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Handy YouTube Video Mixer – How to Mix YouTube Videos with Ease

Author by Cooper

Updated on June 8, 2022

There is no built-in video mixer in YouTube, how do other users mix videos? Is there any third-party mixer? How can we mix YouTube videos with ease? This article will tell you more detailed information for mixing YouTube videos. Just read on.

Nowadays, as YouTube is popular with the masses, there are more and more kinds of song video on YouTube, including hip hop, background music video, music video mixes in a playlist and so forth. Take a music video mix as an example, the upsetting loading time, ads between two videos, and the automatic pause, any one of them can make you feel bad. Have you ever thought to mix two YouTube videos, or more, into a local music mix? It can solve all the questions above and provide you with a better experience. Now that, let us take a look at how to make a YouTube mix.

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How to Mix YouTube Videos via the Best Desktop YouTube Mixer

Before you start the process of YouTube mix two videos, please free downloadfree download the best video mixer - HD Video Converter Factory Pro.

Download Videos

Part 1. Download Videos You Needed to Your Computer

Step 1. Enter Downloader Window of the Video Mixer

As the installation finished, launch it. Then, click Downloader first. A new downloader window will pop up. Hit New Download to prepare a download task.

Step 2. Copy and Paste the URL and Analyze

Copy the URL of videos you want to mix on YouTube. After that, click Paste and Analyze in the download window and wait for a while. It is worth mentioning that the mixer is capable of downloading YouTube playlists and channels. If you want to download multiple videos in a playlist, just copy and paste the URL of the playlist.

Step 3: Choose Video Download Option

After the analyzing, select a video download option below the video. And then click OK to back to the downloader’s main window. You can add another download task via the same steps 2 and 3. Finally, press the inverted triangle to choose the output path and click Download All to start downloading videos.

Mix Videos

Part 2. Mix YouTube Videos into an Entire Video Mix

Step 1. Import Videos into Mixer’s Conversion Window

As soon as the download task finishes, close the YouTube Downloader window, and subsequently press Converter. You can see a new conversion window here. Click Add Files to import the downloaded videos.

Step 2. Cut Videos and Adapt Video Sort

Click the video Merge button on the top bar of the conversion window. Select all videos and click Merge at the center of the mix window. A video pack will appear in the black area. Drag and drop videos to sort them.

Optional, you can cut the rest part of each video. Click the video Trim button under the video you imported. In the new cut window, move the sliders to set the start and end points, click Trim, and then the Ok button.

Step 3. Start Mixing Videos

If you are satisfied with the new videos pack, click the blue Merge button at the bottom. Next, you can select an output format by clicking the output formats button. The mixer supports converting video to 500+ formats and devices. Finally, press the inverted triangle to nominate the output path and click Run to start mixing videos.

At last...

Now you have learned how to mix YouTube videos. It is not difficult to use HD Video Converter Factory Pro to mix YouTube videos, isn’t it? Practice a few more times and you can get a better YouTube video mix.

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