[No Torrent] All the Best Direct Download Sites for Movies & TV Series

Want to download your favorite movies and TV shows efficiently? Try the best direct download sites for movies and TV series listed below.
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Michelle Michelle | Updated on Jan 25, 2024
The List of 14 Best DDL Sites for Movies & TV Series

1. TFPDL [Comprehensive]

2. RleaseBB [Comprehensive]

3. SceneSource [Comprehensive]

4. DDLValley [Comprehensive]

5. TwoDDL [Comprehensive]

6. HEVCBay [Movies-Only] (Down)

7. RapidMoviez [Movies & TV Shows]

8. Pahe.in [Movies & TV Shows] (Down)

9. Snahp.it [Movies & TV Shows] (Down)

10. PSArips [Movies & TV Shows]

11. Crazy4tv [Movies & TV Shows] (Down)

12. MovieParadise [Movies & TV Shows]

13. HDEncode [Movies & TV Shows]

14. Scene Release [Movies & TV Shows]

9 Backup Sites to Direct Download HD/Bluray Movies Free

Disclaimer: WonderFox does not endorse or encourage piracy at any level or in any form. All responsibility falls on you to check the copyright and legal status of the content(s) you access. You should only access works not protected by copyright.

Among the various downloading methods, Direct Download (DDL) Sites provide probably the easiest way to save digital resources of all kinds. Just a single click on the hyperlink, and you are sent to the location where you can start the downloads immediately. And it is much securer than some other approaches, such as torrenting. Currently, using DDL sites is one of the best ways to download HD/Bluray movies and TV shows. If you’re interested, read on to explore the best direct download sites for movies and TV series.

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14 Best Direct Download Sites for Movies & TV Series

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TFPDL - Direct Download HD/Bluray Movies Free

TFPDL offers free direct download links for movies and TV shows with no strings attached. The password is tfpdl.

Resources: It archives mainly Movies, TV-series, Anime, Games, Software, and eBooks released after 2014. Classics are added continually.
Quality: It has mostly x264 and x265-encodes in 480P, 720P, and 1080P quality. 4K x265 encodes are scarce. Generally, the content is of fair quality with medium size.
Usability: Add to the site is the very thoughtful categorization of the Movies and TV-series. You can browse the content by quality, rip-source, update time, and country. Moreover, it has featured sections created for Oscar Movies of the Year, the Japanese Anime Show, X265/HEVC Content, and the Complete Season Packs.

2. ReleaseBB

ReleaseBB - Direct Download Movies for Free

The best place to download different releases of one single title. Daily source of awesome stuff.

Resources: It keeps an up-to-the-mark database with Movies, TV Shows, Music Albums, Magazines, Software, and Games releases after 2010. Masterworks repacks are updated constantly.
Quality: It picks multiple resolutions for one single title, ranging from 480P (older titles), 720P, 1080P, to 4K (newer titles). Most of the content is encoded with x264 in relatively bigger file size.
Usability: It’s easy to navigate through its database with the side categories though there are no many filters to apply. And it’s no hard to find the right title to download since each release is accompanied carefully with detailed info.

3. SceneSource

SceneSource - Direct Download HD/Bluray Movies Free

A can’t-miss direct download site for new scene releases.

Resources: It provides not only Movies and TV shows but also Software, eBooks, Games, Music, and even Music Videos.
Quality: It has plenty of SD, HD, FHD, UHD releases sourced from DVDRip, BDRip, and Bluray.
Usability: You’ll find this site handy if you’re into ReleaseBB, for it has a similar web design, offering a very straightforward panel showing the main “dishes” it provides.

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4. DDLValley

DDLValley - Direct Download Movies for Free

Provides quality releases that satisfy your need for the fastest and the latest scene and p2p releases.

