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How to Rip CD to WAV with 3 Free and Simple Ways
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How to Rip CD to WAV with 3 Free and Simple Ways

Author by Rocabella

Updated on Jun 09, 2023

Generally, WAV audio format is intended to be uncompressed. Hence, ripping CD to WAV files would be a great way to get digital audio without compromising the sound quality. However, not everyone knows how to convert a CD to WAV, this article will elaborate on three different ways for you. Let's go for it!

BTW, if you would like to extract audio from DVD to WAV, MP3, etc., this DVD Ripper would be more helpful.

The Benefits of Converting a CD to WAV

It is well-known that WAV is the closest lossless audio format to the quality of CD. Converting a CD to lossless WAV file has many benefits:

1. There is no any quality loss of a CD.

2. Free a CD from scratches and damages.

3. Digital files are better for playback, save and share.

4. Easy to burn to a new blank CD.

Compared with converting CD to lossy MP3 audio, it is more appropriate to rip CD to WAV for music enthusiasts. Hence, this article will provide 3 free methods for CD WAV conversion on Windows.

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3 Free and Simple Methods to Rip CD to WAV on Windows

Method 1 - CD to WAV with Windows Media Player

Usually, the built-in Windows Media Player does more than just act as a media converter and CD burner, it can also be used as a CD ripper to rip CD to lossless WAV quickly. Follow the steps as below:

How to Convert CD to lossless WAV Using WMPHow to Convert CD to lossless WAV Using WMP

Step 1: Insert a CD into the CD drive.

Step 2: Open WMP and switch to the Library Mode.

Step 3: Click Organize> Options> Rip Music> Custom Output Directory in the upper left corner and then select format as WAV (Lossless)> OK

Step 4: Select your CD drive on the left, and select all, then click Rip CD on the menu bar and start to rip audio CD to WAV.

Method 2 - Convert Audio CD to WAV with iTunes

We've talked about how to use iTunes to normalize audio and convert M4A to WAV, and today let's take a look at how to convert CD to WAV with iTunes.

Rip Music from CD Using iTunesRip Music from CD Using iTunes

Step 1: Launch iTunes and then click Edit > Preferences > General > Import Settings > select WAV Encoder in Import Using > OK.

Step 2: Insert CD into the CD drive.

Step 3: Add all tracks in CD to a playlist or create a new playlist.

Step 4: Hold down Ctrl and select the tracks you need to convert, click File > Convert > Create WAV Version in the menu bar and start to Convert audio CD to WAV File.

Method 3 - Rip CD to WAV with Exact Audio Copy (EAC)

Finish CD WAV Conversion Using EACFinish CD WAV Conversion Using EAC

Firstly, visit to get the CD to WAV extractor and install it. Then

Step 1: Run the EAC software, and click Cancel when the EAC Setup Wizard pops up.

Step 2: Insert a CD into the CD drive, and you'll see the CD tracks listed in the interface.

Step 3: Select all tracks and click the first icon Copy Selected Tracks Uncompressed on the left.

Step 4: Set the output directory and click OK to start to extract WAV from CD.

By the way, ripping CD to FLAC with EAC is a popular choice for many people. Exact Audio Copy is the first choice of varied CD rippers for the broad masses of audiophiles. Though this software is powerful and easy to use, it is not friendly to the novice, more detailed parameters please refer to here:

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Now, you have got 3 free and simple ways to rip audio CD to WAV, after that, you can keep your CD in a safe place to prevent damage, and use the WAV file for regular enjoy. Of course, you can choose to convert WAV to FLAC, MP3, AAC, or any needed audio format with a handy audio conveter. If this article does help you, you are free to share it with more people!

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