Common Effective Solutions to Video Playback Error Code 0xc10100be

Error code 0xc10100be occasionally appears for playing video transferred from other devices or exported from a video capture or editing program. If you’re coming up against the playback failure, here is how you can handle it and play video files normally.

Vita | October 29, 2020

1. Install a Right Codec on Your Media Player

2. Change Video File Format or Codec

3. Switch to Other More Versatile Media Players

4. Repair Corrupted Files

5. Scan Your Computer in Case of Any Malware or Virus

0xc10100be is a kind of video failure error code. Typically, when people encounter this error, there will be a message: This file isn't playable. That might be because the file type is unsupported, the file extension is incorrect, or the file is corrupt. 0xc10100be. As the message suggests, the error can be caused by these aspects: unsupported video files, faulty file extension, and damaged video files. Aiming at the factors, we will show you how to fix 0xc10100be error in the following parts.

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Convert Videos to Fix 0xc10100be

WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory can help you convert unsupported videos to be compatible with your media player and devices with no efforts. It supports all common video formats and codecs as outputs.

How to Resolve 0xc10100be Error

1. Install a Right Codec on Your Media Player

When your media player doesn’t include a proper codec for playing certain videos, you would likely get the 0xc10100be error message. So the first remedy is to ensure you have a corresponding codec installed on your media player. Instead of checking that which codecs are installed on a PC or media player, it is recommended that you use an all-round codec pack to strengthen the playback capability of your media player at one go.

This issue frequently occurs on Windows computer and the preinstalled Windows Media Player. If the sane situation happens to you, K-Lite Codec Pack will surely a good bet that is marked as the most functional third-party codec pack for Windows, along with loads of codecs and recurrent updates.

If you still want to find the codecs your media player currently has or have no idea how to install a codec, follow this post: How to Find and Install Codecs for Windows Media Player.
Meanwhile, there are other good codec packs: 5 Best Codec Packs for Playing Video and Audio Files.

2. Change Video File Format or Codec

Faced with unsupported video file types, you can also use a video converter to change the video formats and alter codecs to the common MP4 (H,264). In order to ensure flawless and efficient conversion, you can use WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory. It works a treat to handle video conversion and helps you solve 0xc10100be error in a relatively effortless way. Here is how you can convert videos in this free video converter.

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Step 1. Import the Video File

Open the video converter, select Converter on the main window. Then, on the new Video Converter window, click Add Files, select the video file you can’t play, and click Open.

Step 2. Choose MP4 as the Output Format

Click the format icon on the right side to expend the output format menu. Next, click MP4.

This video converter sets MP4 (H.264 AAC) as the default output parameters for MP4 video container.  

Step 3. Finalize the Conversion

Click the arrow icon below to set the output destination. After all the settings, click Run.

3. Switch to Other More Versatile Media Players

Another easy-to-operate solution to 0xc10100be is to using a more powerful media player for the playback. There is a wide selection of all-around media players on the market, such as VLC, Media Player Classic, MPV, and KMPlayer. Anyway, it’s never hard to find out a good choice if you make full use of your browser. Still hesitate to choose the suitable one from dazing selections? Here are Best Top 5 Free Alternatives to Windows Media Player.

4. Repair Corrupted Files

A common case resulting in the problem is the video is damaged or corrupted. If you have tried all methods above yet is still faced with a frustrating playback experience, you may consider using a video repair tool to correct the broken parts. Apart from purchasing software, a few open source programs are capable of mending broken tools. More surprisingly, the prevailing media player, VLC, has the ability to repair MP4, MOV, and AVI formats. You can follow the steps to take care of your files with VLC.

Tips. Since VLC only supports AVI fix, you need to rename a video with a different extension to .avi firstly.

Step 1. Open the video with VLC Media Player, or go to Media > Open File…, and import it.

Step 2. Go to Tools on the menu bar, then select Preferences.

Step 3. Head to Input/Codecs, navigate to the Damaged or incomplete AVI file section, click to open the drop-down list, and select Always Fix.

Step 4. Click Save on the bottom to save the changes. Now you can check whether the video can be played normally.

5. Scan Your Computer in Case of Any Malware or Virus

Suspicious malware or virus will stop your device from proper performance. If you get troubles playing videos, thoroughly scan your system and eliminate all possible factors leading to 0xc10100be error.

Bottom Line

We have introduced 5 common ways to resolve playback problems 0xc10100be. Moreover, some people also find that reinstalling device drivers on computer can solve this issue, and others reflect when failing to play a recorded or edited video, they unload and set up the software to export the video again, and the video finally work normally. If you have more proven methods, please share with us.

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