KissAnime Shut Down – Where to Watch Anime Now (KissAnime Mirror Websites)

The actual KissAnime doesn’t work anymore but there are some websites coming out with similar domain names, exactly the same interface, and rich features. While using these KissAnime mirror websites, many people still worry about the risks to device safety and privacy. This post digs deeply into KissAnime website and gives some suggestion about where to watch anime.

Vita | Dec 2, 2020

Part 1. What is KissAnime

Part 2. The Official KissAnime Site is Down

Part 3. Is There New Real KissAnime Website

Part 4. Some KissAnime Mirror Sites for the Die-hard

Part 1. What is Kissanime

Founded in 2012, KissAnime was one of the largest anime streaming and download websites. We have covered it in our best websites to download anime, as well. KissAnime had broad range of genres and a massive library of anime movies and TV shows including some rare titles you may not find on other places, which gives anime buffs an easy access to their favorite anime. Many anime enthusiasts started with their anime journey on KissAnime and had a fairly wonderful experience viewing anime therein.

Whilst being a big fish in this filed, KissAnime is immensely controversial due to inappropriate ads and piracy issues involved. It had constantly received copyright complaints and got blocked in some regions. Thus, KissAnime changed its domain to .ru in 2016 when its primary was banned.

But the new domain doesn’t escape unscathed from the strict crackdown on sites offering pirated content.

Part 2. The Official KissAnime Site is Down

As a consequence of the Japan’s stricter new copyright law, many free websites that host or give links to pirated anime and manga have to face with the fate of being banned. Many people have reflected that they fail to open on August 14, this year. Later the official support team has proved the shutdown of the website on the KissAnime Discord.

“All files are taken down by copyright owners. KissManga and KissAnime will be closed forever. Thank you for your supports ☹. Thank you for those years.”

It is a shocking news for many anime fans. Many people have expressed their feeling of sadness and regrets about the closure of KissAnime on Social media using kinds of KissAnime memes.

Part 3. Is There New Real KissAnime Website

Finding a new place to stream anime series and movies is the urgent needs of KissAnime users. By doing searches on the Internet, you’re most likely to come upon some websites with similar KissAnime domain names. With the knowledge of some previous free streaming websites that return using a new domain name after a closedown period, some people are looking forward to an actual new KissAnime website, as well. Nevertheless, there has been no indication of the comeback of KissAnime.  

The best solution is to use KissAnime alternatives like 4Anime, 9Anime, and Gogoanime.

At the same time, some Kissanime mirror sites are also available. They function as and look like the original one. If you’re still used to streaming on KissAnime, you can give them a go

We don’t make sure the sources of these KissAnime mirror sites so you must be cautious about them. However, during our test and people’s feedback, few snags appear when using them.

Part 4. Some Kissanime Mirror Sites for the Die-hard

Among kinds of KissAnime mirror sites, there are two highly recommended options:

They share highly similar user interface design with the original one and enable you to access a huge catalog of anime shows and movies for free. But there are some differences that may affect which one you decide use from the two Kissanime mirror sites.

- Search Future: Besides searching by alphabet, genre, and status, further adds popularity, latest update, and new anime filters and it uses multiple pages for displaying search results.

- Dubbed & Subbed Anime: Only subbed anime can be found on yet contains both dubbed and subbed content. Learn more Dubbed Anime Websites.

- List of Anime: has a much larger collection of anime.

- Playback Setting: There is just a simple start/pause option for setting playback on while adds extra functions to mute/unmute video, decrease/increase volume, seek forward or backward, etc.

- Pop-up & Ads: Annoying ads is the common defect of KissAnime and its mirror sites. is loaded with many pop-ups and irrelevant pages. When you browse the website to search for anime, you may be directed to third-party pages through a simple click. However, its video player page is less disturbing. is the opposite case. pop-ups on the video player page is quite frustrating.

Conclusion: Obviously, is a better practice but you can also use as a backup in case of any unexceptional scenarios.

In Summary

Since official is no longer available, anime fans have to find a replacement now. There are various anime websites on the Internet but you should be careful to use them. Reading related reviews and comments is a good way to sort out the really reliable one. Meanwhile, some unofficial KissAnime mirror sites also exist. If a KissAnime-style site is more hunky-dory for you, the two websites we have mentioned in part 4 are a good bet.

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