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Simple and Useful Methods on How to Make a Video Less MB

Author by Lisa

Updated on Jul 20, 2020

Nowadays, the amelioration of technology facilitates our daily life. In the same way, the improvement in video editor makes video editing easier than before. As for how to make a video less MB, a videos MB compressor can solve it with high proficiency. Next, I will recommend you a good compressor and show the methods to reduce MB of video.

The Reason Why We Need to Reduce MB of Video

It is well-known to all that the videos captured by proficient camera or the edited video take up much space. The videos occupying a lot of shortage of space, HD, FHD as well as UHD videos in particular, increase the bandwidth load and block the uploading or transferring due to the size restrictions.

Therefore, there are some demands for video MB compressors, which is a must-have when one wants to reduce MB of video in a handy way. Next, I will introduce a practical video MB compressor to you and show you how to make a video less MB.

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The Factors Decide the Size of Videos and the Essentiality of the Tool

The main factors decide the size of video are bitrate and duration. To reduce the size of file in a simple and effective way, here, I highly recommend you WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro. The video size compressors can reduce the size of files which in result minimize the bandwidth usage and time of upload. What’s more, it is also a video editor that enables you to edit your video on Windows 10 including cutting/cropping/splitting/merging videos.

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Ways on How to Lower the MB of a Video

Input the video

Before start, please free downloadfree download the software and install it first, then launch the software, then open the Converter option.

Step 1. Input the Video into the Compressor

Before all the ways below, you need to click on the “Add Files “button or directly drag the video into the screen to input the video.

To Use Compression Setting Bar

Step 2. Choose the Way You Like Below

Way 1 – To Use Compression Setting Bar

An advanced “Batch Compression” features of this video size compressor helps you to solve how to make video smaller.

First you need to choose the output format of the video on the bottom. After that, click on the "Batch Compression" and drag the slider to adjust “Compression Ratio”. Besides, you can see the compression ratio and file size. The bigger the “Compression Ratio” is, the smaller the video size is, however, the lower the quality of video will become.

To Change the Video Format

Way 2 – To Change the Encoder of the Video

Changing to an advanced encoder will make a video less MB with original quality preserved. Currently, only H265 and VP9 can reduce the size by about half while maintaining the same quality, compared with H264 and VP8. And the compressor provides a simple method to convert the encoder of your videos by click the format icon. Just choose H.265 or VP9 profile under Video tab.

To Adjust the Settings

Way 3 – To Adjust the Settings (Bitrate, Frame Rate, Resolution and Aspect Ratio)

Click on the “Parameter Settings” button below the format profile. You’re able to change the values of resolution and bitrate to compress files, change aspect ratio to resize video or modify frame rate to optimized video. Please remember to click on “OK” to save the settings.

To Cut the Video to Make Video Less MB

Way 4 – To Cut the Video to Make Video Less MB

Click scissors icon and then you will enter the Trim window. You can drag the controlling bar to select the clips you want in the video. Lastly, click the “Ok” button.

Step 3. To Save the Edited Videos

Finally, click on the inverted triangle icon on on the bottom to set output path and then hit the “Run” button.

At last...

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is a good video compressor. Moreover, it is also a practical video editor, a useful video converter and a video downloader supporting to download videos from more than 300+ sites.

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