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How to Make Your Own Videos Using Vimeo Video Editor?
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Vimeo Video Editor – the Most Practical Tutorial of Editing Vimeo Video to Get Perfect Videos

Author by Hales

Updated on Mar 8, 2023

In recent years, Vimeo video has spread widely among young people, not only because of the high quality of video, but also because users can upload and download videos for sharing Vimeo at almost any time. With the continuous development of the media, more young people like to edit and create some videos with their own unique characteristics. How to use a good video editor to help these users most effectively? First, please download the recommended Vimeo video editor safely.

Vimeo is a high-definition video sharing platform. Its content is rich and colorful, covering music, education, technology, culture and many other fields. User-uploaded video quality and security are very important. Before uploading the video to Vimeo, you may encounter the situation where the video file is too large and needs to be compressed, to meet Vimeo's size limit. It's also possible to download Vimeo videos a lot and merge videos into one file for sharing or viewing, which requires a good advanced Vimeo editor. So this article will recommend a particularly great Vimeo video editor.

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Can You Edit Videos on Vimeo?

For Vimeo users, there are two main requirements. One is to download Vimeo video to the device or convert it to other formats, just like you might want to download Vimeo video directly and convert Vimeo to MP4 format to be more compatibility on the device. The other is to edit Vimeo using the Vimeo editor, including cutting, merging, and cropping video. Whether you're editing a video including cutting, merging, cropping or uploading multiple videos to Vimeo, WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro can help you with a lot of confusion about the Vimeo video editor. Now let's start to learn the tutorial of editing Vimeo video by using a Vimeo video creator.

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How to Edit Vimeo Video and Convert it to Other Formats?

Add Video Files to Edit Vimeo

Before start, please free download and install HD Video Converter Factory Pro on PC.

Step 1. Import the Video Files

Firstly, launch HD Video Converter Factory Pro on your PC and open Converter. Find “Add Files” button in the top left corner or drag the videos you added directly. Then you can see all the videos you added on the main interface, and you can view information about the original video files, such as file size, file format, and video file duration. Then you can see a row of edit options.

Clipping and Merging Videos

Step 2. Clip and Merge Vimeo Videos

In this step, we can simply edit the video. First we can clip the video and merge multiple video files.

Cut video: Click on the scissors pattern in the lower right corner of each video, then edit in the new column, slide the button to select the cut video clip, and the length of the entire video and the duration of the cut video clip will be displayed below. In addition, you can also fast forward and rewind the video.

Merge video: Click the Merge button on the top, then drag the video you want to merge directly into the Merge box below in Original (you can also remove the video file, the arrow on the right can adjust the order of the video). After everything is done, click the OK button in the lower corner returns to the main interface and clicks the Run button to start editing the process.

Add Subtitles

Step 3. Add Subtitles for Vimeo Video

Find the T icon in the middle of the added video, click Add subtitle in the drop-down box, and add the text that matches the video. It should be noted that you need to prepare the text file to be added in advance, and you can easily select it by adding it directly. Match the text with the video. Then click Run in the lower right corner to start the process. (You can also find Rename to rename a new file so that you can quickly find new subtitle files).

Extract Audio from Vimeo

Step 4. Extract Audio from Vimeo Video and Convert the Format

When you are coming to this step, congratulations, you have mastered all the above video editing methods, this method is the most classic for you, and it is also the finishing touch. After adding the video, find the audio output format from the drop-down menu, such as Vimeo to MP3, WAV, FLAC, etc., from the Audio option in the Format field on the right Output Format. Then return to the main interface, if you want to set the audio information, click the “Setting” option in the lower right corner to customize the audio, adjust the audio encoder, bit rate, sampling rate and other parameters. Finally, hold down the OK button and hit Run to start the whole process. In a short time, you can get the video files you want.

WonderFox HD Video Factory Pro is not just a way to edit content. If you want to add special effects to your videos, we also offer a variety of special effects for you to choose from.


All of the above video editing methods and tutorials provided by us basically meet the requirements of most users for Vimeo video editing. Vimeo video converter may help you better convert Vimeo videos to other formats or devices. If you still want more editing functions to make video or edit Vimeo video after upload, you can also use other professional video editing software, such as Adobe Premiere Pro CC or VSDC.

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