AnimeUltima – Top 11 Alternative Websites to AnimeUltima to Watch and Download Anime Free

Serving as a free anime streaming and download platform, AnimeUltima is the preferred option for many anime buffs. Like AnimeUltima, there are a lot of free anime websites for people to catch up on all sorts of anime free, and here are 11 of the best selections.

Vita Vita | Updated on Feb 6, 2024

Part 1. Overview of AnimeUltima

Part 2. 11 Websites Like AnimeUltima

1. Animixplay (Down)

2. Animekisa (Down)

3. 4Anime

4. Gogoanime

5. 9Anime

6. Anime Twist

7. AnimeDao (Down)

8. Animesuge

9. Animefever>

10. AnimeHeaven

11. Netanime (Down)

Part 1. Overview of AnimeUltima

When it comes to free anime sources, AnimeUltima definitely should be included in the list. AnimeUltima is well known for its clean and tidy user interface and robust library of anime. At this platform, you can freely stream anime covering a vast selection of genres and watch all sorts of ongoing and finished series. AnimeUltima gets fast updates, enabling users to timely access latest episodes after the official release in Japan. Additionally, there is an Anime Schedule section in which you will be able to quickly know the upcoming updates.

Besides being a great spot to stream anime, AnimeUltima is also one of the best anime download websites. Many episodes on AnimeUltima are available in both dubbed and subbed versions and multiple servers are selectable for streaming, varying from 360p up to 1080p. Another good side of this service is it rolls out a mobile app for Android that is loaded with some useful features enabling users to watch anime in a more convenient way, which brings a lot of new users to AnimeUltima, in spite of its many tweaks.

In consideration of its characteristics and popularity, we have included AnimeUltima in Kissanime Alternative, Animeseason alternative, etc.

AnimeUltima is indeed a good option to enjoy anime free yet like many other anime websites, it has encountered ups and downs many times, and changed its domain extension from the previous .io to AnimeUltima (.to/.tv/.eu). But even so, some people may be still faced with AnimeUltima not working caused by varied factors. Given this, the following are a selection of AnimmeUltima alternatives that bring you high-quality free anime as AnimmeUltima does, and even have more amazing features.

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The 11 Websites Like AnimeUltima


1. Animixplay (Shutdown)

Animixplay is a new anime website and rapidly makes itself amongst the best options in the lineup. Animixplay is best known for its ad-free interface and streaming. It indexes anime from third-party sources and filters out ad contents at the same time, ensuring viewers to watch anime without distractions. Meanwhile, Animixplay boasts a big catalog of anime selections, on the basis of which Animixplay is a place where you can find any anime you like. Its well-organized navigation tools will be helpful for that. Most shows and TVs on Animixplay are available in decent 1080p resolution. You can also switch to one of the multiple servers to stream anime in different languages or qualities.


2. Animekisa (Shutdown)

Animekisa centers on fast, ad-free, and HD anime streaming. After many tweaks and adjustments, it has practically achieved that. While browsing, you won’t bothered by pops, non-relevant directs, or any other ad stuff. On top of that, the page loading and video streaming speed is rather fast. On Animekisa, you can access a large number of popular anime shows and movies in all kinds of categories. Animekisa is also a nice website to watch dubbed anime as it has a dedicated section for dubbed content covering a large number of great titles. Apart from streaming anime at superior HD quality, Animekisa allows users to download anime in 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, etc.


3. 4Anime

4Anime emphasizes more on simplicity and full HD streaming. It comes with a straightforward UI, along with efficient search filters, by means of which you will be able to find out needed anime without hassle. It is a wonderful destination to watch latest TV shows because of the regularly frequent updates. All popular and classic titles are also included in its library. 4anime doesn’t support selectable streaming resolutions, while if you’re fussy about qualities, it will be surely the one right for you as all episodes there are in 1080p. 4Anime is a relatively clean website. You may randomly run into redirects but there is no risk as soon as you don’t install adware.


