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2 Online GIF Combiners - Simply and Efficiently Combine GIFs without Software Installed

Author by Cooper

Updated on Mar 17, 2022

Sometimes, the thought "how to combine two GIF files" may come to your mind. If you have no idea, follow me. You’ll find a satisfactory solution by taking the advantages of 2 online GIF combiners. By the way, if you also want to create some self-made GIFs from video and images, you can download the user-friendly GIF maker here.

Combined GIFCombined GIF

GIFs are widely used in our daily life, you can see them everywhere in web chatting, videos, even PPTs, and so on. You can do a lot of interesting things with a collection of GIFs. When you found two GIFs that are highly associated with each other, have you ever thought about combining them into one? As you can imagine, it would produce in-depth fun. So how to put two GIFs together? Read on, I am going to introduce two online GIF combiners and the corresponding methods to you.

Method 1. Combine GIFs into One with EZGIF Combiner

EZGIF is a well-known GIF maker and image editor. It supports converting video to GIFs, resizing and cropping GIFs, and add effects and text into GIFs. Of course, it also can be used for combining GIFs. Now, let me show you how to combine GIFs side by side with the help of EZGIF. Open the official site:

Upload Two GIF files TheretoUpload Two GIF files Thereto

Step 1. Upload Two GIF files Thereto

Click Choose Files to select the files you want to combine. You can simultaneously upload multiple GIF images by holding Ctrl and selecting several files.
The max total size of selected files is limited to 100MB.
After you finish choosing GIFs, click the blue Upload button to enter a new combining page.

Slide the GIFs to the Combining BoxSlide the GIFs to the Combining Box

Step 2. Slide the GIFs to the Combining Box

Drag and drop the uploaded images to the below box to set position.
When you confirm the image positions, click the Combine button to start the GIFs combination.
By the way, the combine box can only contain two images. If you want to combine multiple files, redo the same operations after this combination.

Download the Combined GIFsDownload the Combined GIFs

Step 3. Download the Combined GIFs

After the combination, the splicing image will appear on the "Output image" area.
Click the Save button in the right end to download GIF files.
Now, your GIFs have been combined.

Method 2. Combine GIFs Side by Side with Photopea

Photopea is a powerful online image editor that is regarded as the online Photoshop, it contains many functions of the desktop one. You can also find some tutorials for combining GIFs with desktop Photoshop. But the online operation is much easier. Now let’s follow the detailed tutorial below to solve how to combine two GIFs. You can visit it via the official site:

Open Two GIF Files in GIF CombinerOpen Two GIF Files in GIF Combiner

Step 1. Open Two GIF Files in GIF Combiner

Click File on the top left corner to open two or more GIF files. Similarly, you can also select several files by holding Ctrl key.

Preparation Work Before Combining GIFsPreparation Work Before Combining GIFs

Step 2. Preparation Work Before Combining GIFs

At the top project bar, you can see two projects in different tabs. First, copy the second project into the first one. Right-click the folder in the Layer box of the second project and press Duplicate into…choose the first file as the target file.

Next, back to the first project and edit it. Click Image on the top bar, and then Canvas Size… in the drop-down list. Revise the Width according to the total width of two files.

If you want to combine two GIF files into the one that is shown one by one, you can directly copy the second project into the first one and click File, then Export as… and lastly GIF in the drop-down list.

Start the Files CombinationStart the Files Combination

Step 3. Start the Files Combination

Drop and drag the first file to the right or left end of the canvas, then click the second file in the Layer box on the right side of the editor. Drop and drag the second file to the another side of the canvas. Holding Ctrl key, press the two GIF files. Next, click Layer on the top bar, choose Animation and press Merge. Now, you get the combined GIF file, and for downloading it, simply go to File > Export as > GIF.

Pro: You can combine multiple GIF files through this method in a meanwhile.

At last...

Now, you can easily combine GIFs side by side with the help of two GIF combiners. If you think this article is useful for combining GIFs, please thumb up this article and share it with more people.

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