What is a PART File and How to Convert PART File to MP4?

Trying to figure out why your downloaded file is in .part format? You are in the right place. We’ve got everything you need to know about the PART file, such as what is a PART file, what causes a PART file, how to open PART files, and is it possible to convert Part to MP4. Just read on to know more details!

Michelle Michelle | Updated on Apr 28, 2023

Q: How do I convert a .part file into a .mp4 or any other video format?
I downloaded a movie, but it is in the PART file format. It can be played only by the VLC media player. I want to change it into MP4 or MP3. Please help me.

A: This is a typical question asked by many Internet users. And my answer is short: you can’t convert the PART file to MP4, and you don’t need to. Let me explain why in the following article.

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What is a PART File and What Causes a Part File?

The PART file stands for partially downloaded file (could be any type, such as software, document, video, audio, etc.) from the Internet. It is generated when the file downloading process is incomplete. Put another way, when the download is still in progress or has been interrupted, you’ll see the downloading file end with the .part extension, like XXXX.mp4.part. Once the download is completed, you’ll find the file removes the .part extension and returns to its supposed file name, such as XXXX.mp4.

Several programs create this type of file. The most seen cases are with the Mozilla Firefox browser. (BTW, Google Chrome also produces partially downloaded file in CRDOWNLOAD format). Other file transfer programs, such as Go!Zilla and eMule, would also generate this kind of file.

What is a PART File

How to Open PART Files?

Some PART files can be directly opened even though they are not complete, such as the video and audio files which can be dragged and played by the VLC media player. You can also play such files in some other media players by deleting the .part extension. But you need to note that these files will only present a portion of the full content since they are, after all, incomplete files.

Other types of PART files, like software, games, and zipped file, are less likely to be opened by any program. In this case, it is suggested that you resume the downloading process in the program that started the download or re-download the file again.

How to Resume Downloads in Firefox?

Open Firefox → click the download button to open the Downloads Library (or press Ctrl + J) → find your unfinished downloads, and right-click on it to select Resume.

How to Open PART Files

Is it Possible to Convert .part File to .mp4?

No, it is not possible to convert .part file to .mp4 because the PART file is not a video file even if it contains video data. It is also not necessary to convert .part to .mp4 as you can readily get the video when you remove the .part extension. So don’t trust any PART to MP4 converter that claims to realize this conversion for it is not real and no need.

But still, it’s a wiser move to resume the downloads or re-download the file so you’ll have a complete movie.

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That’s all the information about the PART file and other relevant issues. If you have any doubts, please feel free to reach me at any time. Thanks for reading!

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