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How to Convert HD Video to DVD?

Author by Vita

April 24, 2020

Burning DVDs was quite popular for people to deliver or store digital files like photos, music, and videos. Even now, some people are still using this approach. Since more devices become available for shooting high definition videos, people will inevitably meet HD videos during DVD burning tasks and may run into troubles. In this post, we will tell you how to correctly deal with HD video to DVD conversion.

Is It Possible to Burn HD Video to DVD?

Q: How to burn 1920x1080 video without losing quality? By the way, I'm interested to know what the max resolution is that a normal DVD can display in neglecting what cables are being used.

A: Burning MTS and AVCHD videos to DVD is a common scenario when people want to burn HD DVDs. After capturing some high-quality videos using cameras, some people are still used to burning them into DVD disc as an exact copy. However, you may have found that the image quality of the burned videos is obviously downgraded. The cause is due to the maximum resolution a standard DVD supports. Actually, a video DVD limits resolution up to 720 pixels horizontally by 480 pixels vertically (720x480), namely 480p. If you input a higher resolution video into a standard DVD disc, it will downscale the resolution by default for playing in a DVD Player. So how to correctly burn an HD video? Just reading on.

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Two Ways to Burn HD Videos

To burn HD videos, there are two available methods.

1. Use a special Blu-ray authoring software or HD DVD burner that can create an AVCHD file structure. In this way, there will have a Blu-ray file structure on your standard DVD disc that can be only played on a Blu-ray player. There is a set of commercial software for the HD video to DVD burning task, such as Cyberlink Power2Go, Roxio and Nero. But not all Blu-ray players support AVCHD DVD and the length of the video is limited.

2. Burn HD videos to a Blu-ray disc and you can play the burned disc on a Blu-ray player, which requires a Blu-ray authoring tool, a Blu-ray blank disc as well as a Blu-ray player. The burned Blu-ray is supported by most Blu-ray players.

You can choose from the ways above based on your own needs. If you only have a standard DVD disc, you can burn HD DVD as way 1 shows, yet here recommends that you try the second way as there is a free method for you to perform the operation. The following part is how-to.

How to Free Burn HD Videos to Blu-ray Discs?

The whole process consists of two parts. First you need to use a free tool called tsMuxeR to convert your HD videos to a Blu-ray ISO file. Then, burn the ISO file with the help of a program that comes with Blu-ray disc burning function, such as Imgburn for Windows and Finder for Mac.

1. Create Blu-ray ISO image from HD Videos  

Download tsMuxeR:

Step 1. Extract the tsMuxeR zip file, run the tsMuxerGUI.exe file.

Step 2. Click on “add” and select the HD videos on your computer.

Step 3. Choose “Blu-ray ISO” under the Output section.

Step 4. Hit “Browse” and choose the output location for saving the converted ISO file.

Step 5. Click on “Start Muxing”. You will get an ISO file when the progress is finished.

Create HD ISO

2. Burn Blu-ray ISO to Disc

Download ImgBurn:

Step 1. Insert a blank disc into your computer. Install and open ImgBurn.

Step 2. Select “Write image file to disc”.

Write image file to disc

Step 3. Click the yellow folder icon next to “Please select a file” and import the converted ISO file.

Step 4. Select the target disc drive as the destination.

Step 5. Click the ISO to Disc write icon.

Step 6. A progress dialog will appear. It will take a while before your new Blu-ray disc is ready for playback in Blu-ray player.

Burn 1080p to DVD

This tutorial is based on Windows. Mac users can use tsMuxeR to create an ISO image file and burn it to disc via Finder.

In Summary

After going through the information, you can learn that there is no direct way to burn HD video to DVD without losing quality yet you can either burn HD DVD – AVCHD DVD or Blu-ray disc for flawless backup and playback. It’s all about how to burn high quality DVDs. Hope this post is helpful for you in some ways.

How to Make Flawless Copy from a DVD Disc?

DVD Ripper Pro

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