Need to crop videos on PC? This article will teach you three simple ways to crop video in windows 10 with the best free Windows 10 video croppers. Please read on.

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Michelle Michelle | Updated on Jul 25, 2023
Best Ways to Crop Video in Windows 10 for Free:

Most people do not like an unwanted object appearing in their recorded videos. Some also feel painful to watch videos with the wrong aspect ratio. Well, that’s where a crop video editor will come in handy. A good video crop tool can easily help you edit out the parts you don’t want and change your video to your preferred display size. In the following, we will show you how to crop a video in Windows 10 with three simple and free video crop software. Read on for more details.

Free Video Cropper for Windows

WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory is a free video cropping software for Windows 10. It allows you to crop videos and resize videos easily with no watermark. In addition, it’s got more creative functions to help you trim, split, merge, rotate, and add filters to your videos efficiently. Try the free video crop tool now!

How to Crop a Video in Windows 10 with Free Video Cropper?

WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory is an easy-to-use video editing and converting program recommended for users of all levels. It can work as a free video cropper without watermark to help you crop MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, WMV, MPG, etc. easily and keep high quality. It also provides common aspect ratios to choose from, and you can quickly make videos into square, portrait, widescreen, etc. Apart from video cropping, the software can do some light editing as well, such as video trimming, merging, rotating, and adding text and filters. Moreover, it is only a couple of clicks to trim and crop video in Windows 10 using this software.

Now, free download free download the video cropper for Windows 10 to crop your videos.

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Step 1. Add File to the Video Cropper

Start WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory on your PC and open the “Converter.” In the converter program, click the “Add File” or the center “+” button to import your video file into the interface. Drag-and-drop is also supported.

(Optional) At the bottom of the interface, you can select an output folder by clicking the ▼ button.

Crop Video Windows 10 Free - Add

Step 2. Crop Video as You Like

In the video toolbar, click the “Crop” button to open the video crop window. Next, choose an editing mode – “Free Aspect Ratio” or “Fixed Aspect Ratio.” And on the left Original Preview, drag the frame to crop the video as you want. You can see the real-time effect on the right Output Preview. Click the “Play” button to play the video if you like. When the editing is over, click “OK” to save the changes.

Crop Video Windows 10 Free - Crop

Step 3. Select Output Format and Export File

Now, hit the format image on the right side of the program to open the output format list. Head to the “Video” section and select your preferred video output format. Finally, click “Run” to export the cropped video.

Tips. In the “Parameter settings,” you can further modify the video for a more personalized output result, like adjusting the bitrate, scaling the resolution, changing the codec, muting the video, etc.

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Crop Video Windows 10 Free - Export

More Features of Free HD Video Converter

• Convert all mainstream audio & video formats;

• Download HD/4K/8K videos from YouTube;

• Modify video/audio bitrate, codec, resolution, etc.;

• Cut and join audio/video into one;

• Compress large videos without losing quality.

How to Crop Videos on Windows 10 with VLC Crop Video Editor?

If you already have VLC installed on your PC, you can also take advantage of this very media app to crop your videos. And due to its excellent format support, you can crop almost any video without an issue. Yet, unlike playing media files in VLC, cropping videos in VLC requires a few extra steps. Now, let’s see how to crop video frame in Windows 10 using the VLC below.

Step 1. Open VLC and play your video.

Step 2. Go to the top menu bar and click “Tools” > “Effects and Filters” (or press the hotkeys “Ctrl + E”).

Crop MP4 Windows 10

Step 3. In the popup window, switch to the “Video Effects” tab and open the “Crop” section. Here, input the values at the four boxes (Top, Right, Bottom, and Left) to crop your video. As you enter the value, you can see the real-time effect in the background video. Adjust the value till you get the perfect result, and close the window when you are done with the cropping.

Crop Video Size Windows 10

Step 4. Reopen “Tools” > “Preferences” (press “Ctrl + P”). At the bottom-left of the new window, check “All” in the Show settings.

Step 5. On the left menu, navigate to “Video” > “Filters” > “Croppadd.” Then, on the right Crop section, enter the values you set earlier.

Video Crop Software for Windows 10

Step 6. Click again the “Filters” on the left menu and find the “Video cropping filter” checkbox on the right filter list. Select it and click “Save” to apply the changes.

Video Crop App for Windows 10

Step 7. Now, on the top menu bar, click “Media” > “Convert/Save.” Then add the video you want to crop and click the bottom Convert/Save button.

Crop Video Frame Windows 10

Step 8. Choose a profile from the preset drop-down options and then click the next edit tool. Go to “Video codec” > “Filters” > check “Video cropping filter.” Click “Save.”

Crop Video Area Windows 10

Step 9. Finally, click Browse and choose an output folder and output name. Click “Start” to finish cropping the video with VLC.

How to Crop Videos Windows 10 VLC

How to Crop Video on Windows 10 Free & Online?

Besides the offline video cropping software, some video crop tools online are also nice go-to options. Clideo is among the most popular and free video crop app online that can help you crop video exactly and efficiently. It supports all the mainstream video formats and can resize your video in a super easy and fast way. Without further ado, let’s follow the instructions below to crop video area on Windows 10 with Clideo online.

Note. Clideo offers cropping videos for free with a watermark.

Step 1. Visit and click Choose file to upload your video. You can also import a video from Google Drive and Dropbox.

Step 2. On the right side of the new page, you can use the prepared fixed aspect ratios or the “Exact Size” option to crop your video to your wanted effect. At the bottom-left corner, you can choose the output format.

Step 3. When everything is ready, click the Export button at the bottom-right corner and wait for the video to be processed.

Step 4. Download the cropped video file to your local drive.

How to Crop a Video Windows 10 Online


1. Can I Crop Video with Windows Movie Maker?

It used to be fast and convenient to crop video with Windows Movie Maker. But with its discontinuation on January 10, 2017, Windows Movie Maker was replaced by Video Editor and is no longer available for Windows. However, you can install an archived copy of the 2012 version of Windows Movie Maker (as a part of Windows Live Essentials) to continue using the app. Here's how to crop video in Windows Movie Maker:

Step 1. Open Windows Movie Maker. Then drag your movie into the blank interface.

Step 2. Click the Animations menu, then expand the Pans and Zoom list.

Step 3. Choose the desired zoom-in effect.

Step 4. Click File > Save movie, then choose your preferred format to export the cropped video.

2. How to Use Windows Photos Crop Video?

The Photos app coming along with Windows 10 has a built-in Video Editor that can do basic editing of videos. However, it is impossible to crop video in the Windows Video Editor as it does not have video crop functions but trim, rotate, and some other features.

Tips. The Clipchamp app pre-installed on Windows 11 offers options to crop videos effectively.

You have come to the end of this post. We have told you how to crop videos in Windows 10 with three free video croppers. Each cropping tool has its merits and demerits. Choose what suits you the best and start your first video cropping. That’s all for now. Thanks for reading!

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