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The Best KeepVid Alternative to Download Videos Easily

As a popular videos downloading helper, KeepVid is widely used around the world. However, many of you must have experienced different KeepVid problems and try to find a KeepVid alternative. Don’t worry! This article has provided the best solution for you.

Updated on Jun 10, 2020



HD Video Converter
Free HD Video Converter Factory
HD Video Converter Factory- a total free KeepVid alternative that downloads videos from YouTube, Facebook, Daily motion, Vimeo, CNN news and so forth at sharp speed with original quality.
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Compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista...

KeepVid is known by many people as a free video downloader that allows people to listen, watch and even download videos and music from websites like YouTube and many other video sharing websites. For most people who have the needs of downloading videos, KeepVid is easy to use with simple steps. However, more and more people are complaining that there are many issues when using KeepVid.

What Happened to keepVid

For most people, the principal concern is whether keepVid is safe or not. In fact, KeepVid online is filled with ads. Some of the ads may be misleading and contain malware that will harm your computer. What’s more, if you want to download videos with KeepVid online, it requires KeepVid Java to analyze the video URL to process the video. That’s the problem! KeepVid Java might contain flaws or bugs, which puts your computer into a dangerous situation.


Download videos with KeepVid

Download videos with KeepVid

Is keepVid safe? Now you can get the answer. KeepVid itself is safe, but if people trying to download videos with KeepVid online, their computer might be damaged by those malware and spyware on the web page. And Java is also the other factor which may lead to possible danger. Just as I mentioned before, Java Applet is necessary when you downloading videos with KeepVid online. However, some useless tools and malicious ads may be installed at the same time when you install Java. That’s the crux of the problem.

Problems People Come Cross When Using KeepVid Desktop

Based on that case, many people incline to install KeepVid desktop downloader that doesn’t have ads and doesn’t need Java installation. However, here come the new KeepVid problems!

I used KeepVid to download videos from YouTube some days ago. But, it doesn’t work properly today. Nothing happens after I input the video URL and hit download button. What’s wrong with KeepVid? How can I clear away the problem?

Hi, I just start using KeepVid for a few months, but recently every music video I downloaded in mp4 format has no sound at all. Do you guys have the same problem as well?

I just wonder if any of you have the same problem saving YouTube's and other web streaming videos with KeepVid. It saves up to 50% or so (.flv or even.mp4), then it stops downloading and your video is cut by half. I wonder if there is any KeepVid alternative mp4.

Have you ever come across the problems above? Actually, excepting for KeepVid download not working, KeepVid video no sound and other similar KeepVid not working issues, many people have complained about that it takes long time to load the videos and the KeepVid desktop don’t response at all when launching it. What’s more, some people reflect that their computer systems have slowed down after installing this program.

The Best KeepVid Alternative Helps You Solve KeepVid Problems

It urges us to find an alternative to KeepVid without any downloading issues and safety problems. There are many programs like KeepVid which claim to download videos without any problem. But the fact is that some alternative to KeepVid can’t do the work as they promise to.

As a clean and powerful program, Wonderfox HD Video Converter comes into sight. With it, you can download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Daily motion, Vimeo, CNN news and many more without any problem. This program also allows you to convert videos to 500+formats and hot devices. The noticeable thing is that KeepVid tabletop has bugs on downloading 1080P videos, but WonderFox HD Video Converter has solved this issue perfectly to download any high quality video easily.

Now free download HD Video Converter Factory and install it on your pc. Then follow the tutorial to download videos.

Simple Steps to Download Videos with HD Video Converter Factory

Step 1

At first, run the program and open Downloader. Click New Download button and copy and paste the video you want to download then click Analyze. After a few seconds, you can choose the resolution, format and size of the video. Set the output folder and click Download All button to start the downloading work.

The process of downloading videos

The process of downloading videos

Step 2

After downloading the video, you can open Converter to convert it to other formats and higher quality, such as converting video to HD quality and even transfer the video to your android phone, convert videos to iPhone, play the video on iPad , Xbox, PS4 and many other devices.

Tips: If you’re advanced user, you’re able to change the related parameters like resolution, bit rates, frame rates for your own demands. Just click the Parameters Settings to do the work.

Transfer video to devices

Transfer video to devices

Step 3

Back to the main interface, specify a destination folder and click Run on the lower right side to start conversion. After a few seconds, you will get the video as you expected.

Click Run to convert video to HD one

Click Run to convert video to HD one

The best KeepVid alternative free--- HD Video Converter Factory is capable of batch downloading most all videos including 4K videos, 1080P videos and transferring them to your devices for free playback. Just simple steps with the program, soon, you can play the videos offline as you wish.

Now, please download the Free HD Video Converter Factory to complete your jobs.

More Special Features on Free HD Video Converter Factory

  • Best video downloader helping you download videos from main-stream websites
  • Convert videos to 500+formats and hot devices
  • The built-in editor helps you clip, crop videos and add special effects
  • Add/disable subtitles based on your own needs
  • Extract audio from video with simple clicks
  • A ringtone maker to help you create enchanting ringtone music
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