Resources: It archives an expanding library of Movies, TV Shows, Games, Apps, eBooks, Sports, and Music.
Quality: Movies and TV shows are sorted by nothing but quality up to Bluray 2160P. The most popular are 720P and 1080P WEB-DL releases.
Usability: DDLValley follows a single-page design that makes everything very accessible. Find your favorite title and click on the download button, and you are good to go.

5. TwoDDL

TwoDDL – Direct Download HD/Bluray Movies Free

TwoDDL makes another great direct download site for movies and TV shows of high quality.

Resources: It hordes a vast variety of Movies, TV Shows, Music, Games, eBooks, and Apps.
Quality: The majority of movies and TV shows are in 720P and 1080p quality. On top of that, 4K x265 encodes are also available in small numbers.
Usability: I always value a site that leaves a good first impression on its users, and I’m happy to say that TwoDDL is such a site. It has a clean web design with all the filters placed on the left and filtered results displayed on the right. One can handily find what they are looking for on this site with no doubt.

6. HEVCBay (Down)

HEVCBay - Direct Download Sites for Movies

HEVCBay is dedicating to serve you the smallest movies at the best quality.

Resources: Movies-only. It covers some of the recent blockbusters and many of the older classics.
Quality: All the titles on this site are tiny-sized x265 re-encodes, with 720P releases in around 500MB, and 1080P releases in around 1GB.
Usability: You’ll find no other sites having the same flavor of cleanness as HEVCBay. It’s a very joy to browse through and direct download movies for free within this site.

7. RapidMoviez

RapidMoviez – Direct Download HD/Bluray Movies Free

One of the best direct download sites for movies and TV shows of HD quality and small-size.

Resources: It offers the biggest collection of movies and TV show releases along with a high updating rate.
Quality: RapidMoviez has its RMTeam making releases of small-sized SD and HD titles. But it also gathers 4K releases from other sources.
Usability: One of the edges RapidMoviez has over other sites is its style of content providing. You’ll find carefully-curated sections of IMDb Top 250, Oscars Best Pictures, Networks, Countries, Languages, Not Safe For Work, Genres, and more, which gives you much convenience to explore a certain type of movies or TV shows.

8. Pahe.in

Pahe.in - Direct Download Movies for Free

If you are also an anime otaku, don’t sleep on Pahe.in.

Resources: It offers mainly Japanese Anime, Asian Dramas, Movies, and TV Shows released after 2015. But you will find classics been added on this site frequently.
Quality: Most titles are available in 480P, 720P, and 1080P. There is also a good quantity of 4K content. Actually, it has one of the best collections of 4K content.
Usability: This self-explanatory site causes no trouble to use at all though it only has several basic filters. You are to see Top Rated TV, Top Rated Indian Movies, Oscar-win, and IMDb Top 250 conveniently. The best part comes yet with its highlighted download links, allowing you to download files from Google Drive (recommend), MEGA ...

9. Snahp.it

Snahp.it – Direct Download HD/Bluray Movies Free

Hands down the top place to direct download movies and TV shows at the best quality. The password is snahp.it.

Resources: It has the largest library of Movies, TV Shows, Music, Anime, eBooks, and Audio Books. And its private forum forums.snahp.it (invite only) holds a lot more content than the main public site.
Quality: It offers content in 480P, 720P, 1080P, and 4K (recommend) with a relatively larger size.
Usability: This awesome DDL site gives no hassle to use as well. One can readily target the content they want through the trending tags on the upper-right side. One unique feature Snahp.it has is its Staff Picks where you can find already-packed shows.

10. PSArips

PSArips - Direct Download Movies for Free

Can’t get enough of Snaph.it? Try this PSArips to direct download small-sized x265 encodes for free.

Resources: It dishes up a good library of Movies and TV-shows start from the year 2011 through today. Other kinds of stuff available are Audio Books, eBooks, and OST.
Quality: 720P and 1080P x265 encodes take the majority of the movie and TV shows releases. A small portion of 4K movies can also be found.
Usability: Like Snaph.it, PSArips has developed a tag system that you can use to track your desired types of movies or TV shows most efficiently. If you have no problem with the above-mentioned sites, you’ll have no issue with this site either.

