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12 Top Video Sharing Websites

Author by Vita

Updated on Jul 12, 2023

Whether you decide to start a video production business or just share your creative and innovative video story, finding a good video sharing website is certainly crucial. The right platform means the possibility of attracting more target viewers and even making your videos go viral. If you have no idea where to show your videos, you can take the 12 best video sharing websites down.

It doesn’t only depend on how much traffic the website gets per day to choose a video hosting site. Huge web traffic is indeed an important aspect but a video creator also needs to consider other factors, e.g. whether your video content coincides with the theme the chosen website features, video upload specs the website requires, what is your expectation from the platform: more exposure and followers, or immediate monetary return, etc. There is an abundance of video upload sites on the Internet while you may feel dazzled to find out the most suitable one. Here we compile the list of the best 12 video sharing websites that own different characteristics while all ensuring the high-quality platform for peoples to share videos. You can take a brief look at all the websites and learn more about each of them in the following parts.

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Website Address Language Ad Revenue Sharing Video Download Support Platform Cost(For Uploader)
YouTube Multilingual Yes Some videos under Premium plan   Free
Vimeo Multilingu Unknown No Paid
Dailymotion Multilingual Yes No Free and Paid account
Twitch Multilingual Yes No Free
Liveleak (Closed) Multilingual Unknown No Free
Metacafe (Closed) English Yes No Free
Facebook Multilingual Yes No Free
Flickr Multilingual No With the owner’s allowance only Free and Pro Account
Myspace Multilingual Yes No Free
Veoh Multilingual No Yes Free and Pro Account (Closed) English Yes No Free
BitChute Multilingual Yes No Free

Review of the 12 Top Video Sharing Websites

1. YouTube

Free video upload

YouTube is known to be the most popular and largest video sharing website on the web. It’s hard to ignore this platform when mentioning the list of best video upload sites. Based on the latest statistics, around 30 million people visit YouTube and nearly 5 billion videos are browsed per day. YouTube covers major countries in the world and has attracted all kinds of well-recognized brands, teams, superstars, influencers. Many ordinary people get their business to a new level on this platform, as well.

Users can free upload videos on YouTube so long as the content doesn’t side against the policy of YouTube. For instance, YouTube prohibits users to upload any pornographic, violent, harmful, dangerous content.

Besides video content, like all other video hosting websites, YouTube has its specific video upload requirements but the good news is the platform has high compatibility with video files. It supports a wide range of video formats, such as MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, MOV, and more. Meanwhile, YouTube encourages YouTubers to use high-definition while it supports all common resolution standards from 260p to 8K. Users can also edit and customize videos using the filters and tools provided by YouTube itself. 

If what you are looking for is an extremely popular, highly customized yet easy video upload website, YouTube will meet all your needs.

2. Vimeo

Free video hosting

As a strong competitor to YouTube, Vimeo has received considerable attention all the time. Although Vimeo doesn’t gain such massive traffic as YouTube does, it provides people with a totally different video sharing experience.

Vimeo emphasizes professional video sharing platform that filmmakers, creators, and artists can share and promote their works. In other words, artistry is the most distinctive character of Vimeo. If you’re want to get more exposure on your video creation and films, or sell videos, Vimeo is definitely a solid choice.

To upload video on Vimeo, there are both free and paid plans you can choose from. The free account has a limited 500MB space per week and maximum 5GB total account storage. Four paid plans are available at different prices while the advanced plans allow you to use more incredible customization features and options, which is pretty good value when thinking about the chance to make your works get great.  

3. Dailymotion

Video hosting sites

Dailymotion is one of the multilingual video sharing websites like YouTube with a large user base and all types of video content including news, sports, music, funny videos that users may watch for learning new information and spare the time. Just as Dailymotion claims, it is the home for videos that matter.

There you can share any good video content free, but due to the upload policies, users can only upload 10 uploads with total 2 hours-length per day, and each video can’t exceed 60 minutes and 2GB. On top of that, Dailymotion only supports up to 3840 x 2160 (4K) video resolution.

Dailymotion’s monetization features enable users to earn revenue from video through ads that can appear before, during, or after a video. The more viewers your videos have, the more returns you will get. Dedicating to high quality and appealing video content would bring your something unexpected.

Uploading video to Dailymotion requires simple steps. You can test the water before you decide whether you want to set up your video business on this site. 

4. Twitch

One of the best video sharing sites

The gaming industry is gradually holding an important place among the whole entertainment filed and video game live streaming has become a popular activity that helps talented gamers to earn incomes and fame. Twitch, one of the most popular online game streaming and video sharing platforms, is overpowering its counterparts with over 15 million daily active users, 355 billion minutes watched, and over 124 million total clips.

If you’re talented at pop games and hope more people know you, Twitch can be a good destination. But the premise is you have good recording software and hardware configuration. The regular users can only save live videos for 14 days while once you upgrade to Turbo subscriber and partner, you can able to use more features and have more privileges.

Besides being a game live streaming platform, Twitch is also an interactive social media network where you can chat with others.   

For sharing live streaming on Twitch, you may face a steep learning curve if it is the first time you come to the field. But anyway, Twitch merits the efforts.

