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How to Fix a Skipping DVD – Remove DVD Skips with the Best Software
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How to Fix a Skipping DVD – Remove DVD Skips & Freezes

Author by Rocabella

Updated on July 28 2023

Recently, I found that many friends complaining about their DVDs always skipping during playback. This guide will explain why and give solutions to how to fix a skipping DVD. Keep reading.

Tips. Ripping DVDs to digital files is a modern way to preserve DVDs and also an efficient way to stop DVDs from skipping. Download the professional DVD ripper and follow the guide below:

A Typical "DVD Skips and Freezes" Problem You May Ever Encounter

Q:I have trouble with DVD skipping, freezing up problem. Bought 4 DVD's off eBay, used (released less than 2 years ago), original, not copies or bootlegs, appear to be in pretty good shape, but they won't operate reliably. Two of them have a few light scratches and I have rubbed all with a soft cloth. But the episode (it's a TV series DVD set) will lock up, freeze or skip. I don't have this problem with other DVDs in my collection. How to fix a DVD that skips and freezes?

It's annoying to have a sudden set of picture skips and freezes when we're engrossed in a DVD movie. Don’t worry. The following part shows some possible reasons and gives corresponding solutions. Read on.

How to Fix a DVD That Skips and Freezes

The following part discusses why your DVD skips and freezes and offers related solutions to the DVDs freeze issues:

1. Scratches or Ashes

Why: One main reason is scratches and ashes. They may hinder laser's beam to read DVD data. Under this circumstance, how to clean a DVD that skips?
How-to fix: We can fix the scratched DVD by ourselves and clean discs. Wipe in straight lines from the center rim to the outer rim to avoid further scratches.

2. Bad Burned DVD

Why: Because of the poor quality of the disc, the record may be incomplete or the data may be lost in the process of burning DVD. How do you fix a DVD that skips in this case?
How-to fix: The solution is to find the source files and reburn them with quality-guaranteed DVD discs.

3. DVD Drive or Player Problem

Why: The model of DVD drivers or players are too old or the devices are covered by too much dust. They can also lead to DVD skips & freezes. How to make a DVD stop skipping is very simple in this case.
How-to fix: Regularly clean your DVD drive and player or purchase a new one.

4. DVD Region Code

Why: Another reason is the DVD region code. It prevents the playback of the disc due to the region code unconformity between your DVD player and DVD disc.
How-to fix: We can purchase a region-free DVD player or use a third-party tool like the software recommended below to remove region code.

Develop a Habit of Backing up Your DVDs

If you're used to backing up your DVD and focusing on DVD care, you can avoid the issue of DVD freeze and DVD skipping. WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro is a smart DVD ripping software for backing up DVD with original quality. First, it can bypass all copy encryptions including DVD CSS, Region Code, Multi-angle, RCE, etc, so you can make personal digital copies of the movies you’ve paid for. Then, you can rip a full-length DVD in around 10-20 minutes, and the program offers a library of more than 300 of output profiles including AVI, MP4, MKV, MPG, WMV, MOV, etc., for beginners. Besides, it even can directly rip DVD to audio like DVD to WAV. Anyway, by virtue of its intuitive interface, easy-to-use as well as powerful ripping ability, the software is your ideal choice for getting your movies off plastic discs.

Now, free downloadfree download this software and see how to back up DVDs below.

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Simple Guide on Backing up DVDs

Backing up DVDs

Before start, please downloaddownload and install the program on your Windows computer. And put your DVD in DVD-ROM before launching the program.

Step 1. Load DVD Content

Open the software you just installed. Click on the “DVD Disc” button icon (ISO image and DVD folder are also supported) to load your DVD. It takes less than one minute to complete analyzing the DVD contents. And the main title will be automatically chosen.

Step 2. Select a Desired Format

Next, choose one output format for your video, here I’d like to recommend 1: 1 Quick Copy (that’s DVD to MPG) because ripping one DVD with an hour and forty minutes duration time to MPG just needs 5-10 minutes while reducing size from 7.5G to 2.9G.

Step 3. Start Ripping

Finally, set your output folder path and click Run to start the conversion.

That’s all I want to share with you about how to fix a skipping DVD and how to back up DVDs. By the way, the DVD ripper mentioned here can also help you rip DVD with subtitles, extract DVD soundtrack, and more. Download it to explore more exciting features.

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A Software That Can both Rip DVD and Download Hot Video

A Software That Can both Rip DVD and Download Hot Video

WonderFox DVD Video Converter

WonderFox DVD Video Converter combines multiple functions into one, firstly, it can rip all your DVDs no matter purchased or home-made to 500+ video & audio formats and portable devices. Then, it can download videos (8K, 4K, 1080P, 720P, 480P are all supported) from YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, Twitter and other sharing sites. Finally, it can compress these videos to much smaller files for free your space.

Free Download DVD Video Converter Free Download DVD Video Converter

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