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Four Things You Should Know About EAC3

Author by Michelle

Updated at Aug 12, 2020

EAC3 is making frequent appearances these days. Yet few people have a firm knowledge about this audio format. What is E-AC-3 audio exactly, what's its relation to AC3, and whether it's a worthy audio format? Well, you don't need to work on it all by yourself any longer, 'cause this article has gotten all the answers. Read on to know more!

Part 1. What is E-AC-3?

Enhanced AC3Enhanced AC3

Also known as Enhanced AC3, it is a successor to AC3 just as the name suggested. The full name is Dolby Digital Plus, and it is commonly abbreviated as DD+, E-AC-3, or EC-3. Developed by Dolby Labs, it is a digital audio compression scheme for transport and storage of multi-channel digital audio.

Part 2. Compared to AC-3, What Improvements Has E-AC-3 Achieved?

Though a successor to AC3, E-AC-3 outstrips AC-3 in many aspects.

What’s new in DD+What’s new in DD+


AC-3: 32 kbit/s to 640 kbit/s

E-AC-3: 32 kbit/s to 6144 kbit/s

E-AC-3 is superior in keeping fidelity to the original audio source than AC3, and clearly has a better audio quality.


AC-3: 1.0 to 5.1

E-AC-3: 1.0 to 7.1 (and is going to achieve 15.1 in the future)

With more audio channels, E-AC-3 is able to make people feel more immersive.


E-AC-3 has advanced algorithms that betters the performance of representing compressed data and counteracting artifacts.


E-AC-3 decoders can decode AC-3 bitstreams, while E-AC-3 bitstreams are not backward compatible with AC-3 decoders, yet a mandatory component in the decoder can directly convert E-AC-3 bitstreams to AC-3 bitstreams.

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Part 3. E-AC-3 vs DTS

Before we get to E-AC-3 vs DTS, it might be a good idea to have a look at the love-and-hate story of the Dolby Labs and Digital Theater Systems, Inc. Since they share the similar product goals in the cinema theatre and home theatre markets, each product developed by these two companies is inevitably in a state of competition with the first generation being the competition between AC-3 and DTS since the last 90s. They have alike audio quality and close usage, so people often make comparisons between the two in terms of their audio performances. Though it’s really difficult for me to spot any difference in their audio quality, most audiophiles show partiality for DTS for it has a larger bitrate (1509.75 kbit/s) which would seemingly guarantee a higher sound quality. Therefore, in the consumers’ mind, DTS gets the upper hand in this round. But what about E-AC-3 vs DTS? Can EAC3 audio win DTS in this one?

E-AC-3 vs DTSE-AC-3 vs DTS


E-AC-3: up to 6144 kbit/s

DTS: up to 1509.75 kbit/s


E-AC-3: 1.0 to 7.1

DTS: 1.0 to 5.1


E-AC-3: It is not widely supported. HD DVD system has full support for E-AC-3, while Blu-ray Disc offers E-AC-3 as an option.

DTS: It has a wider usage and support for both commercial/theatrical and consumer-grade applications.

Sum up: Dolby Digital Plus audio clearly beats DTS in the bitrates and audio channels but shows weakness in its usage.

Part 4. Is E-AC-3 Worthy?

Enjoy the musicEnjoy the music

From what has been discussed above, E-AC-3 audio is excellent in almost every aspect, but there is still a shortcoming which is that it has not been widely used, and there are not many devices that can support it. But this will soon be a non-problem as its application is gradually expanding. Also, equipment with Dolby Digital Plus will unlock its full feature set, including 5.1- and 7.1-channel capability (depending on the program). So it is definitely a YES for E-AC-3.

Tips: Currently, many devices still do not support E-AC-3. Then try to convert it to AC-3 or DTS for both will offer you a thrilling listening experience!

At last...

Thanks for your reading! If you find this article helpful, please feel free to share it!

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