5. Liveleak (Closed)

Video upload websites

Among news video sharing platforms, LiveLeak features strongly in the space. It’s a UK-based website and the video content involves politics, war, and other social and world events. Break news and persistent reports of social events can be viewed on this site. Generally, Liveleak is a popular place to keep in the loop about what’s happening internationally,

So if you have any video relating to news, you can easily upload to Liveleak. Meanwhile, although Liveleak is a new video-sharing website, it also has some videos of other categories. You may also share some interesting videos there but please obey polices of Liveleak. Any spamming, violent, criminal, duplicated and other negative content is prohibited.

Liveleak is more a nonprofit website where you can share news you capture surround. Meanwhile, there is a forum in which you can chat with others and discuss hot issues. 

6. Metacafe (Closed)

Video uploading services

Metaface once was just like YouTube, being popular with people as a comprehensive video sharing website, but it later dedicated to short video entertainment only. At present, Metacafe majorly includes short clips of funny videos, movies, music, and TV shows. And every day, millions of users visit this website to browse its content.

A good side for uploaders is Metacafe pays for high-quality videos. Being more specific, for a video under question hitting 20,000 views and having a rating of 3.00 or higher, Metacafe pays the uploader for $5 for every 1,000 views after the first 20, 000. Since good content is the base of high views. You’d better make sure your videos are qualified and also original to attract more people.

Beyond that, since Metaface focuses on short video form, the upload can’t exceed 100 MB. Video production in 90-seconds to 180 seconds is a recommended duration. Metaface supports most mainstreaming video formats including MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI, 3GP, and MPEG. The maximum resolution this platform supports is 1080P.

It’s free and simple to upload video to Metacafe. If you have any creative ideas and have created some amazing and interesting clips, try Metacafe to show it out.  

7. Facebook

Where can I upload video

Facebook is a well-known social network where people can contact with friends, share photos, videos, posts, explore interesting and new things, join groups that have more like-minded people, etc. These days, most people are using Facebook around the world and many of them spend hours per day surfing on it.

This social media platform is not only for interacting with friends, family, colleagues but also is an import tool to promote business, and video is certainly a good form to gather more views. Users can post videos to Facebook in just a few clicks. Up to 240 minutes long and 10 GB file size of videos are supported for posting. The maximum resolution is 1080p. Besides, although Facebook supports major types of video formats, MP4 is still the recommendation.

Whether you want to share good moments in your daily life or promote business, Facebook is a good try.

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8. Flickr

Flickr, professional place to upload video

Flickr offers professional photographers and video producers a platform to manage their creations and also find high-quality content of others. The quantity of photographs is much larger than videos on Flickr so it always is considered as a photo sharing platform only. Even so, there you can still find many high-quality professional videos or upload your own video productions for organizing, sharing, and exposure.

The same as Vimeo, Flickr more emphasizes art of works. For video uploads, Flickr supports all common types of videos (MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, MPEG, M2TS, etc.) while it limits the single file size to 1GB and free members can only play the first 3 minutes.

9. Myspace

One of the top video sharing websites -Myspace

Myspace was the largest social media network ten years ago. It took dominance and with over 100 million monthly users at its peak. Since up-and-comers like Facebook and Twitter have stepped into the market, Myspace gradually loses its leading statues, but even after an overall decline, Myspace still holds a large number of loyal fans and around 8 million users per month. After several redesigns, now Myspace is quite a good place to share and discover videos, music, and connect with people. Here you can find many musicians, artists, and content creators.

Uploading videos to Myspace is quite simple yet there are some requirements you need to know: MySpace supports SD (640x480), HD (1920x1080, 1280x720), MP4 (H.264), and MOV. You can also upload music and images to this platform.

10. Veoh

Publish videos on website, Veoh

This video hosting platform has many types of videos, movies, music, channels, and groups. Media content production companies, studios and casual users all are able to upload their videos to this place.

Veoh supports all common video formats you may run into in daily life and enables users to upload videos free. Meanwhile, it provides a paid Veoh Pro. After the upgrade, users are able to take advantage of more publish features Veoh has, such as syndicate uploaded videos to YouTube, video analytics reports, priority uploads, higher quality, and automatic video transcoding.

11. (Closed)

Video uploader site - is a video sharing website from Pakistan while it services users worldwide, as well, with different types of videos and channels. It costs nothing to upload videos on Even unregistered users are able to share and comment on any video.

MP4 and AVI are the optimal options for uploading videos on the free video sharing site but it’s ok if you want to share videos in other formats (FLV, F4V, M4V, MKV, MOV, WMV, AVI, 3GP, MPG, MPEG, DivX and RM). So far, supports up to 720p video resolution, which will be a pity if what you want to share is a high-definition video. is also a good monetization platform. If your channel gets 100 subscribers and 10, 000 view hits, you will get access to activate monetization.

12. BitChute

Share your ideas on BitChute

BitChute is a new video hosting website that insists on expressing and flourishing ideas freely. It becomes increasingly popular in the last two years. On BitChute users are able to share some videos that are not allowed on mainstreaming video hosting websites, primarily involving news and political commentary. And many content producers who were banned on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter have moved to BitChute.

There are some tutorials on how to upload video to BitChute on the official website, and the upload process seems to be as easy as a walk in the park based on these tutorials. But during practice, many people have experienced upload failures somehow even if they follow the proper steps. But typically, MP4 with H.264 and MP3 is a widely compatible format for almost all video hosting websites.

In Summary

We come to the end of the list of the top 12 video upload sites. Which one do you prefer more? We will continue to update content to serve people with the best information. Please bookmark this page or our website on your browser and stay tuned for more good lists.

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