Have you ever used HandBrake with libdvdcss to rip encrypted DVDs? Did this DVD-protection workaround stop working for you? Well, you are not alone in this. Here, we explain why HandBrake libdvdcss not working anymore, and for a trouble-free DVD ripping experience, we will show you an alternate way to remove DRM and rip DVDs efficiently.

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Michelle | Aug 24, 2022

Why is HandBrake libdvdcss Not Working Anymore?

“So I downloaded the copy and pasted the libdvdcss-2(2).dll into the HandBrake folder but the DVDs are coming through all pixelated still. It was working for me previously but I recently reset my PC and then re-installed the HandBrake. Has HandBrake removed this workaround feature?”

HandBrake, the well-known open source video transcoder is also commonly used as a DVD ripper. Naturally, HandBrake cannot deal with protected DVDs unless it is used with libdvdcss, an external library for accessing DVD files with CSS encryption. We have previously written a guide to using libdvdcss with HandBrake. It worked for some users at first but stopped working some time later. We concluded the possible causes as follows

1, System updates. Like what the user was experiencing, operating systems and even software updates can change the software environment and affect the performance of libdvdcss.
2, Wrong libdvdcss. Different HandBrake version, such as Mac/Windows, 32-bit/64-bit, needs a libdvdcss library slightly different.
3, Other DRM protections. As we have mentioned in the earlier article, libdvdcss only works with DVD CSS encryption, while for other DRMs, such as X-project protection, Disney protection, Sony ARccOS, etc. it will break.

There could be more factors that interrupt the HandBrake libdvdcss working. And to fix all these problems all at once is just simply too hard. But we want to say that Handbrake wasn’t fit for DVD ripping in the first place as the official support for using libdvdcss.dll was dropped over a decade ago. And the “HandBrake not working” is a typical story all these years. If you need to rip DVDs smooth and error-free, you have better options than HandBrake. In the next part, we can show you an alternative program to bypass the DVD encryption and rip all kinds of DVDs in the best way. Please read on.

How to Remove DRM from DVDs and Rip DVDs Error-Free?

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro is a professional DVD decryptor and DVD ripper that can deal with all forms of DVD copy protection, not just the CSS encryption, and rip DVDs most easily and efficiently. It officially supports DVD CSS, Region Code, CPRM, Multi-angle, RCE, Sony ARccOS, UOP, Disney X-Project DRM, and Cinavia Protection, and keeps updating to handle the latest encryptions.

Compared with HandBrake, it provides more output options and allows you to rip DVDs to AVI, MP4, MKV, MOV, MPG, ISO, MP3, WAV, and many device profiles. Meanwhile, you have full control over the audio tracks, subtitles, and encoding settings. It also supports hardware acceleration and can do some basic video editing as well. The whole ripping process is much easier than using HandBrake as it only involves three simple steps. Now, let’s free download free download the DVD software to rip a copy-protected DVD below.

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Step 1. Load DVD

Insert a DVD into your computer and launch DVD Ripper Pro. Next, click “DVD Disc”, select a drive letter, and hit “OK” to load the DVD files to the program. The DVD will be decrypted soon with the main movie/main title automatically marked.

Tips. You can also load a DVD from ISO and DVD Folder.

Step 2. Select an Output Format

Click the format image on the right side to open the output format list. Go to your preferred profile category, such as “Video”, and choose your output format.

Tips. For quick DVD ripping, you can access the “1:1 quick copy” and select MPG, ISO, or DVD Folder as the output profile. A 2-hour-long movie can be copied in five minutes.

Step 3. Start DVD Ripping

Click the bottom three-dot button to set an output folder. Finally, hit “Run” to finish the ripping process.

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Disclaimer: WonderFox does not advocate any illegal duplication and distribution of DVDs and all information provided in this article is presented for personal fair use only. Please refer to the DVD copyright laws in your country before you rip any DVDs.

At Last…

That’s pretty much everything we want to share about why HandBrake libdvdcss not working and the way to copy DRM-protected DVDs trouble-free. We hope you enjoyed this article. Thanks for reading. Have a nice day!

A little bonus: WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro offers a free version that can bypass all kinds of DVD encryptions to rip DVDs to MPG without losing quality. After that, you can use HandBrake to transcode the DVD movie to your desired format for free. Download WonderFox Free DVD Ripper to have a try.

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