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Solved! How to Fix Tumblr Video Not Working Issue Easily
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Solved! How to Fix Tumblr Video Not Working Issue Easily

Author by Rocabella

Update at Jan 4, 2019

Does your Tumblr video not working? Indeed, Tumblr keeps crashing when playing video is a very annoying problem. It's hard to say what’s exactly caused this problem, but we still need a simple solution to solve this problem. Follow this article to get the best 3 solutions for solving Tumblr videos not loading or playing. This recommended Tumblr video downloader will be a great help, please free download it here:

Does Your Tumblr Video Not Working?

Q1: Some videos don’t load on Tumblr mobile. They will either not ever play no matter how long you wait. Or the rectangle where the video should be playing is gray. Is there a way to fix the issue of Tumblr videos won’t load? -From Quora

Q2: No video on any Tumblr site will play or load: the video window stays black, and irrespective of the true video size, this is given as 0:0. This occurs with Safari, Chrome and Firefox. I have done a clean remove and reinstall of Adobe Flash, but it made no difference. I have followed all suggestions I could find concerning the individual applications, but nothing helps; I suspect the problem concerns my computer, not the individual applications. – From

A: Yes, recently, I have also encountered the problem with Tumblr videos not playing and Tumblr black. After a lot of searching, I found this is a common problem in various forums. After summarizing and practicing, the following approaches are available for solving the issue of Tumblr videos won't load or play. Let us walk into the details.

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How to Fix Tumblr Video Not Working Issue

Method 1: Fix Tumblr Videos Won't Load on Web Browser

close other web tabs and background processesclose other web tabs and background processes

Many times, the main reason why videos on Tumblr not working is that there is no sufficient memory available. So, if you watch Tumblr videos on your web browser, you can close other web tabs and background processes.

On a Windows PC, you can use the Task Manager to find memory-intensive applications or processes and end such processes to release memory. To open it, you can right click on the taskbar and select Start Task Manager. Then close other processes by clicking End Process. If the video still crashes afterward, you can switch web browser to another one including Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi, etc.

Method 2: Fix Tumblr App Not Playing Videos

If your Tumblr app keeps crashing, then it is hard to see what’s exactly caused this problem. We can try to solve the problem by using the following methods, and the problem of Tumblr videos won't play will be solved correspondingly.

(1) Check if your phone's memory is sufficient, if no, remove unnecessary apps and Turn off some running apps to free up phone memory.

(2) Uninstall Tumblr from your phone and install the latest version of Tumblr.

(3) Get Tumblr videos directly from your mobile browser without using the Tumblr app. In order to view Tumblr videos easily, you can also bookmark these webpages.

Method 3: Download Tumblr Videos for Solving Tumblr Video Not Working Issue

In fact, similar to Facebook videos not playing, YouTube videos are not available, to solve the Tumblr videos not playing issue, the alternative solution is to save these Tumblr videos for offline playback.

Just like downloading videos from YouTube, Tumblr itself does not provide video downloads, but with the help of Free HD Video Converter Factory, you can easily download Tumblr to MP4, AVI, MKV, FLV, etc. video formats. Let us take a look at the specific steps now.

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How to Download Tumblr Videos for Fixing Tumblr Videos Not Playing

copy Tumblr video link

Preparation: Before the start, please free downloadfree download Free HD Video Converter Factory and install it on your PC.

Step 1: Copy Tumblr Video Link

In order to fix Tumblr video not working by downloading Tumblr video. Firstly, we need to find our desired Tumblr video. Click on Share button and then click Permalink to access the original poster. Now, copy Tumblr video link.

How to Download Tumblr Video

Step 2: Analyze Tumblr Video Information

Launch the software you have downloaded, and click on “Download Video” on the menu bar. Paste Tumblr video URL into the box, and click on “Analyze” button to get the Tumblr video information.

Step 3: Finish Tumblr Video Downloading Process

After the video analysis is complete, you can select your favorite output video format and then set the output path. Finally, click the Download button to complete the Tumblr video download process.

WonderFox does not advocate illegal downloading of Tumblr videos, please ensure that your actions are legal in your country.

At last...

Once the video is downloaded, you can find the video in the destination file for offline playback. Of course, you can also transfer Tumblr video to mobile phone, iPad, PSP, etc. via WIFI or USB cable. The above is all about fixing the Tumblr video not working problem. I hope this article is really helpful to you.

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How to Download Tumblr Video at the Fastest Speed

How to Download Tumblr Video at the Fastest Speed

HD Video Converter Factory Pro

Because of the support for NVIDIA® NVENC, CUDA, and Intel® HD Graphics hardware acceleration tech, HD Video Converter Factory Pro can download Tumblr video in the shortest time and maintain high quality. In addition, its output formats and devices reach 300+, including the most popular audio and video formats and the latest device. Try it out now!

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