6 Best M4A to MP3 Converter for PC Windows 10

Dec 14, 2022
  • How to Convert M4A to MP3 Easily?
  • 1. Download Download the best M4A to MP3 converter.
  • 2. Import M4A files into the program (bulk support).
  • 3. Select MP3 as the output format.
  • 4. Convert M4A to MP3 at once.
Top 6 Best M4A to MP3 Converters
1.WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro
2.Free HD Video Converter Factory
5.VLC Media Player

M4A is an Apple music format popularly used within the QuickTime framework. If you can’t open M4A files on a device or application, converting M4A to the widely-accepted MP3 format is a good way out. While there are tons of programs to help you handle the conversion, a good M4A to MP3 converter will certainly give you a top conversion experience. And in this article, we review the best M4A to MP3 converters for PC Windows and gather the top six programs to help you convert M4A to MP3 simply, quickly, and with the best quality. Just read on and find out the one that best suits your needs.

List of the Best M4A to MP3 Converter for Windows

1. WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is hands down the best video and audio converter right now. And it can work as an M4A to MP3 converter app to easily transform M4A files to MP3. With its batch mode, you can even process multiple M4A files at a time. Nevertheless, the program is not just for M4A MP3 conversion. It can deal with other mainstream audio files and generate high-quality output.

Conversion with this software is simple as it requires only a few simple clicks. But you can adjust the output settings to tweak your conversion, such as audio codec, bitrate, sample rate, channel, and volume, for more personalized output. By the way, it also provides a handy audio editor that can edit M4A files, like splitting M4A and joining M4A into one, before the conversion.

Reasons you should use this program:

  • M4A to MP3 batch converter.
  • High-quality audio output.
  • Complete conversion in seconds.
  • Built-in audio cutter and joiner.
  • User-friendly interface.

Download WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro Download WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

2. Free HD Video Converter Factory

For something free and excellent, Free HD Video Converter Factory never disappoints. Though being the free version of WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro, as you’d probably guessed, this freeware is more than enough to handle M4A to MP3 conversion. You can use it to convert M4A to MP3 and keep the high quality. You also have options to control the output audio quality by modifying the audio bitrate, sample rate, volume, etc. Compared with the Pro version, the free product does not provide batch mode. However, you can still input files in bulk and convert the files at a pretty fast speed.

The workflow is the same as with the Pro version, and it is simple. Before your audio conversion, you can also use its native audio editor to split M4A files and merge M4A with ease.

Reasons you should use this program:

  • Fast convert M4A to MP3.
  • Simple audio editing tools.
  • Free without ads.
  • Simple to use.

Download Free HD Video Converter Factory Download Free HD Video Converter Factory

3. iTunes

The Apple music player iTunes can also serve as a decent free M4A to MP3 converter offline to help you convert M4A files to MP3. But unlike a fully-fledged audio converter, it may overwhelm a lot of first-timers with its sparse layout and features. But it’s actually a very easy-to-use program. Just before you use iTunes to create MP3 files from M4A, go to Edit > Preferences and find the Import Settings to choose “MP3 Encoder” for the Impost Using option. And while in that window, you can also choose an audio quality in the Settings for your MP3 files. Then select the M4A files you want to convert, and click File > Convert to create the MP3 version of the M4A files. In iTunes, you can also import a bulk of M4A files and convert them one by one. The speed is fast as well.

Reasons you should use this program:

  • Convert M4A to MP3 with fast speed.
  • Multiple qualities to choose from.
  • Different audio encoders.
  • Free to use.

Download iTunes

4. Audacity

Audacity is a free and open-source audio recorder and editor for professionals. Yet, it can be used as a powerful M4A to MP3 converter app for Windows to convert M4A to MP3 without losing quality. It also provides a lot of settings to touch up your audio if you want, like cut, copy, splice, or mix sounds together. However, it needs you to install the optional FFmpeg library to open M4A files. And this ability to accept third-party plug-ins and libraries also makes Audacity greater than other software, and you can perform tasks you can’t do before.

As said earlier, Audacity is for professionals, and it can be a little hard for new beginners. But if you want to use the fancy features besides audio conversion, you can devote some time to mastering the program and enjoy the benefits it brings.

Reasons you should use this program:

  • Convert M4A to MP4 with the best quality.
  • Professional editing tools.
  • Free and open-source.

Download Audacity

5. VLC Media Player

VLC is a Swiss Army knife of a program when it comes to handling video and audio files. Not only can it play different media files but also can it edit and convert the files it plays. Installed with the powerful FFmpeg codec library, VLC can work with almost all videos and audio, and you can use VLC to convert M4A to MP3 without any hassle. VLC can also be configured to complete the conversion with high-quality output, and you are offered various output profiles for different purposes. To access the VLC conversion function, just go to Media > Convert/Save and follow the onscreen instructions to perform your conversion.

Reasons you should use this program:

  • High-quality M4A to MP3 conversion.
  • Various output profiles.
  • Free and open source.

Download VLC Media Player

6. CloudConvert

Besides using the M4A to MP3 converter offline, you can also try online audio converters. As one of the leading web-based conversion tools, CloudConvert can be the best M4A to MP3 converter online to help with your conversion. It focuses on simple format conversions, and it can convert mainstream audio files like M4A to MP3 and other pop formats without delay. Amazingly, it has a quite fast conversion speed compared with other similar services. With CloudConvert, you can also complete conversions between videos, documents, and images. It is very convenient to use the converter and no sign-up or payment is needed.

Reasons you should use this program:

  • Change M4A to MP3 in seconds.
  • Easy to access.
  • Free without ads.
  • No registration required.

Visit CloudConvert 

FAQs of M4A to MP3 Conversion

1. What App Converts M4A to MP3?

An M4A to MP3 converter is required to convert from M4A to MP3. All the programs listed here can help you handle the conversion perfectly. Just choose the one that you desire to start your conversion right away.

2. What is the Best M4A to MP3 Converter?

Depending on your conversion demands, the answer could vary. For example, to convert a bulk of M4A files to MP3, an M4A to MP3 batch converter like WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is the best option for you. If you want a simple, quick conversion, CloudConvert turns out to be a good choice.

3. How Do I Convert from M4A to MP3 for Free?

Free HD Video Converter Factory is the best free software to convert M4A to MP3. it provides only simple steps to help you convert without length or time limit. Download Download the free M4A to MP3 converter for your PC to have a try now.

Now we’ve talked about the best M4A to MP3 converter app for PC. Just pick your favorite program to complete your work. I hope you will find this article helpful. That’s all. Thanks for reading. Have a nice day!

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