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Three Easy Ways to Add Text to GIF

Author by Michelle

Updated at June 24, 2022

GIF-making is in trend nowadays. However, we are no longer satisfied with making pure moving images, instead, we want to add text to GIF as to share with others and express our feelings. This article is to show you several ways of adding text to a GIF. Get the tool here and start to make one GIF of your own:

We are now living in a world where a GIF is enough to express how we feel about things. And we like it this way for it saves us lots of time from finding the correct words to type about our feelings. A GIF with a text in it, usually called a meme, enjoys large popularity among youngsters. It could be said that our lives are much richer when GIFs are involved. And there are many occasions where we want to add text to GIF but couldn't find a way. Fortunately, this article has gathered several well-tested methods on how to add text to a GIF. Keep reading and get ready to make your own GIF.

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Part 1 Add Text to GIF with Desktop Solution

We know that GIFs are mostly used to share on social media, yet there are some social media platforms that do not support GIF except video, such as Instagram. So if you are planning to post it on these platforms, instead of further turning GIF into a video after your GIF is made, you could directly change it into a video. And WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro can offer you an all-in-one solution to this. Moreover, if you don't want a video, you can convert the video into a GIF by using its built-in GIF Maker. The following are the steps telling you how to add text to a GIF and further convert it to video with HD Video Converter Factory Pro.

How to Add Text to GIF with HD Video Converter Factory Pro

Import GIF into the Video Converter

Step 1: Import GIF into the Video Converter

Before start, please free downloadfree download the software.

Launch WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro on your computer, and then click on “Converter” on the home screen. In the new interface, hit “Add Files” to import your GIF into this program. If this program couldn’t recognize your file, you could directly drag your GIF into the interface.

Add Text to Animated GIF

Step 2: Add Text to GIF

On the menu bar below the imported GIF, click “Watermark” which is second from the right. And on the left side of the pop-up window, type words in the text box. Then click on the setting icon on the top right corner of the text box to choose the preferred font, font size, color, and effect, and click “OK” to keep the adjustments. Next, hit the plus icon beside the trash bin to add text to GIF. If you are not satisfied with the text, you can click on the trash bin to delete it. You can also change the “Opacity” or “Rotate” the text to your taste. Then, click “OK” to save the changes.

Tips: If you want to add pictures into the GIF, you can have it done on the lower right side where the steps are similar to add text to a GIF.

Add Text to Animated GIF

Step 3: Export GIF

On the main interface, you can choose your preferred output format by clicking on the format icon. And finally, hit “Run” to export your GIF as a video.

Tips: You can convert the video into GIF by GIF Maker.

Part 2 Add Text to GIF with Online Solutions

Add Text to Animated GIF Through EZGIF


EZGIF is a free and powerful online GIF maker. You can create, resize, crop, optimize, split, add effects and text to GIFs with only a few clicks. Here we’ll show you how to add text to animated GIF through this website.

Step 1: Go to Click “Choose File” to select your GIF and then “Upload” it to this site.

Step 2: Enter your annotation in the first text box if you want it to appear throughout the GIF. Or you could decide which frame for it to start its appearance. Then, adjust any parameter of your GIF at your will. After done, click “Set” to see the result on the left GIF.

Step 3: Click “Create GIF” to finish your text to GIF adding.

Put Text on GIF Through GIFGIFS


GIFGIFS is also a free and multi-functional online GIF maker. With it, you can resize, optimize, crop, reverse, rotate, split, and add text to GIF as well. In addition, this website provides many already-made animations sorted in different categories.

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Click “UPLOAD FILES” to upload your GIF. Then, type text in the text bar and change the parameters if there is a need. Next, click “ADD TEXT” to see the effect on the GIF. You can also drag to position the text on the GIF. Then, hit “ADD TEXT” on the bottom.

Step 3: Finally, after a short time of waiting, click “Download the result” to export the file into your PC.


We have shown you three easy and safe methods to add text to GIF above. Have you found your most suitable one? Go and make your GIF now!

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