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Guide on How to Add Addons to Kodi Leia on Windows PC in 2020
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Guide on How to Add Addons to Kodi Leia on Windows PC in 2020

Author by Oswald

February 7, 2020

Hi there, newbie to Kodi! You must can’t wait to get started on your Kodi journey, the good news, you are only one step away. In the following article, three ways on how to add addons to Kodi are provided, choose the method depending on the installation source you have, and get the desire addons on your Kodi right away!

Why Do I Need Addons for Kodi?

For those who don’t know, the official Kodi version doesn’t provide any content whatsoever. Unofficial Kodi versions, however, are not recommended to use since they might bring you malware and other risks. To enjoy free movies, live TV, live sports, TV shows, etc. resources and explore the full potential of Kodi on the official version, installing addons for Kodi is an essential process.

Launch your Kodi to get started! Learn how to install Kodi on Windows PC, if you haven’t.

Method 1. How to Add Addons to Kodi from Kodi Official Addons

Step 1. From the main menu, click on the “Add-ons” tab to enter Add-ons screen.

Click on Add-ons

Step 2. Suspense you mouse on “Download” tab at the bottom of the list. Addon sections categorized with types will be shown on the right side. Move your mouse over then, to enter the section you want. Then you can manually browse for a proper addon as per needs.

Mouse-over on Download

Or, you may have the exact name of the addon you want, which you’ve already searched for and known for on Google and whatnot. In that case, to find the addon you want, you can search for the exact name of the desired addon on Kodi. At the Add-ons screen as Step 2, click the box icon from the upper left side > select “Search” > Enter search string and click OK> See if the addon you want is there.

Search for the Addon you want

For security, Kodi doesn’t allow installation from third-party by default. Before going about the following two methods, you need to enable the installation from unknown sources first.

Method 2. How to Add Addons to Kodi from Individual ZIP File.

Sometimes a certain third part Addon comes as an individual ZIP file, here’s how to install it to Kodi.

Step 1. At the Addons screen, click on the box icon from the upper left side.

Click on the box icon

Step 2. Hit “Install from zip file”

Hit Install from .zip file

Step 3. Locate the path of the addon .zip file on your computer and click "OK" to start the installation.

Install addons from ZIP files

Method 3. How to Add Addons to Kodi from A Kodi Repository

Kodi repositories are containers like addon bundles that contain a set of filtered addons. By installing a Kodi repository instead of individual Addons, the Addons are automatically updated when a new version is released. Also, Kodi repositories come in the form of ZIP files. So, if you have installed a repository for Kodi or plan on doing so, you can also install addon from a Kodi repository.

Step 1. At the Add-ons screen, click on the box icon from the upper left side.

Click on the box icon

Step 2. Select “Install from repository”.

Select Install from repository

Step 3. From the directories shown, scroll to find your installed repository as per categorization, and then install the desired addon within.

Find the installed repository and install addon within

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