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3 Online and Desktop AAC Cutters to Trim AACs

Author by Cooper

Updated on Mar 24, 2020

I’m going to introduce to you several methods with AAC cutters to trim audio. No matter you want to cut the clips as your ringtones or for your own music, I really hope the methods can be useful for you.

If you want to make ringtones with your favorite songs, you can use the AAC audio cutter to trim them to different clips or to split unnecessary parts from specific songs. You can also create your own music by cutting the AAC files into clips and merging them. In addition, you can trim AAC files for PowerPoint or video presentations. Considering all the circumstances, here are 3 methods for cutting AAC audio files.

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Option A: The Highly Functional AAC Cutter to Trim AACs into Clips

HD Video Converter Factory Pro is a versatile AAC audio cutter that trims AACs into clips. By means of the function, you can cut the parts of different chapters that you want and split the useless partial audio so as to obtain your own clips.

Step-by-step Guide to Cut AAC with HD Video Converter Factory Pro

Add Your Audio Here

Before start, please free downloadfree download the software.

Step 1: Add Your Audio into the AAC Cutter

Open the software and click “Converter” first, then drag and drop your audio files into the converter window or click “Add Files” to import files here.

Trim AAC to Clips

Step 2: Trim AAC into Clips

You can see some tools for working with files below the imported AAC audio, click the scissors-like button here, and a trim window will pop up. Drag the front and rear sliders on the progress bar to set the part you need. You can also fine tune your clip by entering the exact time. When you have adjusted the part you want, click on the green trim icon on the right. With the same action, you can get multiple clips. And last click OK to save the cutting.

Get the Cut Clips

Step 3: Get the Cut Clips

After you cut all the clips that you need, click the inverted triangle icon button on the bottom of the window to choose the output path and then click Run to obtain the cut clips. According to your needs, you can convert the clips into other formats or merge the clips into a complete file as your own music.

Now, you’ve got the most efficient approach to convert M4A to FLAC. Download this converter and have a try!

Free Download Free Download

Option B: Cutting AAC via the Most Used VLC Media Player

Advanced Controls

As we all know, VLC Media Player is a powerful media files player, which supports most formats, including MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, MKV, WebM, WMV, MP3 and so forth. In the same time, it is also a great editor that can assist you to trim ACCs. Follow the step-by-step guide to know how-to.

Step 1: Click “Open File…” button under “Media” tab in the top menu or drag and drop the AAC audio you want to cut into the window of VLC Media Player.

Step 2: Select View tab and you will see an option list, and then click “Advanced Controls” so there will appear new options of the red record icon.

Step 3: Determine the start point you wish to begin recording via the slider and click the Red button on the left bottom and click it again to set as the end of the cutting. Now, you can find the cut files in Music library on your computer.

Option C: Cutting via an Online AAC Cutter


There are many online audio cutters. Which I recommend here is Audiotrimmer. As an easy-handle online music trimmer, Audiotrimmer can cut AAC files on the fly. Also, it can serve as an AAC converter, tempo changer, and audio reverser, which will render you interesting AAC playing experience. Look at the following simple guide for cutting AAC audios.


Step 1: Click Choose File to upload files.

Step 2: Drag the handles to select the part you would like to cut and press Crop.

Step 3: That's all! Now you can download your trimmed audio file.

If you have questions about the operation of this cutter, you can also watch the instructional videos at the bottom of its official page for a more intuitive experience.

Contact Us for More Help

Now, you have got the three methods to cut AACs by means of online and desktop cutters. If you have any problem with the cutting, we are glad to do you favors.

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