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What is the Simplest Way to Remove YouTube Ads

You’re probably encountered with the situation that you have to watch the long ads before you watching the funny video, or ads pop up suddenly when you’re watching a video. That’s really upset! If you are looking for an effective method to remove YouTube ads, there is the best solution for you!

Updated on Jul 21, 2020


by Vita

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YouTube ads take times

YouTube ads take times

Huge numbers of ads support YouTube, and you can get various free contents because the video provider earns from the ads. However, the ads in YouTube can be irritating interruption. In order to give users better viewing experience, YouTube creates Red YouTube, a paid monthly subscription service with several perks. You can watch any kind of videos on YouTube without ads. But this monthly subscription service restricts many people from no ads YouTube. Despite the $10 per month subscription, Red YouTube is not available on YouTube app for some devices and some countries. So how to remove YouTube ads freely and effectively is what many YouTube users are thinking about.

Part 1: The Best Solution to Watch Videos on YouTube Videos without Ads

Instead of watching videos online, the simplest method to avoid annoying ads or remove YouTube ads is downloading the videos and watching it offline. You probably have used some third-party add-ons to remove YouTube ads, but it doesn’t always work. What’s more, some ad blockers will lead to unexpected YouTube errors, such as YouTube not responding, YouTube videos freeze and so forth. In order to avoiding more problems, I really recommend you to download the YouTube videos. It will take you less time to remove YouTube ads by downloading the YouTube videos with high quality. Wonderfox free HD Video Converter Factory can do this work perfectly. Its built-in YouTube downloader can download any videos with different resolution ratios and formats. It also supports video editing by cropping and clipping. So you can remove any ad of the YouTube videos you don’t expect to watch.

Free download and install it for preparation. And following the next steps to download the YouTube video and remove YouTube ads easily.

Download YouTube Videos and Remove the Ads

Step 1

Launch the program and open Downloader. Click the New Download button on the top bar to open a new window for preparation.

Download YouTube video

Download YouTube video

Step 2

Find the YouTube videos you want to remove ads, copy the URL of this video from browser address bar. Then go back to software, press "Paste and Analyze" for video detecting. After a few seconds, all available formats and resolutions are listed below. You can download 4K videos, downloading 1080P videos and other high quality videos. Click OK to add this download task. With the same steps, you can download multiple videos. Set an output folder and hit Download All button.

YouTube no ads

YouTube no ads

That’s all for downloading YouTube video. Now you can watch YouTube without ads at the beginning. However, some videos will embed ads on the middle part and even some ads will appear on the videos as image, subtitles and so forth. If you happened to encounter with such YouTube ads, you can follow the next step.

Step 3 (Special)

After downloading the video, if you find that the video is embedded with ads, you can import the video and trim the needed parts out in Converter and then press Run to finish removing the unwanted parts. Then you’ll get several video clips, just merge the clips by tapping the Merge bottom on the top bar, then click Run to finish the merging.

Remove ads from YouTube

Remove ads from YouTube

In fact, most of ads will just played at the beginning when you watch video online, so downloading the videos can solve most all of the YouTube ads problem. Meanwhile, this program is not only work as YouTube ads remover but a powerful video converter, which can help you convert 500+ formats videos to the one you need, such as convert MP4 to AVI, WRF to MP4 and so on.

Additional Methods to Disable YouTube Ads

1.Install add-ons to remove YouTube ads

Various add-ons and browser extensions for people removing YouTube ads are available. For no ads YouTube, many people are dazzled by those add-ons. There are some popular ads blockers for you.

Adblock: It is free to download and use. This add-on can stop the ads from being downloaded to your computer and makes pages load faster by preventing files from being downloaded automatically. What’s more, it doesn’t slow down the browser as it hardly occupys any memory.

Ghostery: A privacy and security browser extension that can protect blocking third-party tracking scripts that are used by websites to collect data on user behavior for advertising.

UBlock Origin: It’s another efficient blocker like Adblock. It’s said that uBlock uses significantly less resources than Adblock Plus. With fast speed and small occupation, it can help you block the ads effectively. However, comparing with ABP, this blocker can’t do the whole things ABP do.

2.A trick on browser’s developer console

A technical method can help you to watch YouTube without ads is using browser’s developer console. When you watch YouTube video, open the developer console with the keyboard shortcuts.

Google Chrome: Ctrl-Shift-J

Firefox Mozilla: Ctrl-Shift-K

Internet Explorer: F12 and then click Console

Safiri: Ctrl-4

After opening the developer console, copy and paste the code and press enter.

"document.cookie="VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE=oKckVSqvaGw; path=/;";window.location.reload();"

One fact is that this method can’t work sometimes, and if you’re the newbie of computer, it maybe takes you some times to figure the method out.

It’s noticeable that there exist many limitations no matter you choose to install add-ons or writing script in developer console. And the two methods can’t always be work. What’s more, YouTube don’t work because of some mistakes during trying the methods. So I really recommend you to download YouTube videos to avoiding the ads issue.

Now, please download the Free HD Video Converter Factory to complete your jobs.

More Special Features on Free HD Video Converter Factory

  • Downloading videos from main-stream websites, such as Facebook, Vimeo, CNN
  • Converting any video to various formats and hot devices
  • Compress videos at sharp speed without quality damage
  • Enhancing video by changing bit rate, frame rate, and resolution
  • Making personalized ringtone for your own smart phone
  • Extract audio from video with high quality
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The Simplest Way to Remove YouTube Ads

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