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How to Reduce the Size of a Large Video with Desktop/Online Video Size Converters?

Author by Blues

Updated on Aug 04, 2023

High-quality videos usually have big sizes that may take up much of your storage space. Moreover, when you want to upload videos to some websites, you may find that they have an upload size limit. Take those into consideration; you may need a useful video size converter to help reduce the video size for storage or better sharing online. We've provided you with several handy solutions here.
You can download the most recommended practical video size converter here and keep reading to learn more information.

Why Reduce the Video Size?

Today, people like to pursue HD ultimate view experience when they watch videos. Then, these high-quality media files usually have large file size, and also need more storage space. However, the space of storage devices especially mobile devices is limited, and those devices can't supply enough storage to meet the requirements of people. Therefore, you might as well convert video size to keep your favorite videos.

In addition to cutting the file size to save the memory of devices, this method can help you upload and share your videos on social platforms because some websites have limited file sizes. Well, how to reduce the file size? First, it is necessary to find a reliable video size converter. This article will give you some video compressors. The desktop converter can convert video to smaller sizes without losing quality, and online video size compressors can reduce video size more conveniently.

The Best and Easy-to-operate Video Size Converter for Your PC

In order to better compress the file size, you need a professional file compressor. However, some video size compressors on the market are hard to operate, and are full of spam advertisements, which cannot bring a good experience for users. Then we have chosen a powerful desktop file compressor - WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro, which is a good video compressor with simple operation and clean interface, so that you can bacth convert video size you want better and freely, including 4K and 8K videos. What's more, you can also convert videos to 500+ digital formats and devices like MP4 to MKV, M2TS to MKV, MOV to AVI, etc. This software is also a powerful video editor. It can edit your video/audio files, such as rotating videos, trimming audio, adding subtitles into your videos and so forth. More importantly, it is suitable for novices greatly. Next, I will use this software to show you how to convert video size in different ways. You can choose one or more from them as you like.

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Three Simple Methods for Converting Video Size

Reduce the Resolution

Before resizing your video file size, you should free downloadfree download and install the video small size converter on your PC.

Method 1 - Reduce the Resolution of Videos

In general, the lower the resolution, the smaller the size of the video file. So if you want to convert video size, you can reduce the resolution of the video with this video size converter.

Step 1. Launch the software, enter the Converter area, hit Add Files button to input or drag and drop source videos into this converter and select the output format.

Step 2. Click the Parameter Settings, and hit the Resolution button to open this option. Scroll down and choose the resolution you want, or you can do a quick setting on the left of the interface by dragging the slider to customize resolution. Then, click OK to save the settings.

Step 3. Select the save path and click RUN to start the conversion.

Change Bit Rate

Method 2 - Change Bit Rate

Bit Rate is data of videos, which determines the quality and size of the video directly. Therefore, changing Bit Rate of videos has become a popular way for people to convert video size.

Step 1. Add videos into this video size compressor, choose any output format you like.

Step 2. In Parameter Settings window, hit the Bit Rate option. Next, scroll down to select the Bit Rate you desire. Click OK.

Step 3. Press RUN button to start the process.

TIPS: You can confirm VBR or Lossless mode to keep the original quality of videos.

Select the Advanced Encoder

Method 3 - Select the Advanced Encoder

H.265 for MP4, H265 for MKV, and VP9 are advanced video encoders, and these encoders can greatly compress the size of videos and keep the same quality as original files at the same time, and I highly recommend you to choose H.265 for MP4 to compress video size.

Step 1. The first step is the same as the methods above. Import your video file in this software.

Step 2. Hit the Output Format button, choose H.265 for MP4 under Video tab.

Step 3. Start to compress videos.

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A Free Video Size Converter to Make Your Video Smaller

Free Video Size ConverterFree Video Size Converter

Apart from HD Video Converter Factory Pro, there is a Free HD Video Converter (the free version of HD Video Converter) that can also convert video size with the same steps. You can also use it to convert large videos to smaller ones. However, being a free tool, it only allows you to start the video size conversion process one by one, and the processing speed is also limited.

See how to convert video size with Free HD Video Converter:

Download free video size converter here:

Step 1: Launch free video size reducer and enter its Converter module. Click Add Files button to import the source videos.

Step 2: Customize the video resolution, bitrate, or frame rate from the Parameter settings window or choose an advanced encoder from the output format library.

Step 3: Press Run to start reducing video size.

Convert Video Size with a Video Size Converter Online

Video Size Converter OnlineVideo Size Converter Online

In addition to a desktop compressor, online video size converter also can help you change the size of large videos. VideoSmaller ( ) is a good video file size converter for you if you don't want to install the desktop software and the operation is very easy.

Step 1. Open the website listed above.

Step 2. Click the Browse button to add a video from your PC (max 500MB).

Step 3. Open the drop-down list and choose a value to scale video width below the imported video, then press Upload Video to start compressing video.

Step 4. After finished the compression, you can see the file size of the output video. Last, click Download File to save this video.


Well, you have known how to reduce the size of video files. Both desktop and online compressors can meet your requirements to reduce the size of video files. Meanwhile, if you choose the desktop compressor, not only can you reduce video size, but also complete other tasks like converting video formats, editing videos, downloading/recording...

Download it now to get start!

Free Download Free Download

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