only an alternative for WebEx ARF File Player, but also enables you to improve video quality. Boosting up it to 60fps for a smoother playback, increasing resolution and bit rate to get a better clarity or tweak your screen with aspect ratio to match your screen and resolution and eliminate black bars, everything is just under your control.

How to Change the Parameters of Your ARF Video

Customize video settings

Customize video settings

After "Step 2" above, click on "Parameter Setting" on the right and you will see all those options of the video and audio parameters. In "Resolution" and "Frame Rate", you can customize them by typing the values you desire to enhance your ARF video. After everything is done, click on button "OK".

Now, please download the HD Video Converter Factory Pro to complete your jobs.

Features Which Haven't Been Mentioned

  • Features Which Haven't Been Mentioned
  • A wonderful ringtone maker for creating enchanting music.
  • Trimming your videos and adding post effects.
  • No quality loss in the course of conversion.
  • Fast speed with advanced hardware acceleration techniques.
  • Adding subtitles to your videos.
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How to Use WebEx ARF Player and Its best Alternative

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