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The Most Practical and Easy Black and White Video Editor

Author by Oswald

Updated on Oct 27, 2023

Want to make videos look like old films, remove unwanted garish colors, express a specific idea, etc.? It would be awesome to make our videos and footages into black and white ones. All of these can be done with a perfect black and white video editor. Free download the highly recommended video editor here, and keep reading for more information about adding the black and white movie effect to your videos.

How to Make Video Black and White?

Q: I'm looking for ideas and suggestions on creating an old fashioned look for some footages in a short I'm working on. The footage was shot on a SONY FDR-AX60. (Diametrically, the footage was supposed to be from a VHS camcorder). So how to make a video look like an old film?

A: Nowadays, many people want to render their own video works into a vintage style, but most of the pro-level video editors are too hard for beginners to handle. The incomprehensible GUI and complicated operation steps will definitely make you scratch your head.

Don't worry, I’ll introduce an extremely simple black and white video editor to you to get started in a breeze – without any complex explanation. It can't be simpler any more!

How to Turn Video Black and White to Make It Looks Old and Pretty?

It’s easy to make video black and white with the help of WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro. Its built-in video editor offers the handiest way to add video effects. And thanks to the picture enhancement, it can automatically enhance the video quality during the process. You can also adjust the video brightness, contrast, saturation, and hue. Besides, it allows you to cut/crop/rotate/merge videos, add subtitles/watermarks, change video parameters, etc. as you preferred.

Now, I’ll show you how to convert video to black and white with the software step by step. Please free download it to get started.

Free Download Free Download

Make Video Black and White Right Away!

Black and White Video Converter

Before starting to make a black and white video, please free downloadfree download the software.

Step 1. Load Your Video into the Black and White Video Editor

Launch HD Video Converter Factory Pro and choose “Converter” to enter the video editing section. Click “Add Files” to import your videos. Hit the bottom triangle button to preset a destination folder. Then go to the video effect section by clicking the “magic wand” icon.

Black and White Editor

Step 2. Select from Four Types of Black and White Video Effects

Four types of B&W effects are provided by the black and white video maker:
Grayscale: No extra fancy effect. Black and white, plain and simple.
Old Film: Scratches, “artifacts”, soft output, etc. effects for simulating older vintage lenses.
BWParticles: The picture consists of moving particles, a bit like old TV and is a bit of flickering by sight.
Monochrome: The most unadorned black and white combination that makes your video full comic style.

Select one of the effects and click on the play button above to preview, choose the one preferred. Besides, you can also drag the dotted box to customize a certain area to add filters partially.

Make an “Old Film Video”

Step 3. Customize Color Appearance Parameters and Start the Conversion

Brightness: Needless to explain.
Contrast: The difference between light and dark tones, the higher the more “contrasty”.
Saturation: The higher the more intense the color.
Hue: Pointless to adjust, if it’s just about to make video black and white.

A barely satisfactory result? Click the “Reset” button to redo anytime.

Once you’re done, click the “Ok” button to save the settings, and you’ll be led back to the main workplace. Click on the “Run” button to start the conversion, you’ll be noticed whether to open the destination folder when the conversion completes.

Tips: As you may notice, there are many other special effects provided for you to blur a video, bright a video, sharpen a video, etc. if you like.

At last...

Apart from being a decent silent movie maker with the black and white video editor, there is plenty more that HD Video Converter Factory Pro can do. Do you want to download 4K/8K videos and add the B&W effect; make a 60fps silky smooth B&W video; upscale-video resolution for a bigger screen; or record a screen video and add the black and white movie effect? You’ve got it, free download now to have a try!

Free Download Free Download

Make a Black and White Video Clip from Your DVD Collection

Make a Black and White Video Clip from Your DVD Collection

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro

Some of your DVDs are the best materials for making B&W video clip – Besides the fact that they are classic, they are old enough themselves. WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro can help you decrypt/bypass DVD CSS, Multi-angle, Sony ARccOS, Cinavia Protection, Region Code, UOP, RCE and Disney X-Project DRM and make awesome B&W artwork.

* Please DO NOT use it to rip any copy-protected DVDs for commercial purposes.

Free Download Free Download

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