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7 Best Kodi Indian Movies Add-ons [2020 Updated]

Author by Vita

April 22, 2020

We have handpicked the 7 best Kodi Indian movies add-ons, on which you’re able to access a large collection of Hindi, Bollywood, Telugu, Kannada, Punjabi, Marathi movies and TV shows. Scroll down and know more information.

Kodi is a convenient platform for people to access various media content they're in need of by installing the proper add-ons. Watching movies and TV shows on Kodi is definitely most people’s primary demand. There is a good number of add-ons which let you watch movies, TV episodes, live sports, etc. Yet if you’re a movie addict who needs some add-ons dedicating to Indian movies and TV shows, it also would take a tortuous process before finding an apt one since the options are quite limited. Given this, I have compiled the list of 7 of the best Kodi Indian movies add-ons for your reference. All the add-ons work well and are loaded with many classical and latest movies from different regions in Indian.  

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The Best 7 Kodi Indian Movie Addons to Watch Hindi, Bollywood, Telugu and Other Indian Movies

1. Einthusan

Repo URL:

Kodi Indian channels

Einthusan located in the Reasons Repository is a sought-after Indian movies addons for movie enthusiasts, and it has been mentioned frequently in many lists of the best Kodi Hindi movies add-ons. Of course, it’s an unmissed option in our recommendation. Apart from Hindi movies, Einthusan offers movies in other 7 languages, which include Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, Marathi, and Punjabi. And a highlight is that Einthusan not only divides movies based on language but also set sub-category of Years, A-Z, Recent, and Featured. So users can more easily explore and find needed movies. High-quality content and massive movie library are also important factors why many people choose Einthusan. On Einthusan, you can practically find all your favorite movies and stream them in HD, Full HD, and even UHD.

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2. Atlas Movies

Repo URL:

Kodi addon for Hindi movies

Atlas Movies is a new kodi addon for Bollywood movies, which is well compatible with the latest Kodi Leia 18 versions. It has a dedicated section for Indian movies in which you can watch movies released in recent years and these movies are all in 1080p quality. Meanwhile, the content on Atlas Movies also covers USA movies, Thai movies, Chinese movies, Korean movies, as well as some super hit 3D movies. Just select the section of the country you’re interested in and scroll down to find a movie you like. Compared with other Kodi Indian movies add-ons, Atlas Movies doesn’t have a significantly large collection. Yet if you have a preference for high-quality and new releases, Atlas Movies is a nice place.

3. Bollywood Movies

Repo URL:

Hindi movies on Kodi

Bollywood Movies is another good Kodi Indian movies add-on that focuses on Goldmines Indian movies and also provides movie fans with movies produced by other film production & distribution company such as Rajshri, Bollywood, CineBox, Movie World and Venus. Its name suggests what actually it comes with – A wide extensive collection of Bollywood movies. On top of that, this Kodi add-on constantly updates the content and scrapes HD videos from YouTube and other online websites. One thing needs noticing that this add-on now requires users to use own API keys so as to watch movies from YouTube. You can visit this page to learn more:

4. YouTube

Repo Source: The official Kodi Add-on Repository

Kodi Indian Addons

Kodi has added support for YouTube video streaming for a long time, and you can install the Kodi YouTube add-on from the official Kodi repository. The reason that we include YouTube in the list of best Kodi Indian movies is obvious. As one of the biggest video hosting platforms in the world, YouTube services users with all kinds of video content. Whether you want to watch movies, video music, short films or any other types of videos, YouTube will be an ultimate solution. For watching Bollywood movies from YouTube on Kodi, you can make use of the quick Search tool and enter related keywords like Indian movies, Hindi movies, Bollywood movies, etc. Usually, you can find lots of classic Indian movies therein yet still need your own API keys to access YouTube content on Kodi at present.

5. Exodus Redux

Repo URL:

Kodi Bollywood movies

Exodus Redux is the successor of the well-known Exodus Kodi add-on. It has an Exodus like interface coming with a new set of scrapers that enable users to watch more media content. In fact, Exodus Redux is more a comprehensive movie addon than a Kodi Hindi movies add-on. It contains a plethora of movies and TV shows in kinds of languages. As for Bollywood movies, you can take advantage of the language classification to choose your favorite movies. Moreover, you can access many movies from other countries easily on this Kodi addon.

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6. cCloud TV

Repo URL:

Hindi channels on Kodi

cCloud TV is an all-in-one Kodi movie add-on that is as well-known as Exodus, SportsDevil, Covenant, Venom, etc. This Kodi add-on gives totally free access to tons of live TV channels and online streaming websites. Meanwhile, the links offered on this add-on are all working due to its frequent updates. Although cCloud TV isn’t designed for Indian movies only, you can still find a wide selection of Bollywood movies under the corresponding section and also enjoy kinds of other movies, TV shows and sports. However, much free content on cCloud TV is suspicious and pirated. While enjoying the free resources, users may face certain legal risks.

7. Eros Now

Install the via:

Kodi addons for Indian channels

Eros Now is an Indian subscription based video-on-demand service where you can find a wide selection of Bollywood, Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Marathi, Kannada movies and more in high quality. And the Eros Now for Kodi addon is also available from third-party sources. You can visit the link provided above, download the WORKING and install it on your Kodi device via “Install from zip file”. The Eros Now Kodi add-on divides movies into different classifications like Free Movies, Latest Movies, All Movies, By Genre, By Letter (A-Z), and so forth, which enables users to easily find the needed movie. If you’re an Indian movie fan, Eros Now is surely an unmissed choice.


It’s all about the 7 great Kodi Indian movies add-ons. Whether you’re looking for the best Kodi Hindi movies, Kodi Telugu movies, or Kodi Indian channels addons, the 7 options are all worth a try. It’s also recommended that you install multiple movie add-ons on your Kodi devices as some of the Kodi add-ons may shut down unexpectedly because of maintenance and other factors. With several options in hand, you’re able to enjoy movies without a hitch. Meanwhile, I will modify the content further. Please bookmark this page on your browser to catch up with new changes.

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