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How to Convert Portrait Video to Landscape with 2 Simple Methods

Author by Jane

Nov 25, 2019

When watching video shot vertically on your computer, you may encounter issues that a large part of black bar is occupying both left and right sides of the screen, or the whole video is lying horizontally on the screen. No matter which case you encounter, it will inevitably affect your viewing experience. How to convert portrait video to landscape? This article is specifically prepared to solve such problems. Keep reading.

With the advancement of technology, a camera/DV/camcorder/smartphone in hand, everyone can become a videographer or vlogger and record videos anytime and anywhere. Have you ever noticed, however, there will be large black border displaying on left and right side when you watch it on your PC or the video will play in the upside-down orientation so that you have to watch it with head tilted? That is definitely frustrating. No worries. Come to this article where you will find the methods to resolve them successfully.

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Convert Portrait Video to Landscape Using HD Video Converter Factory Pro

Whether facing with the issues described above, you can get rid of those otiose section or directly rotate it to normal orientation through HD Video Converter Factory Pro. Of course, such a multi-function program can cope with other different tasks. For example, you can split your video into several parts, merge the segments into one collection, or freely download video from vast majority of websites. But for now, let us start converting portrait video to landscape.

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Detailed Steps for Portrait to Landscape Video Conversion with 2 Methods

Input Your Portrait Video into Program

Before start, please free downloadfree download and install the software.

Step 1. Input Your Portrait Video into Program

Launch HD Video Converter Factory Pro, head to “Converter” module.

Add the video via clicking the “Add Files” on the upper left corner or you can manually drag and drop it to the “Converter” window.

Step 2. Convert Portrait video to Landscape with 2 Methods

Cropping for Portrait to Landscape Video

Method-1 Cropping

Notice: Cropping can convert portrait video to landscape, but meanwhile, it will make parts of the video content missing.
Click the crop icon to go to cropping window. (If you come across the former issue as mentioned above.)
Choose “Fixed Aspect Ratio” mode on the lower middle of the screen. Then click inverted triangle to select aspect ratio. Here, we choose 16:9 - the common aspect ratio for widescreen. Then you can drag the dotted frame to cover your desired area to remain. The output video will be previewed on the right side. Finally click “OK” to close the window.
Optional: Under the “Free Aspect Ratio” mode, you can adjust the dotted border freely if you like.

Rotating to Convert Portrait to Landscape Video

Method-2 Rotating

Click the rotate icon to go to rotating window. (If you encounter the latter issue as mentioned above.)
In the rotating window, you have 4 rotating choices as marked in the screenshot to change video orientation. In accord with your original video, you can choose to rotate 90 degrees to the left or right to convert vertical video to horizontal. The rotated video will also show on the right picture. Finally click “OK” to go back to “Converter” window.
Optional: You can try flip video if you like.

Customize Directory and Start Converting

Step 3. Change Video from Portrait to Landscape

Then press the inverted triangle at the bottom to customize the directory. Lastly, click “Run” to begin to convert portrait video to landscape.

Tips: You are allowed to redefine the output format for your landscape video with more than 500 output video formats and devices on the right side offered by HD Video Converter Factory Pro. And you can also try to downsize your video for convenient repository.

Final words...

After our detailed post, I’m sure you’ve figured out how to turn portrait video into landscape. If you still have anything puzzling about the operation steps, you can contact us without hesitation.

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