4. Anitaku (Formerly Gogoanime)

Gogoanime is a huge anime index repository involving all popular and latest series and movies. It has subbed and dubbed Japanese anime and also gives access to many well-known Chinese Donghua. There are multiple servers available for streaming and Gogoanime supports anime download in various qualities and file size. This AnimeUltima alternative has strong streaming capability, ensuring users to watch anime on it without the likes of video lagging or stuttering issue.  


5. AniWave (Formerly 9Anime)

9Anime, without a doubt, is the top ranked website in this field. It enjoys extremely high popularity for its massive library, superior quality, and rapid update. You can virtually find any title on this website, including some niche and uncensored anime. Typically, 9Anime will update an episode within 30 minutes to an hour after it is aired on Japan. Based upon the servers 9Anime offers, you can stream anime at varied resolutions. Of course, the quality is guaranteed whether which server you choose. Another good side of 9Anime is it gives anime download option.
Learn how to download anime from 9Anime >>

Anime Twist

6. Anime Twist

If you’re looking forward to a simple and safe anime website, apart from 4Anime, you can also visit Anime Twist. Anime Twist is a self-explanatory anime website, with no complex navigation design or a wide variety of search filters. You can either scroll down to browse the anime list or submit specific title you’re seeking for. The whole process can be fairly convenient and efficient for people who prefer a simple mode. When there are new updates to its library, Anime Twist usually gives a prompt. Anime Twist delivers users with high-quality anime. It is one of the most visited anime websites of all time.


7. AnimeDao (Shutdown)

AnimeDao can also be used as a good AnimeUltima alternative in consideration of both resources and user experience. A highlight of AnimeDao is it goes with a dark and light mode feature. You can toggle to the desired mode to display content. This website is embedded with some ads on the video player page. You may also run into random pop-ups when playing anime. But they are less intrusive. It's worth noting that AnimeDao has anti ad-blocker. You have to disable ad blocker before streaming anime on it. Expect for it, AnimeDao is a good bet to go.


8. Animesuge

Many people may be unfamiliar with Animesuge because it is a quite new anime website, but since you have come to this option now, I strongly recommend that you try it. Animesuge is an 100% ad-free anime website so far, with a good number of trendy and new anime. It runs along with fast updates, which contributes to its huge anime database. Furthermore, Animesuge offers an array of fast high-quality streaming servers and also a handy download option. You can not only watch subbed and dubbed anime on this website, but also discover popular Chinese animated series. A package of additional playback and playlist features are also available on Animesuge.  


9. Animefever

Animefever is an anime website with modern designed look and advanced features. It has over 1200 series in its database, which are classified based upon genres, status, type, and parental Rating. Especially, the Parental Rating filters will help audiences to sort out suitable content for them. Each series on Animefever is provided with user rantings, synopsis, similar anime, and more extra details. Features like MAL syncing are also supported. Animefever allows users to stream anime in different resolutions. If you want to download from this website, you need to become its subscriber. Plus, an Animefever app is available for iOS and Android.  


10. AnimeHeaven

AnimeHeaven is renowned as one of the best anime streaming websites. We have mentioned it many times in previous posts, for instance, Anilinkiz alternatives. Also, it is capable enough as one of the best options in this topic today. AnimeHeaven is loaded with popular and new anime series and TV shows, covering dubbed and subbed anime and also many anime genres. It has a user-friendly interface, with detailed classifications and sections of anime. The sound streaming servers will also give you premium visual experience. Since AnimeHeaven is filled with ads, you may use an ad-blocker to work with AnimeHeaven for no disturbing streaming.


11. Netanime (Shutdown)

The last option is also a new anime website called Netanime. It is an ad-free platform on which you can watch anime with no interruptions. It covers dubbed and subbed anime and lists top 12 anime series on its homepage for reference. Like other AnimeUlitima alternatives in this list, Netanime offers access to a large catalog of anime series and is capable of fast streaming. Meanwhile, it adds an additional feature for users to watch anime together through Watch2gether, which is available for registered users yet is still under updating.

Bottom Line

AnimeUltima is a nice option to access favorite anime series and movies for free. Meanwhile, many good websites like AnimeUltima exist on the network. We have handpicked 11 good selections and will keep updating for providing you with the most accurate information. Please bookmark this page so that you can check back anytime for new changes.

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