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[Unconventional Solution] How to Cut Video in VLC Media Player?

Author by Kevincy Berel

Dec 26, 2019

Can VLC cut video? Actually, VLC doesn't natively offer the ability for video cutting. Nevertheless, the recording feature can make up for this deficiency. By taking full advantage of it, it won't take much effort to record and save certain clip from a video so as to accomplish video cutting. Can't wait for that? Now let's see how to cut video in VLC.

Well, when we speak of VLC Media Player, most of us will give a thumbs-up profusely. The most impressive thing is its open source cross-platform and powerful video/audio decoding capability. As a totally free media player, we can't ask for more. However, it surprises us over and over again. In addition to being a regular media player, it also possesses quite a few hidden editing functions, such as loop video in VLC, VLC merge videos, VLC crop video, and so forth. In this article, let me demonstrate how to cut video in VLC. Yeah, you heard me, it's definitely qualified to do that.

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Detailed Guide: How to Cut Video in VLC Media Player

Play Video in VLCPlay Video in VLC

In order to be consistent with the VLC video cutting tutorial, keep your VLC up to date.

Step 1. Run VLC Media Player, load the video file you want to cut by Media > Open File. Alternatively, just simply drag it into the player window.

Set Output Folder for VLC Video CuttingSet Output Folder for VLC Video Cutting

Step 2. Pause the video playback, go to Tools > Preferences > Input / Codecs tab > Record directory or file name.

Click on the Browse button to assign a destination folder to save the VLC cut video. Otherwise, the VLC split video will be saved in your “My Videos” folder in Windows.

VLC Cutting VideoVLC Cutting Video

Step 3. Click on the View on the menu bar. Afterwards, choose Advanced Controls option in the submenu. You'll see four buttons appeared above the Play button.

Step 4. Here comes the point for VLC video cutting. Move the slider along with the progress bar to the location where you want to cut the video, press the red record button and play the video. DO NOT disturb the recording process, which means you cannot directly movie the slider to the end point as VLC records in real time.

Step 5. When you reach the ending point, press the red record button again to cut video with VLC. And the video cut will be automatically saved in your assigned output folder in Step 2.

How to Cut Video in VLC Alternative - HD Video Converter Factory Pro

To tell the truth, VLC can barely make it, though, it's not all roses. Meanwhile, it also reveals some fatal shortcomings, not accurate, have to wait for playing and recording, no multi-cutting support, etc. But if you care too much for your video cutting work, you'll turn to an all-sided yet user-friendly program - WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro. With no incomprehensible and abstruse GUI, buzz word, shortcut keys, you'll be skillful at video cutting work. Here is the straightforward operation below.

How to Cut Video Clips with Ease in only 3 Steps

Add Video to Program

Before start, please free downloadfree download the software.

Step 1 - Load Video File You Want to Cut

Run HD Video Converter Factory Pro, open Converter module. Import the video file via Add File and Add Video Folder button or a simple drag & drop. Then click on the scissor icon to get into the video cutting window.

Cut Video Clips

Step 2 - Cut Video Clip

On the new window, move both blue sliders to determine which part you want to cut. Also, you're able to input Start/End time to make it more accurate. Press Trim button to trim a video clip, and a Clip 1 will display below. Whereafter, cut multiple clips with the same steps as you wish. Preview each clip, and click OK to go back to main interface.

Initiate Video Cutting

Step 3 - Start to Cut Video

Next, click on the inverted triangle icon on the bottom to specify a location folder to save the clips. Select any optimized video format on the right side. Finally, hit Run button to cut video clips.

At last...

That's all I want to introduce how to cut video in VLC and HD Video Converter Factory Pro. I admit it's unfair to make a comparison between a video player and video converter. I just want to say, every program should perform its duty. Since you have an urgent demand for cutting video, why not deliver it to a more qualified program? How to get work done easily and efficiently is our goal, isn't it?

Wait! Video Cutting is Just the Tip of an Iceberg

HD Video Converter Factory Pro

HD Video Converter Factory Pro

1. Cut a single segment or multiple clips in visible operation.

2. Merge scattered video files into one.

3. Convert video to 500+ preset profiles of formats and devices.

4. Download online video/music for offline playback.

5. Record all activities on the screen with sound, and more...

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