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Step-by-step Guide on How to Burn a CD on Windows 10
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Step-by-step Guide on How to Burn a CD on Windows 10

Author by Rocabella

Updated on May 19, 2023

Personally, CDs offer better sound than apps. It is not just nostalgia but a matter of quality. Hence, I often burn my favourite music to a CD and enjoy it while driving. In this post, I’d like to share a simple CD burner and show you how to burn a CD on Windows 10.
BTW, if you’re also a DVD collector, try this free DVD ripper to backup all DVD collections to digital.

Burn Audio CD Windows 10Burn Audio CD Windows 10

Most people are accustomed to using digital audio formats, but there are still some CD discs lovers who enjoy CD music. Some even purchase professional software to burn CD on Windows 10. I also enjoy making a classification of different music and burn various audio CDs as different playlists. In this way, I can collect my favorite music, or share with others, and even can play it on the CD player, home theater, and car CD player. Actually, knowing how to burn a CD on Windows 10 for free is not that hard.

Next, I'll share my way to teach you how to burn audio CD on Windows 10.

Audio CD and Data CD

Before starting to burn CDs, it’s necessary to explain that there are two types of CD for different purposes: Audio CD and Data CD. In a nutshell, Audio CD is just like a music CD you purchased in the music store, it can play on a computer which has a CD drive, portable CD player, and car CD player. Audio CD needs the help of third-party tools to rip audio to a computer. While Data CD is more like USB flash drive or external hard drive, which is used for file transfer, storage or backup without any third-party tool, just copy and paste directly.

Then, let’s go to how to burn a music CD with free CD burner for Windows 10.

How to Burn Audio CD with Windows Media Player

Burn Audio CD Windows 10 with Windows 10 CD Burner

Instead of installing third-party software, the built-in Windows Media Player is a free CD burner for Windows 10. Either Audio CD or Data CD can be recorded. And the operation is very simple. Read along to find out how to burn a CD on Windows 10 with audio CD burner:

1. Insert a blank CD to DVD/CD recorder Drive.

2. Open Windows Media Player and enter the Library mode. Then click Burn Tab at the top right corner.

3. On the right side of the panel, click the Burn button. Then choose Audio CD or Data CD or DVD as per your own need.

4. In the Library, drag the content to the right side of the pane which says “Drag items here to create a burn list.” to create a burn list.

5. When you finish with the list creating, press the Start burn button to start the process.

That’s a simple guide on how to burn a CD on Windows 10 with Windows Media Player.

Note: Choose Audio CD for music only up to 80 minutes, while choosing Data CD for music, pictures, and videos up to about 700 MB. The total time or file size cannot exceed the capacity of your CD.

Friendly Tips: Windows Media Player is not only a free CD burning software for Windows 10 but also a free DVD burning software, click here to know how to burn a DVD with WMP on Windows 10.

You see, using WMP to burn CD is a very easy thing to do, and it can also convert CDA to MP3. Of course, you are free to use a lot of free third-party tools to achieve the same goal, referring to Top 10 free CD/DVD burning software.

Free Fast DVD Ripping Software for Windows 10

DVD Ripping Software for Windows 10

WonderFox DVD Ripper Speedy

Although the DVD is portable and can work on a variety of media devices, the DVD content may be completely lost when damaged. Therefore, a good way to avoid such problems is to create a backup of the DVD project so that they can run on your computer. WonderFox DVD Ripper Speedy is the fastest free DVD Ripper, creating gorgeous digital copies of your DVD collection on the spot.

Free Download DVD Ripper Speedy Free Download DVD Ripper Speedy

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