11. Crazy4tv

Crazy4tv - Direct Download HD/Bluray Movies Free

Another DDL site to download small-sized x265 encodes TV shows and movies.

Resources: It grabs the best sources for movies and TV shows (TV Packs), but less in quantity.
Quality: Crazy4tv features 480P, 720P, and 1080P x265 encodes ONLY.
Usability: Freshness is its gist, and you will know it when you enter this site. And that promises a breezy experience to your downloading journey, especially when you can download straight from the Google Drive links (for come content). Moreover, it has multiple backup host links prepared.

12. MovieParadise

MovieParadise - Direct Download Sites for Movies

A seeming movie streaming platform but honestly a good DDL site to bring one of the best movie and TV series releases to its users.

Resources: It has archived a total number of 87,921 movies and a mass of on-going as well as finished TV series.
Quality: Most movies and TV series are sourced from WEB-DL, HDRip, and BRRip.
Usability: There’s almost nothing disturbing about MovieParadise. A good navigation system, an up-to-date database, etc. But it does have a big disadvantage, which is the lack of quality filters. You only get to view by genres, categories, years, and languages. Besides, MovieParadise is in partner with the file-hosting service Rapidgator. And you need to buy a premium of Rapidgator or have a limited downloading speed.

13. HDEncode

HDEncode – Direct Download MP4 Movies

HDEncode would the most lovable site to direct download HD movies.

Resources: It provides movies and TV show releases of all genres and all times.
Quality: All videos on this site are in HD quality and beyond. And it curates a gorgeous selection of FHD and UHD videos.
Usability: HDEncode should be credited for its comfortableness it brings to its users, for every feature is well-organized and easy to handle. You’ll find this especially true when you use its Advanced Search & Filters.

14. Scene Release

Scene Release – DDL Movies

Resources: Besides the regular movies and TV shows (TV packs), it also provides anime, apps, eBooks, music, magazines, and games.
Quality: It has mainly DVDRip movies and a wild selection of 480P, 720P, and 1080P WEBRip releases. If you look deeper, you’ll find some 4K TV shows and movies available. Most titles are x264 and x265 encodes with a fair size.
Usability: There’s not much filters but categories dividing the main release type as movies, TV shows, etc. So make well use of the search box to get what you want.

9 Backup Sites to Direct Download HD/Bluray Movies Free

X265MOVIES (Down) - An alternative to HEVCBay with small-sized x265 re-encodes. It is movies-focused too. No 4K releases available.

Adit-HD Forum & DirtyWarez Forum - Popular DDL forums. Has a request section. Needs to sign up to use.

Scnlog - Scene releases with movies, TV shows, games, apps, music, eBooks, and many more.

WarezBook - A rising star to offer comprehensive releases. Simple and fast. Requires to sign up to use.

GDriveDL - Google Drive Direct Download Links for 1080P and 4K HEVC BluRay Movies & TV Shows.

MEGADDL - Offers only 1080P and 4K movie releases for free direct download. TV series are VIP only. Has a rather convoluted downloading process.

AvaxHome (Down) – AvaxHome is one of the best direct download sites for movies, TV shows, eBooks, software, comics, newspapers, games, graphics, and more. Much cool stuff can be found here, but it requires to sign up to use.

MovieFiles (Down) - This site used to be my favorite place to get the latest movie downloads from Google Drive. There was no clutter of stuff but merely a pile of movie files listed in the most streamlined way. All the files come in FHD quality yet with a slightly bigger size (mostly encoded with x264). However, MovieFiles hasn’t refreshed its database for nine months (stopped in mid-March, 2020). And all the download links are dead. I guess we’ll just hope for the miracle.

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That’s all the best direct download sites for movies and TV shows and maybe some other stuff. Hope you’ll like it. Thanks for reading!

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