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[2 Solutions] Best Solutions for Playing LVF File Smoothly

Author by Sue

Updated on Feb 17, 2023

As a commonly used video format in CCTV DVR, LVF file is not supported by many media players including the powerful VLC Media Player. No worries, the following tutorial will tell you how to play LVF videos without any hassle.

Download HD Video Converter Factory Pro below, which can serve as either a LVF file converter or a LVF player:

What is LVF? How to Play a LVF Video?

Q: "I have recorded a video clip with DVR and security cameras, which is in LVF format. When I try to play this clip, I get an error message "File Format Not Supported". Please tell me how to play this .lvf video or convert this format to other video formats."

A: In fact, LVF is an exclusive video format of a type of CCTV DVR camera, which is not supported by many mainstream media players. In most cases, DVR manufacturers will provide an executable player to the end-users or you can install the specified codec on your PC.

If you have neither an executable player nor a codec on your PC, then how to play LVF videos? Take it easy, in this article, I will recommend a LVF player and also guide you to convert LVF to AVI, MP4 and other common video formats to solve incompatibility issues.

Solution 1: Convert LVF to MP4, AVI, or Other Common Formats

However, you may find that there are some obvious drawbacks of MPC-HC LVF player. For example, you are not able to drag the slider to control the playback process. The best solution is to convert LVF to common video formats, like MP4, MKV, WMV, etc. to thoroughly resolve format incompatibilities. WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is a multiple-functional LVF converter, which can help you easily convert LVF files to various formats and devices at the highest speed. Now, free downloadfree download the LVF converter and follow the guide to learn how to convert LVF videos to common formats.

Free Download Free Download

How to Convert LVF Videos with the Best LVF Converter

Before start, please free downloadfree download the software.

Import LVF Videos into the converter

Step 1: Import LVF Files into the Converter

Run WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro. Select Converter on the main window, then directly drag and drop the LVF videos you want to convert into Video Converter or select Add Files. Batch conversion is supported, so you can add several LVF files at the same time.

After loaded, you're able to play LVF files with the built-in media player by pressing the Preview button.

Choose output video format

Step 2: Choose Desired Video Format

Hit the Output Format on the right side of the converter to go to the formats window. Then, you can select a video format under Video tab through clicking the corresponding format icon. Just as you can see, you convert LVF to AVI, MP4. MKV, etc. as you like. And it also allows you to extract audio files from LVF videos by selecting an audio output format under the Audio tab.

How to convert LVF to AVI, MP4, MP3…

Step 3: Convert LVF Videos to Play LVF Files Smoothly

Then, it will automatically go back to the main workplace. If you like, you can click the scissor icon to cut video clips at your will. At last, hit the blue Run button to convert LVF files.

Then, you can find that almost any media player can work as a LVF player to play the converted LVF videos.

Solution 2: LVF Player - How to Play LVF File Directly

Playing LVF on MPC-HCPlaying LVF on MPC-HC

Many users told us that the powerful VLC Media Player cannot play LVF videos directly. Indeed, LVF is not supported by VLC. Though there are many feedback messages on the official forum of VLC, this problem still hasn’t been resolved in the latest version. Instead, MPC-HC, another powerful media player, is recommended. This player is totally free and supports direct playback of LVF videos. Let me tell you how to use MPC-HC to play your LVF videos.

Step 1: Download and install MPC-HC via this link:

Step 2: Run MPC-HC on your PC. Drag and drop the LVF video you want to play into the main interface of MPC-HC and then this video will play automatically.

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More Features on the Recommended LVF Converter

Both the LVF player and LVF video converter recommended in this article can help you play LVF files effortlessly. Besides converting LVF videos, WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro possesses more powerful functions.

1. It enables you to extract audio tracks from videos to various formats without any hassle.

2. You can compress videos to free up storage space.

3. It can also help you convert videos to portable devices like iPhone, iPad, Android phone, etc.

4. It also allows you to download both audio & audio files from 1000+ sites.

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WonderFox DVD Video Converter

WonderFox DVD Video Converter is a multiple-functional video converter & DVD ripper, which enables you to convert LVF, MP4, MKV and other videos to 500+ formats and devices. With it, you can download video & audio from 1000+ sites at the highest speed. As a DVD ripper, it allows you to rip DVD to various formats with 1:1 video quality. And you can use this DVD ripper to extract audio clips from DVDs.

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