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Top 5 DVD Menu Creator to Create DVD Menu Effortlessly
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Review - Top 5 DVD Menu Creator to Create DVD Menu Effortlessly

Author by Rocabella

Update on Sep 22, 2023

Are you looking for a DVD menu creator for Mac or Windows to create a unique and professional DVD menu? Look here, we have selected the top 5 best DVD menu makers, which allows you to burn DVDs and personalize your DVD menus. Keep reading for more details.

What Can DVD Menu Creator Do for You?

Now, we can use mobile phones to record videos anytime and anywhere. This also means that we can use these video clips to make our own movies. It is a very happy thing to watch these precious memories at special occasions, right? However, to create your own DVD, a easy-to-use and practical DVD creator is essential. Hence, after a lot of inspection and testing, this article will introduce the top 5 DVD Menu Creator software for you.

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Top 5 DVD Menu Maker Software to Create DVD Menu by Yourself

No. 1 Best DVD Menu Creator – DeVeDe (or DevedeNG)

DVD Menu Creating SoftwareDVD Menu Creating Software

Supporting OS: Windows

Download link:

When it comes to DVD Menu Creator Windows 10, the alternative to Windows DVD Maker - DeVeDe is a good choice. It is a free, open-source Video to DVD converter that allows the user to take any video in any format and convert it to one of the media types that support the DVD image, and finally prompt the user to burn it to the disc.

Pros: The interface is pretty unadorned and straightforward.

It is not necessary to change the default selection of options for each format.

Cons: It doesn't bring all that it needs from the repository is a drag.

There are too few options to use DeVeDe for professional tasks.

No. 2 DVD Menu Creator - DVD Styler

DVD Creator Free ProgramDVD Creator Free Program

Supporting OS: Mac/Windows

Download link:

DVDStyler is a cross-platform free DVD authoring application for solving how to make a DVD menu easily. The program can design your own DVD menu or select one from the list of ready to use menu templates. It has the authority to support different file formats like AVI, MOV, OGG, WMV, MP4, MPEG, DIVX, XVID, MP3, MPEG-2, MP2, MPEG4, AC-3, etc.

Pros: It gives the option of using professional-looking DVD menu templates.

It is Open Source Software and is completely free.

Cons: Risks may arise during installation or use.

It will take a long time to create and burn DVD video with interactive menus.

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No. 3 DVD Menu Creator - Avi2DVD

Windows DVD Maker FreewareWindows DVD Maker Freeware

Supporting OS: Windows

Download link:

Avi2DVD is a nice program to create DVD menu, which is supported by operating systems Windows Vista/7/8. It has a simple interface which is quite a user-friendly for conversion of media files into DVDs. Besides, it helps users convert media files of various formats like MKV, WMV, OGM, AVI, MP4 to formats like VCD, SVCD, or DVD.

Pros: Avi2Dvd can handle High Definition (HD) films in AVI, MKV and MP4 containers.

It also supports multiple audio streams and up to three textual external subtitles.

Cons: The program is codec dependent, and encoding process is a bit complex.

There is a possibility of the functional inefficiency of the tool.

No.4 DVD Menu Creator – LiquidCD

DVD Menu SoftwareDVD Menu Software

Supporting OS: Mac

Download link:

LiquidCD is a great little freeware for making DVD menus. The program is capable of burning a wide range of different types of CD and DVD. One of the main advantages of using LiquidCD is that you can burn hybrid discs that can be read on Macs and PCs, but there are many other options available.

Pros: It provides the facility of letting users burn hybrid DVDs that have both cue/bin files.

It also can be used to burn audio and MP3 discs as well as picture discs.

Cons: This software comes with a variety of bugs that need to be addressed.

It has not been updated anymore since 2010.

No.5 DVD Menu Creator – VobBlanker

DVD CreatorDVD Creator

Supporting OS: Windows

Download link:

VobBlanker is a DVD menus maker for editing DVDs that comes compatible with the Windows system.  This program aids you by providing the capabilities for blanking, replacing, cutting and stripping video titles from media files. Apart from that, this tool also comes handy when users need to preview, blank or delete menu options in DVDs.

Pros: It’s great if your videos are in the VOB format.

It works wonders when added to an arsenal of DVD copying tools.

Cons: VobBlanker is currently discontinued and it has not been updated anymore.

VobBlanker does not compress the video stream of the main movie, and has limited usage.

While scanning these top 5 Free DVD Menu Creators, we have come to realize the utility and functional importance of DVD Menu Makers for burning video and audio formats to DVD menus. All above programs are free, so, you can choose your favorite according to your own needs. I hope that, after reading this article, you can make a DVD that you are satisfied with. If this article does help you, please share it with more people.

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