Top 9 Volume Booster for Windows PC in 2023 [FREE & FAST]

While enjoying your favorite music or movies on PC you may sometimes wish to amplify the volume to make the sound louder and clearer. In this post, we’ve collected 9 best volume boosters for Windows.

Get the overall easiest Windows volume booster to increase the volume of any audio or video file permanently.

Rocabella Rocabella | Updated on Sep 01, 2023

1. Free HD Video Converter Factory

2. VLC Media Player

3. Equalizer APO

4. Audacity

5. FxSound

6. ViPER4Windows

7. VoiceMeeter

8. Chrome Volume Booster

9. VideoLouder

Although Windows computers have default equalizer which you can use to improve the audio quality. However, in some cases, it seems that the volume levels settled by the built-in Windows volume booster aren’t loud enough. Therefore, here we are going to share top 9 free yet efficient third-party programs to help you amplify audio volume on Windows effortlessly.

1. Free HD Video Converter Factory—Recommended Volume Booster for Windows

Free Video Volume Amplifier for Windows 10

Among the many Windows audio boosters in the market, WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory is on the recommended list. It is a professional toolkit designed to deal with types of a/v files processing issues. Equipped with powerful encoding technology, it supports almost all audio and video formats and provides an easy and fast solution to permanently increase the volume in MP4, AVI, WMV, MP3, and any other file type with low sound on Windows 11/10/8/7 and lower. Also, you can use it to change file format, a/v encoder, frame rate, resolution, bitrate, etc., based on your needs. Besides, this versatile volume booster for Windows can also function as an A/V editor and an online video downloader. It is your best bet when it comes to using sound boosters for your Windows PC to amplify the volume without compromising quality.

Top Volume Booster for Windows

Free HD Video Converter Factory can not only serve as an A/V volume booster but also convert all a/v files to MP4, AVI, MP3, and other 500+ configured formats easily. It can also extract audio from video, cut a file into clips, combine multiple files and more. Try it now!

2. VLC Media Player

Sound Booster Windows VLC Player

VLC Media Player is one of the best media players that come with tons of mind-blowing features and functions. Aside from being a powerful audio and video player, VLC Media Player is also capable of serving as a free Windows audio booster. Compared with Free HD Video Converter Factory, VLC doesn’t allow you to permanently boost up the volume of original files. So that you can only play the file with high volume in VLC.

3. Equalizer APO

The Best Volume Booster Windows 10 Equalizer APO

Equalizer APO (Audio Processing Object) is an open-source graphic equalizer. This application is amazing! Whether you are a professional or a novice, you can use it to adjust volume and audio quality very easily. In addition to its brilliant layout, it also serves many purposes! It’s loaded with unlimited filters that you can use to set the audio to the desired level. Besides that, it is compatible with multiple channels, has fast response time, and supports VST plugin integration, making it even more compatible and easy to use. Moreover, it consumes very low CPU usage. This full-featured free volume booster for Windows is worth trying.

4. Audacity

Free Volume Booster Windows 10 Audacity

Audacity is a free and open-source editing and recording program for audio. The interface of Audacity is simple and very user-friendly. It offers cross-platform compatibility and can run smoothly on Windows, Apple macOS, and Linux operating systems. In addition to controlling the volume amplification, it also offers many other rich editing capabilities like cutting audio clips, merging multiple audio files into one, reduce noise, change tempo, edit Metadata and sound effects as well as more. Not only being a professional volume booster for Windows, Audacity can even be used as an audio converter, with which you can convert many types of audio to WAV, MP3, OGG, etc.

5. FxSound

Sound Amplifier Windows 10 FxSound

FxSound, one of the most popular sound-enhancing software for Windows, can be your top choice for boosting quality and volume. Users had to pay for the FxSound Premium version for a long time, but now, FxSound enhancer software is free for all! You can install the re-designed free sound booster for Windows 10/11 and increase max volume without distortion. They have optimized the interface to make it easier on the eyes and user-friendlier for novices. It is a perfect audio enhancer for Windows 10. You can download and see it for yourself.

6. ViPER4Windows (V4W)

Audio Enhancer for Windows 10

The next program on our list of the best volume booster for Windows is ViPER4Windows. This reliable audio driver tweak software is available to free download and enables you to easily amplify volume by changing the decibels. It modifies the way your computer renders the sound and runs constantly in the background. In other word, it works for the entire Windows operation system instead of one specific application. With this simple-to-use yet advanced volume booster for Windows, you can easily increase the volume by 200% of that by default. Try it to raise volume above maximum without sacrificing audio quality for portability.

7. VoiceMeeter

Video Volume Booster Windows 10

VoiceMeeter is a free-to-use virtual audio device mixer compatible with all Windows OS versions. With VoiceMeeter, you can separately increase or decrease the volume of the applications that are running on your computer at the same time and customize the sounds you have distributed to different channels. Apart from being used to adjust the volume levels, this advanced volume booster for Windows also serves many other functions, like mixing multiple audio sources down to a single audio signal, or recording the desktop audio while sidelining any other sounds and voices. But its operation is not easy for beginners. Thus, for first use, it’s highly recommended to read the manual or watch the tutorial video explaining the features of this app.

8. Chrome Volume Booster

Online Audio Booster for Windows 10 Free

Chrome Volume Booster is another effective way to increase volume without any hassle. It’s actually a plugin for your Google Chrome web browser. By using the Chrome extension, you can boost up volume to a whopping 1000% without affecting audio quality. The usability and convenience of this volume booster for Windows are impressive. More importantly, it’s also free! But you should note that boosting volume above normal can damage your speakers or headphones, even hurt your ears.


Windows Audio Booster Online

The last one is a web-based video volume booster. Like the desktop Windows volume boosters mentioned above, it comes for free. And it’s super easy! But you should note that though web-based utilities appear to be more convenient and portable, online Windows audio boosters have some obvious shortcomings. Many factors including Internet stability and file size can get in the way of file uploading, processing, and downloading. So this method is more advisable for processing small size files. VideoLouder only supports AVI, MPEG, MPG, MP4, MOV, XVID. And the video file size for processing is limited to 500 MB per time.

→Visit VideoLouder


That’s all about the top 9 free volume boosters for Windows. Based on your needs and the recommended list, just feel free to try and select the most suitable sound booster for Windows 10/11 or other systems. Then you can make full use of it to increase or decrease the volume to match your requirement when enjoying music and movies. Thanks for reading!

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