Plex Black Screen on TV/Roku/Android...? Here are the Fixes!

Plex is an excellent streaming app for users to stream media like music, movies, TV shows, etc. However, many users have complained about the Plex black screen issue on forums like Reddit, saying that they cannot view anything on Plex after the Plex logo. The causes of Plex video black screen with audio can be various. So without further ado, let’s check the causes of the Plex no video only audio issue and the possible solutions to fix the issue.
Tips. Unsupported format/codec is the main cause of the Plex video black screen issue, and you can try this video format converter to quickly solve it.

Carina Carina | Updated on Jan 04, 2024

Part 1. Causes for Plex Black Screen Issue

Part 2. How to Fix When Plex Shows Black Screen with Audio

Bottom Line

Part 1. Causes for Plex Black Screen Issue

As stated previously, there are many reasons that can lead you to the Plex black screen problem on various TVs, Android, PS5/PS4, and other streaming devices. And this post stated the main causes. Just read on.

Reason 1. Slow or Unstable Internet Connection: A slow or unstable internet connection could cause the Plex black screen issue. And this is a common cause for most videos not showing issues on various apps, platforms, and devices.

Reason 2. The Streaming Device Issue: The software and hardware can also affect the Plex performance and then lead to a black screen or other issues. For example, your streaming device is outdated to support the latest Plex version or the app version is outdated for streaming your files.

Reason 3. Unsupported Format/Codec (Damaged Files): The format compatibility issue or damaged files can also cause a black screen issue on Plex. Some file formats may be compatible with TVs, PCs, or other streaming devices, but when you using a Plex client, it may be unsupported by the Plex. So it is critical to know the Plex-supported formats before using it. Moreover, some files that are damaged can also lead to the audio playing while the video is a black screen issue.

Unsupported Format Quickly Fix

• Convert any video/audio to Plex-supported format/codec
• Adjust video resolution, aspect ratio and other settings
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Reason 4. Improper Settings: If you set some wrong settings with the Plex app, it can also cause the black screen issue.

After seeing the possible causes of the black screen issue on Plex, you can select the related solutions in the following part to fix the issue.

Part 2. How to Fix When Plex Shows Black Screen with Audio

There are a few solutions you can try to fix the Plex video black screen issue. But before starting the related solutions to fix the issue, you can also give some general fixes a try to see if it works.

• Restart the Plex Media Server

• Reboot your streaming device

• Reinstall Plex

If the above simple fixes don’t work, then move to the following possible solutions.

Solution 1. Check the Internet Connection

Check your internet connection to see whether it is slow or unstable. Make sure your Plex streaming device is correctly connected to the internet and restart your router if necessary. Connect WiFi if possible to increase the streaming speed.

Solution 2. Update the Plex App and Device Software

Mostly, updating the software is one effective solution to fix certain app performance errors. Using an unsupported version of Plex and the server might cause some issues with the app. So the update intends to fix the occurred problems. Meanwhile, you need also to make sure your TV’s firmware or device’s operating system is up to the latest version.

But sometimes the updated version also contains some bugs that may cause the Plex video black screen issue. You may try to revert to an older version to see if it works.

Solution 3. Change the Video Format and Codec

If the video formats are not supported by the streaming devices, the Plex app, or both of them, then you may encounter the Plex black screen issue. Moreover, even if your streaming devices and Plex both support the video format you’re playing, you need also pay attention to the video codec, which can also cause the Plex no video only audio issue. So you need a video converter to transcode the video to be compatible with both the streaming devices and Plex.

To convert video files most efficiently, you can use WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro. It is a powerful video transcoder that can help you batch convert videos to a Plex-supported video format like H.264 MP4. You can also use it to change the video codec and other settings.

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* How to Convert Video Format/Codec to Fix Plex Black Screen Issue

Step 1. Free downloadFree download and install HD Video Converter Factory Pro on your desktop. Then launch it and choose the “Converter” module from its initial interface. Click “+ Add Files” to import the video that plays black screen on Plex.

Step 2. Press the format image on the right side of the interface to open the output format library. Then select a Plex-supported format. Note the format should be also compatible with the streaming devices you’re using.

Step 3. Hit the “Parameter settings” button on the right side and then choose a video codec that is also compatible with Plex. Then press “OK” to save the change.

Step 4. Specify an output path by clicking the bottom inverted triangle button. Finally, press “Run” to start exporting the videos. Once finished, play the converted files with Plex on your device again to see if the Plex black screen issue is solved.

Convert Video for Black Screen Issue

Tips. If your files cannot be added to this video transcoder or other video players, then your files may be corrupted. You need to search for a data repairing tool to repair the damaged files.

Solution 4. Check Settings on Your Streaming Device

If Plex still can only play audio no video after you tried the above solution, you may need to consider if your TV or other streaming devices is set to the correct input for the device you’re using to access Plex, and that any video playback options (such as the video aspect ratio and resolution) are correctly adjusted. Then you may need to utilize some tools to adjust the video aspect ratio and resolution. Also, note whether your display is configured to the right input and whether your streaming settings are accurate or not.

Solution 5. Check Permissions

To enable Plex to run properly on your device, you need to check the Plex app settings and make sure all the necessary permissions are granted. In order to keep the Plex app working properly for the media folder, make sure they are granted "Ready Only" access.

Solution 6. Enable Plex Auto Sign-in Feature

On Windows, according to some Plex users, the Plex black screen issue may be related to Plex’s auto sign-in feature. So you can enable this feature to see if the problem is fixed.

You just need to open Plex, sign in with the administrator account, then go to the User menu. Find “Account” and the “Plex for Windows” section, and check the Automatically Sign in box.

Some also said that disabling global FXAA in your NVidia settings or disabling the full-screen optimization in the compatibility settings for the Plex shortcut also works for the Plex black screen with audio issue on Windows.

Solution 7. Enable Native OpenGL

If the above solution cannot help with the video problem, try to enable Native OpenGL. Although it is not a well-known or widely publicized solution, it does resolve the video streaming problem..

To try this solution, you must first uninstall both your Plex media player and your Plex server. This will cause data and library loss in the app. So before starting, search on Google to find a good procedure for backing up your data. Then uninstall and reinstall your Plex media player and PMS. Make sure to clear any cache files so that the cache does not interfere with your app when you reinstall it. Check the Native OpenGL box and try running your media file in the proper format.

Bottom Line

Above are all the things I want to share with you. Hope you can troubleshoot the Plex black screen issue with the provided solutions here. If none of these solutions work, you may need to resort to Plex support for further help.

Thank you for reading. Have a nice day!

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