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Can Audacity Import M4A and How to Import M4A into Audacity
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M4A to Audacity – How to Import M4A Files into Audacity

Author by Vita

October 8, 2019

Although M4A is always considered as the successor to MP3, it isn’t as ubiquitous as the latter. For example, the famous free digital audio editor, Audacity, doesn’t offer a native support for it. You may have tried to import M4A into Audacity but failed. Actually, there are two good methods for you to work it out – You can either install FFmpeg library for Audacity or convert M4A to Audacity with HD Video Converter Factory Pro:

Can Audacity Open M4A

Audacity is a portable, free, and open-source digital audio editor and recording application software, but many people have faced with errors when importing M4A music into Audacity for further editing. Does Audacity support M4A? From the official Audacity manual page, we can know that, until now, Audacity enables us to import audio files in WAV, AIFF, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, MP2 and MP3 formats. M4A, AAC or other audio containers using the Apple Lossless Audio Codec are not supported by this application. The reason why you can’t import M4A files into Audacity is self-explanatory. But how can you solve this M4A Audacity import problem? The following methods will tell you the answer.

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Method 1: Fix M4A Audacity Error - Install FFmpeg Import/Export Library for Audacity

How to Open M4A in Audacity by Installing FFmpegHow to Open M4A in Audacity by Installing FFmpeg

You can install FFmpeg Library to enable Audacity to support more common formats such as AC3, AMR(NB), M4A, MP4, WMA, etc.

Install the FFmpeg Library here:

The download page is a little obscure and complicated, but once you go through this page, you will find that there offers FFMPEG for both Windows and Mac OS X. You can navigate to the corresponding section based on your computer version. Here I take FFmpeg for Windows as an example. Scroll down to find “FFmpeg for Windows and latest Audacity versions” and choose an FFmpeg zip option based on the Audacity version you’re using. Download and install the plugin to add Audacity M4A support.

After the installation, you are able to open M4A in Audacity.

Method 2: Convert M4A to Audacity Supported Format

A new approach of importing M4A to Audacity is converting M4A to MP3, OGG Vorbis, WAV, and other audio formats supported by Audacity. With this aim, you need a good audio converter. WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is a mighty video audio converter, and it supports almost all video/audio inputs and 300+ output formats and profiles for devices. So it can help you convert M4A to MP3, M4A to WAV, M4A to OGG, and so on effortlessly. Of courses, if you need to edit your audio files, you can take advantage of its editing features. HD Video Converter Factory Pro offers various audio editing features to help you merge, cut, and split your videos. Are you fond of this method? Let’s learn about how to convert M4A files!

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Three Steps to Convert M4A for Importing Them into Audacity

Import M4A Files

Before start, please free downloadfree download and install the software on your PC.

Step 1. Add M4A Files into the Audio Converter

After you open HD Video Converter Factory Pro, head to Converter and then Add Files; select M4A files from your computer and import them into the software.

HD Video Converter Factory Pro supports batch conversion mode and can process up to 10 files at one time.

Step 2. Choose an Audacity Supported Audio Format

Select Output Format profile on the right side of the window, go to the Audio tab and choose MP3, OGG, or other audio formats supported by Audacity.

Initialize the Process

Step 3. Convert M4A to Audacity Supported Formats  

Click on the inverted triangle on the bottom and select an output path for saving the converted audio files. After that, click on Run and wait for the conversion process to be finished.

In Summary

Now you can easily get rid of the annoying error of "Audacity cannot open this type of file" and edit your M4A files in Audacity. We hope this tutorial can solve the M4A Audacity problem you’re facing with. Meanwhile, WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is able to deal with other video/audio formats and can help you solve any compatibility issues you would meet when importing or playing video or audio files. Get the software here:

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