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4 Reliable Sites for 4K Sample Video Download with Ease

Author by Cooper

Updated on Mar 15, 2024

With the growing popularity of 4K, many people are in search of 4K sample video download sites and the corresponding download methods. If you have the same goal, read on, 4 sites for downloading 4K sample video are introduced in this article.

4K devices4K devices

As 4K has been standardized in various fields, more and more manufacturers from every walk of life keep releasing their 4K products, such as 4K TV, 4K recorder, 4K projector, and so forth. When we welcome into our home a new 4K device, for example, a 4K TV at home, we want to test its performance in decoding 4K video first. In the past time, 4K videos were rare and difficult to download. But nowadays, 4K videos are available on many video sharing sites. If you have no idea hwo to achieve 4K sample video download, the upcoming parts are trending to show you the 4K test video download approaches.

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Part 1. Download 4K Video Sample from Video Sharing Sites

Nowadays, numerous users share 4K videos on YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and other video hosting sites. With the help of professional URL downloaders, it is easy to download the 4K videos. HD Video Converter Factory Pro is such an application that helps with download 4K sample videos. It supports saving 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K, and even 8K videos. Besides 4K video sample download, the program further allows you to convert video files into 4K and compress 4K video at the highest quality. Back to the title, let me show you how to download 4K sample videos from video sharing sites.

Disclaimer: This guide is limited to personal fair use only. It is illegal to download copyrighted materials without the copyright holder’s consent. WonderFox does not approve of copyright infringement in any way. The end-users should be solely responsible for your own behaviors.

Elementary Guide of 4K Video Sample Download

Copy and Paste the URL and Analyze

Free downloadFree download the professional downloader and follow the instruction to install it.

Step 1. Copy and Paste the URL and Analyze

Copy the URL of 4K sample videos you want to download on YouTube. It is worth mentioning that it's capable of downloading YouTube playlists and channels.

Enter 4K Downloader Window

Step 2. Enter 4K Downloader Window

Launch the software after installation. Then, click Downloader first. A new downloader window will pop up. Hit New Download to prepare a download task. Click Paste and Analyze in the download window and wait for a while.

Choose Video Download Option

Step 3: Choose Video Download Option

After the analyzing, select the 4K sample video download option below the video and click OK to back to the downloader’s main window. You can add another download task via the same steps above. Finally, press the inverted triangle to choose the output path and click Download All to start downloading videos. By the way, If you want to download subtitles, do not forget to select Original Subtitle.

Part 2. Websites for Sample 4K UHD Ultra HD Video Download Free

In addition to the hot video sharing sites above, you can also download 4K videos from the following sites.

1. 4KSamples (Not working)

Download from 4KSamplesDownload from 4KSamples

There are several 4K sample videos on the site, including Gaming, Montage, Movies, Sports, Timelapse and so on.

To download videos here, click the “More” button below the video. You can view detailed information about the video. Click the "Download (filename)" button to enter the download page.


Download from 4KMEDIADownload from 4KMEDIA

The second 4K video site I recommended to you is 4KMEDIA. Different from the kind sorting of 4KSamples, this site offers 4K sample videos sorting in device brands, which may be more suitable to your device.

Click the "More Details" button below a video to process 4K sample video download.

3. Pexels

Download from PexelsDownload from Pexels

Actually, Pexels is a free photos & videos stock. There are many videos/footages/shootings shared by users. You can search 4K videos for testing devices and also download other videos you like.

You can click Free Download when playing videos. Pay attention to the pop-up dialog, click Allow to start downloading. Please remember to turn off your Ads and Pop-up blockers, which may obstruct the download window.

At last...

Now, you’ve got four 4K sample video downloading methods. By taking advantage of them, you can download 4K samples with ease.

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