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Best YouTube Doublers: How to Play Two YouTube Videos at Once?

Author by Vita

Updated on May 27, 2021

Usually, we play YouTube videos sequentially and open the next one when the previous video ends. But in some scenarios, people might want to play two YouTube videos at once on a tab. In spite of the fact that YouTube doesn’t have the multiple videos playback feature, you can make this happen with the help of third-party tools. Here are some good options for your reference.

I’m kind of addicted to watching YouTube videos during the quarantine and have encountered some videos that tell the same story from different perspectives. Then I hit upon the idea of bringing together these videos on one page to browse the story without losing sight of the details. Finding a tool for the purpose is by no means difficult. Here I conclude some good options. Since you have opened this post, I guess you have similar demands. Scroll down and find the one fitting you best.

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Part 1. Best YouTube Doublers Enable You to Watch Multiple YouTube Videos at Once

Youtube Multiplier

YouTube Multiplier provides people with a simple and efficient way to play multiple YouTube videos at once. Up to 8 embedded videos and 6 arrangements are supported. Therefore, you’re able to play two YouTube videos at once, play three YouTube videos, etc. This YouTube syncer has smart playback control options to play, stop, pause the playback, modify the volume, and change the starting points of all videos simultaneously. Besides enabling you to watch multiple YouTube videos, YouTube Multiplier is also a platform to share and browse mashup videos. Creative and interesting mashups shared by the community might give you some inspirations, and you can also submit your ingenious creations.

For viewing YouTube videos in bulk, copy and paste the videos on the matching URL boxes, set the beginning point and volume of each video if you have the needs, and enter the title and verification numbers. Then click Preview (recommend) to view the mashup or hit Save and make public to share it.

YouTube video sync


ViewSync is a website to view multiple YouTube videos and create mashup videos through simply copying and pasting YouTube URLs. You can add as many YouTube videos as you want to ViewSync. It will quickly recognize and display the YouTube videos on its page. There are some additional options. You can use the Test Audio button to check whether the audio tracks are syncing, check the Videos share audio button to mute all videos expect one, enable the Auto-buffer (breaks ads) option so as to load the YouTube videos instantly.

Then, click ViewSync! to generate a specific ViewSync URL. Paste the URL on a new tab and click each video on the page for playback. There is also a main playback control panel on which you’re able to change video resolution, resync, pause and play the videos at one go. While during my test, the control panel fails to work occasionally. Another inconvenience is you have to click each video to start loading them.

YouTube mashup and sync

Part 2. YouTube Video Downloader and Split-screen Maker for Offline Playback

It’s rare for people to save mashup YouTube videos, but however, there are indeed such needs. Although all online YouTube syncers enable you to sync two YouTube videos and more, they don’t give an option to save the mashup to your devices. However, you may want to save a split-screen video made from your own YouTube videos or some royalty free videos with the aim of sharing it on your social media page or watch them offline. So how to play two YouTube videos at the same time offline? Given this, I recommended WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro, a powerful combination of YouTube video downloader and split-screen maker. The software provides a simple way to play two YouTube videos at once even if there is no network connection. Here is the how-to.

Free Download Free Download

Please note that it’s not legal to download any copyrighted content for commercial purposes. Before you download content online, you’d better check out whether the sources are copyrighted. 

How to Download and Watch YouTube Videos Side by Side Offline?

Before start, please free downloadfree download and install the software on your PC.

Step 1. Download YouTube Videos

Launch HD Video Converter Factory Pro. On the function module screen, select Downloader.

Enter Downloader

Then click + New Download on the new screen. Go to YouTube, open the first YouTube video you want to watch, and copy its URL. Back to the software, and hit Paste and Analyze. It would take seconds to proceed with the video information retrieval, then the video resolution and format options will be displayed under Download Video. Choose a download option and hit OK.

Through repeating the operation above, you’re able to add the second, the third, the fourth download tasks, etc. Next, click Download All and download the multiple YouTube videos.

Download multiple YouTube videos

Step 2. Make Videos Side by Side

On the main screen, choose Toolbox, then Split-screen Video Maker.

Open Split-screen Video Maker

HD Video Converter Factory Pro supports making two videos and three videos on a screen. First you need to choose a split-screen style. The instruction here selects the two videos side by side sample. Then, click the Add Video 1 and Add Video 2 buttons to import the downloaded YouTube videos. You can preview the output video on the right media player, change the video quality, choose an audio track from the videos, and mute video. Click the triangle icon at the bottom to specify the output path, and finally, click on Create Video to export the video.

Create split-screen video from YouTube videos

Now, play the split-screen video on your computer to check the display effect.

In Summary

We can play two YouTube videos at once to have more fun, especially for videos that are captured from different perspectives or involving similar scenarios. Both online and desktop solutions have been introduced above. Hopefully, one of the options would help you achieve your goals.

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