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Simple but Effective Remedy for YouTube Videos Freeze

Packages of factors lead to YouTube freezing problem are bothering many YouTube users. This article shows the main reasons and explores best solution. Keep reading and you will get the ultimate method to fix YouTube videos freeze.


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As of February 2017, More than 400 hours of content uploaded to YouTube each minute, and one billion hours of content is watched on YouTube every day. Up to April 2017, the website is ranked as the second most popular site in the world. You can find how popular this video-sharing website is. But it’s also easy to find that amounts of users are trying to dig up the solution for YouTube error, such as YouTube fullscreen problem, YouTube Videos Black Screen Error and YouTube videos freeze. If you have found this one from the numerous articles, I think you are probably encountered with this common YouTube error as many users below.

YouTube keeps pausing

YouTube keeps pausing

1.Whenever I run a YouTube video, it's completely frozen. I, simply put, cannot watch an entire YouTube video anymore.

2.It just happened again! Yesterday I gone to play a YouTube video but the whole program would freeze and became unresponsive every few seconds. I have no idea about why this problem only happens to YouTube, and also to Google chrome.

I have collected the problems which are posted by users who are confused about that the YouTube videos freeze and find tons of people have the similar problem and it urges to find likely solution.

Solution 1: Once-for-all Solution for YouTube Freezing Issue

Instead of loading the video online, you can choose to download the video with YouTube downloader without the loading annoyance that watch YouTube videos online will bother you, for example the factors that cause YouTube videos freeze like Internet connection, browser, resolution, fire wall. It’s a once-for-all solution. A good YouTube video downloader helps you to download various YouTube videos in various formats with high quality like downloading 4K videos and downloading HD resolution. Furthermore, it could be better if people can also use it to improve video quality and edit the video.

Free HD video converter factory supports high quality videos download, avoiding the issue that YouTube stops playing, and you can play the video smoothly. It also has many other optional functions to embellish your videos. Download Free HD Video Converter and install it

The Simple Method to Download YouTube Videos

Step 1

First, open the Free HD Video Converter and click “Download Video”.Then, copy and paste the video URL you want to download, click “Analyze”. After that, choose the desired resolution and formats the YouTube video has. Finally, click “Download” and wait for several minutes (It’s up to the size of the video). It's the whole process to download the YouTube videos!

Download the YouTube video

Download the YouTube video

Step 2

(Not required but useful)

you can convert the video to various formats and to be compatible with devices like Phone, TV, PC, Xbox and so forth. Just click the output formats on the right side and choose the format or device you need. Then “Run” the video to convert your video. I want to convert the video to AVI so I choose the video-AVI by clicking the “output formats” in the right of the main interface. Then “Run” the task to finish conversion.

Download the YouTube video

Download the YouTube video

Solution 2: Added Methods to Fix YouTube Videos Keep Freezing

You can also solve the YouTube videos freeze by other operations. Follow the methods to find the one for you to figure out your own problem.

Test the network speed

Test the network speed

1.With program like Fast, Network Speed Test to measure your network delay and download speed. The fact is that slow network speed will lead to video freezing every few seconds, especially in the high traffic time for YouTube users. So you can try several times by restarting, or avoid the network congestion period of time. Moreover, close the programs that take up the network speed.

2.Change the resolution of video quality. Many people reflect when they watch the YouTube 4K video online, YouTube stops playing. Change the resolution to the lower one by the “setting” option on the lower right corner, which can be useful.

Change Flash to HTML5

Change Flash to HTML5

3.Check whether you have installed the Click to Flash plug-in. Since 2015, YouTube have advanced the player from flash to HTML5. There will appear some error message or it will leads to YouTube freezing issue when the Flash plug-in runs. So unload the Click to Flash plug-in can solve the problems.

4.Try to use another browser. When you find your Chrome can’t play the YouTube videos or YouTube videos freeze sometimes, using the Firefox, IE explorer, Safari, Opera to try it again.

5.Some users still want to use the previous browser for the preference. If you have try all of the method but they don’t work, try to clear cookies, cache history, temp files and reset to the default setting. And there are special methods for different web browsers to solve YouTube keeps pausing issue.

The methods to deal with the issue YouTube video freezes above involve all the conditions you may encounter. Considering time and the operation degree of the ways, downloading the video can fix the YouTube freezing furthest. However, if you still have problem about how to solve the YouTube stops playing problem, you’re welcome to leave your comments.

Now, please download the Free HD Video Converter Factory to complete your jobs.

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Remedy for YouTube Videos Freeze

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