How to Trim or Cut Videos in VLC?

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Feb 4, 2024
How to Cut Video in VLC
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1. Can VLC Cut Videos?
2. Detailed Guide on Trimming Videos with VLC
3. Troubleshooting Cutting Videos in VLC
4. An Easier Alternative to VLC Video Cutting

Can VLC Cut Videos?

VLC is one of the most popular open-source, cross-platform media players available. It can play just about any media file and supports many advanced features. However, VLC DOES NOT provide a direct way to trim or cut video files from within the program.

However, it offers a workaround for trimming videos through its recording feature. This method, while not straightforward, is effective for simple edits. Next, we'll walk through the guide step by step, covering some common issues and solutions when trimming videos in VLC.

Detailed Guide on Trimming Videos with VLC

Step 1: Set Up VLC

Before starting the trimming process, ensure VLC is installed on your computer. If not, download it from the official VLC website and follow the installation instructions. Once installed, open VLC to prepare for video trimming.

Download and Install VLC
Download and Install VLC

Step 2: Load the Video

Navigate to "Media" > "Open File" and browse for the video file you wish to trim. Select the file and click "Open" to load it into VLC.

Take a moment to preview your video to familiarize yourself with the content, making note of the sections you intend to trim.

Load a Video in VLC
Load a Video in VLC

Step 3: Specify a Save Location

To locate the trimmed clip quickly, you’re recommended to designate a directory beforehand. Go to "Tools" > "Preferences" > "Input / Codecs" > "Record directory or filename", then make the changes and click "Save".

Choose a Record Location
Choose a Record Location

Step 4: Enable Advanced Controls

To access the necessary tools for trimming, enable VLC's advanced controls. Click on "View" in the menu bar and select "Advanced Controls". Additional buttons, including the crucial record button, will appear above the standard play/pause controls.

Step 5: Identify Start and End Points

Play the video to locate the exact starting point for trimming. Use the pause and frame-by-frame advance buttons to achieve precise control over playback, ensuring you start recording at the right moment.

Enable Advanced Controls
Enable Advanced Controls

Step 6: Record the Segment

With the starting point identified, click the Record button at your desired start time, let the video play through the section you wish to keep, and click the record button again at the end point. VLC will automatically save the recorded segment as a new video file.

Step 7: Locate the Trimmed Video

Now go to your specified directory to check your trimmed video file.

Cut Video in VLC
Cut Video in VLC

Troubleshooting Cutting Videos in VLC

Here are some common issues people run into when trimming videos with VLC and how to fix them:

Issue 1: Difficulty in pinpointing precise start/end points.

Solution: Use the frame-by-frame advance feature for greater accuracy. Patience and practice are key, as it may take several attempts to get it just right.

Issue 2: Trimmed video has garbled audio

Solution: Try re-encoding the trimmed video to repair any audio sync issues. In VLC, go to "Media > Convert/Save". Select the trimmed clip, choose a profile, and then convert the video.

Issue 3: Inability to locate the saved video file.

Solution: VLC typically saves recordings in "Videos" or "Documents" by default. To change the location, go to "Tools" > "Preferences" > "Input / Codecs" > "Record directory or filename".

An Easier Alternative for Cutting Video in VLC

While VLC does a decent job at trimming videos, the process can be cumbersome and not always accurate. For those seeking a more straightforward and precise method, WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory is an excellent alternative. This tool is 100% free and designed with simplicity in mind, making it ideal for both beginners and experienced users.

Free download Download for Free
Free download Download for Free

Step 1. Add Video File

Install and runInstall and run the freeware. Click on "Converter" in the main interface, then "Add Files" to import the video you wish to trim.

Add Video File in Free HD Video Converter Factory
Add Video File in Free HD Video Converter Factory

Step 2. Cut the Video

Click the scissors-shaped icon to open the "Trim" window. Here, you can visually select the start and end points for trimming or enter precise times for each. BTW, you can trim multiple sections from the video.

Cut or Trim the Video
Cut or Trim the Video

Step 3. Choose Output and Saving

Select your desired output format from over 500 available presets to ensure compatibility and quality. Set a destination folder for the trimmed video, and click "Run" to finalize your edits.

Save Trimmed Clip(s)
Save Trimmed Clip(s)


Q1: Can VLC cut multiple parts of a video at once?

A: No, VLC can record only one section at a time. For multiple cuts, you'll need to repeat the process or use a dedicated video editing tool like WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory.

Q2: Can I trim 4K or large HD videos in VLC?

A: Yes, VLC can record trim and cut ultra HD 4K or any resolution footage to create smaller clips. However, it may be slower than dedicated editing software.

Q3: What if I want to trim a long section from my video with VLC?

A: Unfortunately, you have to sit through the whole process with patience. When you reach the end of the section you wish to keep, click the record button again to stop recording.

Q4: Can I cut videos using VLC on mobile?

A: VLC is available for mobile devices, however video trimming is not supported in the mobile app version. You'd need to transfer videos to a desktop to trim using VLC. Alternatively, use a mobile video editor like InShot.

Wrapping Up

Trimming and cutting video clips is possible directly within VLC using its recording function, though it involves a workaround process. Setting accurate start and end points and re-encoding trimmed videos can be challenging.

For a faster and easier way to cut videos, try the free video processing software WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory. It provides an intuitive and precise interface for trimming multiple video files quickly without any quality loss, catering to users of all skill levels.

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Highlights of the Free Video Processor
Highlights of the Free Video Processor
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Free download Download for Free
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