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Detailed Instruction on How to Enable Handbrake GPU Acceleration

Author by Vita

Updated on May 27, 2021

Does Handbrake use GPU acceleration and how to make use of Handbrake GPU acceleration to quicken video transcoding process? Read on to learn about the steps of enabling the Handbrake GPU encoding feature. We also recommend you a smart and fast GPU video converter. It’s easy for all users:

Can Handbrake Use GPU Acceleration for Video Encoding?

Q: I use HandBrake for transcoding video, but it's no faster since I upgraded to my 980Ti. I assume this is a CPU-heavy process. Is there a way to have GPU encoding for Handbrake? Will it have any benefits than doing it with CPU?

A: The latest version of Handbrake supports encoding in Nvidia NVENC, Intel QSV (Quick Sync Video) and AMD VCE hardware acceleration technologies, which helps take a load off of the CPU and speeds up the encoding process. The following part shows how to enable Handbrake GPU acceleration.

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How to Enable Handbrake NVENC, Intel QSV, and AMD VCE Hardware Acceleration

Handbrake only supports a few hardware-accelerated encoder software and operating systems. Before starting the Handbrake hardware acceleration process, let’s view the computer configurations that Handbrake officially supports:

Processor and Graphic Card Operating System Version
Nvidia NVEnc Encoder Nvidia GeForce GTX 10 and RTX 20 Series. Driver “399.24” or later must be installed. Windows 7 SP1 and Later
Intel Quick Sync Video Intel Sandy Bridge (2nd Generation Core) CPU’s with Intel HD Graphics better Windows 10 (GUI and CLI), Windows 7 SP1 and Later
AMD VCE Encoder AMD Radeon RX 400 Series, Vega or better Windows 10, Linux (CLI Only when compiled from source with –enable-qsv).

Note that if you are using an old operating system or card, the Handbrake GPU acceleration may work, as well, even if Handbrake doesn’t offer native support for it. Besides, please make sure you’re using the latest version of Handbrake. Upgrade the version here:

The Steps of Enabling Handbrake GPU Acceleration and Encoding Files

Handbrake NVENCHandbrake NVENC

Step 1. Launch Handbrake, click on File under Source Selection and import a single video file.

Step 2. Go to the top menu bar, select Tools > Preferences > Video. The supported hardware video encoder will be enabled automatically, and the unsupported handbrake encoder options will be grey and can’t be selected. Here takes Handbrake NVENC as an example.

Handbrake Nvidia Encode VideoHandbrake Nvidia Encode Video

Step 3. After enabling Handbrake GPU acceleration, go back to the main interface, choose an option that you want to convert the video to under the Presets section. Then hit the Video tab, under the Video Codec drop-down list, select a codec with Nvidia NVENC .

Step 4. Finally, specify the output file location, and click on the green Start Encode to initialize the GPU video encoding Handbrake process.

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A Simple Way to Enable Hardware Acceleration and Encode Videos Faster

Handbrake is a little complicated and it takes time to learn about the encoding process. If you need a more convenient and faster video converter to encode videos, WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro will be a suitable choice. The software is designed to offer the most straightforward solution to encode videos as fast as possible. It fully supports Intel QSV, Nvidia NVENC/Cuda hardware acceleration for AVC and HEVC video encoding, and can achieve up to 50X conversion speed. Meanwhile, it offers the CPU usage Priority setting to set priority for conversion process with ease. All the features are easy to use. Even if it’s the first time you use the software, you’re able to handle it in your element.

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How to Encode Videos Fast with HD Video Converter Factory Pro

Convert Videos with HD Pro

Before start, please free downloadfree download and install the software on PC.

Step 1. Import Videos into the GPU Video Converter

Run HD Video Converter Factory Pro, select Converter on the main interface. Click on Add Files and import videos you want to convert.

Step 2. Choose an Output Format

Hit the Output Format button on the right side of the interface, and choose an output format. If you convert a video format to another one with the same encoder without any other settings altered, the Lightning Mode will be activated and there will be a lightning icon on the video. Meanwhile, the conversion will be accelerated dramatically.

Step 3. Enable Hardware Acceleration

The Hardware Acceleration feature is enabled by default. You can click on the Hardware Acceleration button on the lower right to enable/disable it and learn more about the feature.

Step 4. Start the Conversion Process 

Choose an output path via the inverted triangle icon. Then click on Run to start the process.

At Last

This article has explained the detailed steps of how to speed up Handbrake by using Handbrake GPU acceleration and also recommend you a simple GPU-accelerated video converter. You can choose one based on your needs. If this article is useful for you, please share it with more friends.

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