How to Play MP4 Files on Apple TV without Error?

While all Apple TV generations support MP4 format, you may still get a playback error when watching some MP4 files on your Apple TV. Below, we try to explain why such an issue happens and show you how to play MP4 on Apple TV by turning the video into Apple TV format. Hope this article can solve your problem.

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Michelle Michelle | Updated on Jul 13, 2023

Why Some MP4s Not Playing on Apple TV?

How to Convert MP4 to Apple TV Format?

More Tips to Play MP4 on Apple TV

Why Some MP4s Not Playing on Apple TV?

“… My gen IV ATV won't play some .mp4 movies from my library - it says "this content cannot be played because its format is not compatible with this device", but it plays fine on my Mac and my gen III ATV whether I stream it or airplay it. … What's going on?”

The interesting thing about the MP4 format is that it can contain many more types of video files (encoded with different codecs) than Apple TV can play. So the reason why the MP4 won't play on Apple TV may be that it uses a video or audio codec that is not supported by the Apple TV. Also, since the video formats supported by Apple TVs vary from generation to generation, there may be cases where an MP4 supported by one gen of Apple TV will not play on another gen of Apple TV. By the way, you may want to know that not all videos supported by iTunes and other iDevices will play on the Apple TV.

In short, Apple TV's format support is limited. But you can encode MP4 to H264 (and AAC audio), a format supported by all Apple TVs, to fix the problem. Follow the next part to learn more details on how to convert MP4 to play on Apple TV.

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1. If your video plays without sound or image on Apple TV, it might be using the wrong video or audio codec. For example, ATVs can’t handle well with audio encoding, especially surround sounds like Dolby Digital and DTS. You may need to change the audio format in the video. Check Apple TV supported video formats.

2. Apple TV also accepts MPEG-4 video up to 2.5 Mbps, 640 by 480 pixels, 30 frames per second, Simple Profile with AAC-LC audio.

MP4 to Apple TV Converter

With various preset TV profiles, HD Video Converter Factory Pro can work as an Apple TV video converter to convert MP4 to Apple TV format in seconds, enabling you to play any video on Apple TV trouble-free. Try the powerful video conversion software now!

How to Convert MP4 to Apple TV Format?

WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is a professional application to deal with all forms of video conversions. It can be used as an Apple TV converter to turn videos into Apple TV compatible formats. It comes with an Apple TV profile preset for one-click conversion, but it also allows you to change video to other common video formats and manually modify the video settings, including the codec, bitrate, resolution, frame rate, and more. The entire workflow is simple. Free download Free download the software and follow the steps below to convert your MP4 to Apple TV format now.

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Step 1. Add the Unplayable MP4 to the Converter

Open WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro on your PC and enter the “Converter” program. Next, drag your MP4 files into the converter interface. (Bulk support)

Add MP4

Step 2. Choose an Apple TV Format

Click on the format image to open the output format page on the right side of the program. Then, navigate to the “Video” tab and select “MP4” from the formats below. Alternatively, you can open the “Apple” device category and choose the “Apple TV” profile that fits your TV.

Next, open the “Parameter settings” below. In the Video Settings, change the Video Encoder to H264. You can also change the video codec, resolution, bitrate, and frame rate if needed. Now, in the Audio Settings, ensure that the Audio Encoder is set to AAC. Click “OK” to save the changes.

Choose Apple TV Format

Step 3. Convert MP4 to Apple TV Format

Finally, set an output folder at the bottom of the program and click “Run” to start the conversion. Now, try to play the converted MP4 on your Apple TV and see if it works.

Convert MP4 to Apple TV Format

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More Tips to Play MP4 on Apple TV

If the problem persists after the conversion, you may need to reach out to the Apple Support Team. But before that, here are some other tips you can consider.

1. Set up a Plex server and stream all your video files through the Plex app on your Apple TV.

2. Download VLC Media Player for Apple TV to access your video files.

3. Upload your video on YouTube or other supported video stream sites, and play it from the Apple TV app.

Now, that’s everything we want to share about how to play MP4 on Apple TV. Thanks for reading. Have a nice day!

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