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Windows 10 AutoPlay Not Working – How to Enable AutoPlay Windows 10

Author by Vita

Updated on Aug 25, 2023

Autoplay is a special and convenient feature in Windows, which detects the disc or media you have inserted into PC and carries out an action to automatically play media files or run a program. This article aims at solving Windows 10 AutoPlay not working problem and enabling AutoPlay in Windows 10 with two useful methods.

The Windows "AutoPlay" is a good feature which prompts you what action to take when you insert CD/DVD, USB, Media Cards or removable drive. Different from AutoRun, which automatically runs a program/file without extra actions, you can choose which program to use for performing a file with AutoPlay. However, many people have experienced Windows 10 AutoPlay not working or AutoPlay DVD Windows 10 playback issues so this article will show you how to solve this problem and enable AutoPlay Windows 10 in two simple ways. Meanwhile, I also introduce the differences between AutoPlay and AutoRun as many people are confused about the two Windows features, as well.

Two Methods to Enables AutoPlay Windows 10

For security reasons and other factors, the AutoPlay features may be disabled by firewall so you need to enable AutoPlay in Windows 10. Here I will show you two easy methods to enable Autoplay by changing AutoPlay settings Windows 10 and customizing specific AutoPlay defaults.

Windows 10 AutoRun and AutoPlayWindows 10 AutoRun and AutoPlay

Method 1 - Enable AutoPlay in Settings

Step 1. Click the Windows icon in the lower left corner and go to Windows 10 AutoPlay Settings.

Step 2. Click “Devices” and choose "AutoPlay".

Step 3. Turn on “Use AutoPlay for all media and devices” for AutoPlay Windows 10.

Step 4. Customize the options for Removable drive and Memory card as you wish.

For example, you can configure Removable drives for backup, opening folder to view files or taking no action. You’re also able to play video files of Memory Cards using alternate software or Windows Media Player automatically.

DVD AutoStart Windows 10DVD AutoStart Windows 10

Method 2 - Customize Specific AutoPlay Defaults in Control Panel

Besides Enabling AutoPlay in settings, you can also fix Windows 10 AutoPlay not working in the other simple method.

Step 1. Open the Control Panel.

Step 2. Click “Hardware and Sound”,and select “AutoPlay”.

Step 3. Check “Use AutoPlay for all media and devices" box and solve AutoPlay Windows 10 issues.

Step 4(Optional). Set each related option as your preferences.

Tips. To fix AutoPlay DVD Windows 10 playback issue, you're suggested to click the drop-down arrow next to “DVD movie” and choose “Ask me everytime”. Alternatively, you can also specify a player to AutoRun DVD Windows 10 each time by selecting "Play DVD movie with......" When you play DVD on Windows 10 next time, the default player will automatically play the contents without any hint after you insert DVD to DVD Drive.

The Difference between AutoPlay and AutoRun

Many people are confused about the two terms, AutoPlay and AutoRun. In fact, AutoRun feature came out earlier in Windows 95. Once users inserted DVD or CD into PC, the file in the DVD or CD would be read and automatically run without any prompt, which leads to security problems in some causes as some programs or files on DVD may be malware that will infect PC system and even later devices connected to computers. In order to solve this problem, Microsoft introduced AutoPlay in Windows 98. AutoPlay feature can detect the newly discovered removable media and devices, and then make out corresponding programs to play, edit or store the files, which can be configured by users according to their own demands. The common media types that will trigger AutoPlay, especially AutoRun actions are DVDs, CDs and USB storage devices. To avoid DVD AutoPlay Windows 10 issue, you can also copy DVD on Windows 10 to local drive without bulky discs and complicated operation. Other additional benefits of copying DVD to PC are that one can easily store massive DVD collections in a light way and free playback DVD movies on portable devices.

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