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How to Rip VIDEO_TS to MPG Simply and Quickly?

Author by Rocabella

Updated on Sep 01, 2023

VIDEO_TS stands for Video Transport System and it is a directory structure for a DVD movie. The VIDEO_TS Folder contains information regarding backup files (.BUP), video object (.VOB) and information files (.IFO) and we can transfer the complete VIDEO_TS to MPG for better compatibility with more devices. Keep reading to learn how to rip VIDEO_TS to MPG easily and quickly. Download the VIDEO_TS converter for preparation:

If you copy DVD often, then you must be familiar with the VIDEO_TS folder. It is the standard directory of DVD-Video structure that contains all the DVD data including a series of Title Set, InFOrmation (IFO) and BackUP (BUP) files. Many people find that only VOB files can be played, and then you want to merge all VOB files into one video file. However, this approach is one-sided, especially the VIDEO_TS folder with encryption protection. In many cases, VOB files are scattered pieces, and even advertisements and trailers will be interspersed among them. The result of rushing synthesis will lead to disordered pictures. The following article will introduce you to the correct method to convert VIDEO_TS to MPG for better playback.

Disclaimer: the following method is for personal use only. No one can use this method to illegally grab DVD, DVD ISO Image and VIDEO_TS Folder files. Make sure your actions are legal in your country.

Convert VIDEO_TS to MPG with Professional DVD Ripper

The correct approach is to merge and convert the entire VIDEO_TS folder instead of a separate VOB file. As for why the MPG format is selected, this is because the DVD is stored as MPEG2 video and can also be included in the MPG container, and VIDEO_TS to MPEG2 can be quickly converted without transcoding. But how can we convert VIDEO_TS to MPEG2? A valid DVD VIDEO_TS Folder Converter is a must. WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro brings you a simple VIDEO_TS to MPG ripping solution. Almost all VIDEO_TS Folder file can be converted to high-quality MPEG videos with it. In addition, it can also easily edit videos such as cut any clip from DVD VIDEO_TS, add subtitles to your video, etc. Here, free downloadfree download this software to start the tutorial of converting VIDEO_TS to MPG.

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Tutorial on How to Convert VIDEO_TS to MPG in a Few Clicks

How to Convert VIDEO_TS Folder to MPG

Step 1: Load VIDEO_TS Folder into Program

Just free downloadfree download the VIDEO_TS to MPG Ripper and follow the instructions to install and run this software on your PC. Click on DVD Folder to import entire VIDEO_TS folder, and the software will automatically decrypt your folder.

Step 2: Select MPG as the Output Format

The software automatically recognizes and selects the main movie. Click the Output Format drop-down triangle button on the right side of the screen and select MPG under Video tab in the new window. Or you can click MPG Main Movie under 1:1 Quick Copy tab.

Step 3: Finish the Conversion

After that, set output path of the converted MPG video and click on RUN button to finish the conversion. After the conversion, you can find the MPG file in the destination folder.

Tips. This VIDEO_TS to MPEG Converter can also convert VIDEO_TS to other video formats such as VIDEO_TS to MP4, VIDEO_TS to AVI, and VIDEO_TS to ISO, and convert DVD to ISO or VIDEO_TS folder.

At last...

Finally, I hope this article has been helpful to you and you can share it with more people. Now, time to download the software to convert your VIDEO_TS to MPG.

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